Modern Warfare 4 Could Bring Back Killstreaks

JI of RGN takes the time to introduce the notion we have overlooked about the forthcoming Call of Duty title which seeks to replace its predecessor Black Ops II.

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Walker1951d ago (Edited 1951d ago )

Killstreaks gifts/ordnance is one of the noobest/cheapest elements i've ever seen in videogame's multiplayer .

Battlefield FTW, IMO .

OhMyGandhi1951d ago (Edited 1951d ago )

Well, the problem is though; COD is technically a "twitch shooter" like Quake, Doom and Unreal. Killstreaks continue that tradition with near insta-death results.

I suppose if you are against insta-kill style killstreaks in a twitch shooter, then yes, you are playing the wrong shooter.

Kran1950d ago

Neither Battlefield or Call of Duty IMO.

Such petty FPS battles are so childish now.

iliimaster1950d ago

not everyone likes huge maps I myself don't have the patience for huge maps i like small action packed not too much camping action, ive played battlefield and MAG and all i remember in those games were alot of running to get to the action and then dying then alot of running again

N0S3LFESTEEM1950d ago

TDM shrinks down the maps considerably in BF3... Conquest offers more immersion than any kind of DM and vehicles offer a workaround to the larger map size. I prefer COD visually when it comes the the guns and attachments but it's the same game year after year and I'm just not stupid enough to fall into Activisions trap... If EA starts that with BF then I'll ditch that series too and find something else. Destruction adds so much... it might even help out COD.

adonisisfree1950d ago

Well then you need to stick with mindless action of cod

Gamer-Z1951d ago

Bring back STOPPING POWER damn it its the only thing that counters ghost.

RyuCloudStrife1951d ago

Take ghost out, you don't want to be seen? Use Counter UAV, earn it!

perdie1951d ago

obviously you don't understand balance. There has to be something to counter UAV(besides another killstreak) or else the UAV would be overpowered. Even for that split second you appear on a radar before it gets shot down or counter-UAVed, that is still an advantage.

Ducky1951d ago

Playing smart and not relying on a UAV all the time is an easy way of countering ghost.

claterz1951d ago

If MW4 has 3 fixed killstreaks, increased recoil on all guns, shotguns as primary weapons and more symmetrical maps (for a more balanced spawn system) then I'll probably buy it.

Basically I want CoD4 for next gen consoles. Make it happen IW!

Hitman07691951d ago (Edited 1951d ago )

omg that would be awesome. and dont forget no input lag and no server lag!!! i think its possible with next gen, very possible!! they might not even need a new engine...

@coolmast3r What is the last one you played? and lol. if you don't like it but yet you still choose to come to the article... hmmm..

claterz1951d ago

Yeah I completely forgot about the lag compensation stuff. Although I think if they lowered the pace of the game just slightly (more like CoD4) then lag wouldn't actually cause much of a problem. Also forgot to mention they need to increase players health or reduce the power of guns to make accuracy more important. In the most recent ones it has become a game of whoever can land the first shot wins the gunfight.

porkChop1951d ago

CoD4 was perfect. Every map was great, every weapon was useful, the killstreaks were well balanced, recoil was done well, perks were balanced. Everything felt right.

That's what CoD should be. They should follow CoD4's formula. I'm hoping that for the next Vita game they just do an "HD" remaster of CoD4 using the newer engine.

coolmast3r1951d ago Show
FarCryLover1821951d ago (Edited 1951d ago )

MW3 is the COD game that started Scorestreaks. Doubt they go back to killstreaks since they were started in MW series.

Not as fleshed out as it is in Black Ops 2, but you got points added to your streak chain by capping flags, taking domination flags, etc.

FarCryLover1821951d ago

Ok, they are called pointstreaks in MW3. I don't get what there is to disagree with me here.

You would get one bar filled in every flag you cap. So for example, to get a UAV, you could get 2 flag caps and 1 kill. Or 2 kills, 1 flag cap. Etc.

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