We Talk Battlefield 4 – Setting, Changes and Microtransactions

With the recent confirmation that Battlefield 4 will be shown at the EA press event at GDC 2013, the Daily Reaction crew of Seb and Dan talk about the franchise as a whole and what EA can do to improve the series as they move forward.

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doctorstrange1984d ago

Woo microtransactions! Hell yeah!

dbjj120881984d ago

Haha, I'll take this with an unspoken /sarcasm.

Spoon_1983d ago

I actually like that you have to grind to unlock everything instead of the game giving you everything gives you a more sense of pride

Detoxx1984d ago

BF3 also has micro transactions, you can buy dog tags and stuff.. Point is, you don't have to buy them so please don't act like they are trying to force you to buy it.

HarryMasonHerpderp1984d ago (Edited 1984d ago )


Microtransactions should not exist in fully priced retail games, please do not stick up for the man in the suit. Just because you don't have to buy it does not make it acceptable.

violents1984d ago

Yes but part of those microtransactions are unlocks for you to by all the stuff that you are supposed to earn in game. Thats why I stopped playing BF3, in multiplayer you would get owned by some newb that has everything unlocked for an extra 60 bucks so they end up with twice as much extra stuff than the people that had been workiing to unlock things the legitimate way.

Pay to win blows, EA blows!

Tonester9251983d ago (Edited 1983d ago )


If you get owned by a "newb" you suck

Doesn't matter what gun/upgrades he has equipped.

If you're good at the game then you can beat anyone. Especially with the right team

violents1983d ago (Edited 1983d ago )

This guy PM'd me about how I'm a noob because I dont like the pay to win scheme they have set up in BF3. Dude if you have to PM me some nasty messages than just go stick your head in the toilet because people like you ruin games online, your that jackass that just screams at everyone and cusses and acts out because people cant reach through thier consoles and smack you for it.

perhaps noob was the wrong word to use.
I mean someone who is coming in and is like level 2 and has everything unlocked. Just because your a low level doesnt mean youve never played a shooter before, it annoys me when someone has everything unlocked before me when I worked my ass off for all of it, it just makes the game seem like a waste of time when anyone else can just walk in and get everything you "worked for" just for some extra cash.

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TrendyGamers1984d ago

Next-gen seems like a guarantee at this point.

WolfLeBlack1984d ago

I'd certainly say so. I would expect that it has been developed with the current generation in mind, because that's where the biggest base of consumers will be, with a next-gen port due to hit the PS4 and NextBox.

As for Battlefield 4 itself, I have to admit I'm sort of struggling to get excited at the prospect. Although it was back in 2011, it feels like just yesterday I was playing BF4 on launch day. It still feels fresh in my mind.

A part of me is hoping they throw a complete curveball and reveal Bad Company 3 :D

HaMM4R1984d ago

TBH, I would far rather see BFBC3, or even BF2143 or maybe another WW2 game. Im getting a little bored of the standard modern FPS. The only reason BC3 would excite me is blowing stuff up is so fun!!! I feel it was lacking in BF3 :(

doctorstrange1984d ago (Edited 1984d ago )

Rain, man

Turbotoby1984d ago

I never realised till now that dynamic weather in battlefield would be amazing. Air Superiority in a lighting storm :D

KillrateOmega1983d ago

Goddammit that sounds so awesome!

It'd be hilarious if you could get hit by lightning. I just have this image of being in a dogfight and seeing my opponent randomly get pwned by Mother Nature. There could also be strategic importance to this as well as the possibly of being hit by lightning could discourage people from using air support. It could be a random occurrence that you can't account for.

N0S3LFESTEEM1984d ago

I hope they drop current gen consoles and focus on making next gen the base. To many things shine through on the PC version that were obviously console limited.

unchartedxplorer1984d ago

Oh I can't wait to play with 64 players on consoles. It'll be epic!

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