Final Fantasy Versus XIII outfit designer lists game as “Final Fantasy 15″

Gematsu: "Is Square Enix's PlayStation 3 action RPG the next numbered Final Fantasy?"

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kalkano2013d ago

If a main (numbered) Final Fantasy is an action-RPG, I'll be officially done with the series.

Snookies122013d ago

Always thought the FF series was about the story and spectacle of the worlds, mixed with unique and interesting characters rather than the battle system.

_-EDMIX-_2013d ago

....they released'll live.

kalkano2013d ago

Final Fantasy has always been a turn-based RPG, and there are WAY too many action RPGs, nowadays. In fact, action RPGs are almost the only form of RPGs left (with a few strategy RPGs sprinkled here and there).

TheTwelve2013d ago

If Versus = FF15, then you can forget exclusivity.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2013d ago

Unless they've been secretly working on the xbox version for some time now, I find that hard to believe. Last we checked, Nomura did say that it was being built specifically for the ps3. That means that if it were to go to xbox it would be a port... and a horrible one at that. Not that horrible ports are beneath Square Enix's integrity, but I'd hope they'd learn the lesson from FFXIII. It being rebranded would certainly open the door for it being multiplatform, especially if it's going next gen. I just hope it isn't the case.

Nimblest-Assassin2013d ago

Yeah had a feeling this game was going to be multiplat. How many years has it been since this was announced?

kreate2013d ago

'Nomura did say that it was being built specifically for the ps3'

Thats what nomura said. Wada could always over-turn it.

come_at_me_bro2013d ago

imo its completely delusional to think this game wont be a next gen title at this point. multiplat seems logical too... it has to be the most expensive project squinex has made, i dont think they can get a return on exclusivity in this market but i could be wrong

2013d ago
Andreex2013d ago

You must have a very limited vocabulary to use such symbols to write your sentences, how sad.

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Eamon2013d ago

More importantly, didn't Square announce at the PS4 event that the next major installment of Final Fantasy would be on PS4?

We would guess they meant Final Fantasy XV. If Versus is now FF15, it could explain why we haven't seen anything of FFvs13 since 2011.

It could have been that the project did a next-gen jump.

wishingW3L2013d ago (Edited 2013d ago )

can you imagine? And with the boost in ram and easier architecture of the PS4 they could create a massive world without being contrived by the memory or the harder development process of the PS3. Because like Cerny said on the conference, developers will have decades of knowledge at their disposal because the architecture is x86.

And since the next-Xbox will probably have a bigger capacity disc, plus, the same architecture as the PS4 then the game wouldn't be affected by becoming a multiplat tittle either. In fact, the game could be on PS4, next-Xbox and PC and each version would take full advantage of each hardware because they all share the same architecture. So no more complaining about games being gimped! ;)

dasbeer882013d ago

@Eamon and wishingW3L

If Final Fantasy 15 is exclusive for the PS4 (which I personally think will be unlikely), then that itself will be a great launch title for the Christmas season.

Eamon2013d ago

Has the the PS4 been confirmed that games will only be using standard dual layer Blu-ray?

I imagine it will at least use triple layer.

Dagobert2013d ago

If it takes an action FF game to fix the series, then I'm fine with that. I think people should have been done with series after playing XIII if anything.

DeadIIIRed2013d ago

XII did it for me. It wasn't nearly as bad as XII, but enough of a disappointment for me to rethink my excitement for future installments.

dasbeer882013d ago

At least it's not an MMORPG like XI and XIV.

R_aVe_N2013d ago

XI was a great game in the MMO scene. The lore on that game alone kept me playing for years, and you actually had to work to get stuff done.

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Nate-Dog2013d ago

Well, it sure sounds like FFXV is pretty much definitely going to happen now. The disappearance of Versus from that list seems strange, I doubt the deal between SE and Roen broke down especially considering they did have Versus products on their website at one stage and then took them down (presumably as the game was nowhere in sight).

Prodigy-X2013d ago

I knew it. They just renamed it to XV and releasing it exclusively for PS4 in 2014.

My_Name_BTW_Is_Dante2013d ago

You mean exclusively for PS3. The PS4 will be out at the time but it's still a PS3 exclusive cause Sony doesn't abandon old systems just because it comes out. Look at games like FF12 & Persona 4. Those were PS2 exclusive and weren't even on PS3 even though they could've been.

Prodigy-X2013d ago (Edited 2013d ago )

So why they show up to Sony Meeting last month and why was a Noctis perfume revealed 2 days before the event. By the way Sony has no control on what platform it release, only Square does.


Prodigy-x, square have share holders who also have a say, with sony being the third biggest with an 8.25% share. Although i agree its probably going to be exclusive for ps4 though only a timed exclusive due to Wada.


Omar912013d ago

I say this could be what the rep from square at the playstation meeting was talking about. Since he mentioned it during the ps4 reveal, I'm thinking FFV will now be FF15 for the ps3 and ps4.

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