Metro Last Light Dev: THQ ‘Made A Mistake’ In Not Marketing Metro 2033

A developer at Metro: Last Light studio 4A Games said THQ ‘made a mistake’ in not marketing its predecessor Metro 2033 'until it was too late'.

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NYC_Gamer2093d ago

THQ was too stupid to under the quality of Metro;2033.

TOGC2093d ago

I recently played Metro 2033. I loved the game. Too bad the marketing wasn't around to hook me when it came out.

Jobesy2093d ago

They also fudged up by not bringing it to the PS3. Why a company that is in a bad financial situation would not make a game for all platforms possible is beyond me, then again, their poor business decisions is why they are not in business anymore.

aliengmr2093d ago

THQ still isn't as inept as LucasArts.

But yea, they made some pretty poor decisions. And I really didn't like how THQ handled DLC. I hope DS will be better, but Risen 2 had disk-locked content, which is where I personally draw the line.

AngelicIceDiamond2093d ago

There own doubts were there downfall?

Drainage2093d ago

they also made a mistake by still being in the gaming industry

Jek_Porkins2093d ago

They never marketed the first one, I remember picking it up in 2010 and loving the game, but I didn't know another person with the game on the 360.

fsfsxii2093d ago

They certainly has, 2033 was too damn good

joab7772093d ago

Ya think? Many companies do this. There r too many games today to not give a game its best shot by marketing.

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