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Final Fantasy Versus XIII outfit designer lists game as “Final Fantasy 15″

Gematsu: "Is Square Enix's PlayStation 3 action RPG the next numbered Final Fantasy?" (Final Fantasy XV, PS3)

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kalkano  +   985d ago
If a main (numbered) Final Fantasy is an action-RPG, I'll be officially done with the series.
Snookies12  +   985d ago
Always thought the FF series was about the story and spectacle of the worlds, mixed with unique and interesting characters rather than the battle system.
_-EDMIX-_  +   985d ago
....they released 13....you'll live.
It's about milking also.
kalkano  +   985d ago
Final Fantasy has always been a turn-based RPG, and there are WAY too many action RPGs, nowadays. In fact, action RPGs are almost the only form of RPGs left (with a few strategy RPGs sprinkled here and there).
TheTwelve  +   985d ago
If Versus = FF15, then you can forget exclusivity.
Unless they've been secretly working on the xbox version for some time now, I find that hard to believe. Last we checked, Nomura did say that it was being built specifically for the ps3. That means that if it were to go to xbox it would be a port... and a horrible one at that. Not that horrible ports are beneath Square Enix's integrity, but I'd hope they'd learn the lesson from FFXIII. It being rebranded would certainly open the door for it being multiplatform, especially if it's going next gen. I just hope it isn't the case.
Nimblest-Assassin  +   985d ago
Yeah had a feeling this game was going to be multiplat. How many years has it been since this was announced?
kreate  +   985d ago
'Nomura did say that it was being built specifically for the ps3'

Thats what nomura said. Wada could always over-turn it.
come_at_me_bro  +   985d ago
imo its completely delusional to think this game wont be a next gen title at this point. multiplat seems logical too... it has to be the most expensive project squinex has made, i dont think they can get a return on exclusivity in this market but i could be wrong
j-blaze  +   984d ago
that would be great, more ppl will enjoy the game!
Andreex  +   984d ago
You must have a very limited vocabulary to use such symbols to write your sentences, how sad.
Eamon  +   985d ago
More importantly, didn't Square announce at the PS4 event that the next major installment of Final Fantasy would be on PS4?

We would guess they meant Final Fantasy XV. If Versus is now FF15, it could explain why we haven't seen anything of FFvs13 since 2011.

It could have been that the project did a next-gen jump.
wishingW3L  +   985d ago
can you imagine? And with the boost in ram and easier architecture of the PS4 they could create a massive world without being contrived by the memory or the harder development process of the PS3. Because like Cerny said on the conference, developers will have decades of knowledge at their disposal because the architecture is x86.

And since the next-Xbox will probably have a bigger capacity disc, plus, the same architecture as the PS4 then the game wouldn't be affected by becoming a multiplat tittle either. In fact, the game could be on PS4, next-Xbox and PC and each version would take full advantage of each hardware because they all share the same architecture. So no more complaining about games being gimped! ;)
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dasbeer88  +   985d ago
@Eamon and wishingW3L

If Final Fantasy 15 is exclusive for the PS4 (which I personally think will be unlikely), then that itself will be a great launch title for the Christmas season.
Eamon  +   985d ago
Has the the PS4 been confirmed that games will only be using standard dual layer Blu-ray?

I imagine it will at least use triple layer.
Dagobert  +   985d ago
If it takes an action FF game to fix the series, then I'm fine with that. I think people should have been done with series after playing XIII if anything.
DeadIIIRed  +   985d ago
XII did it for me. It wasn't nearly as bad as XII, but enough of a disappointment for me to rethink my excitement for future installments.
dasbeer88  +   985d ago
At least it's not an MMORPG like XI and XIV.
R_aVe_N  +   985d ago
XI was a great game in the MMO scene. The lore on that game alone kept me playing for years, and you actually had to work to get stuff done.
Nate-Dog  +   985d ago
Well, it sure sounds like FFXV is pretty much definitely going to happen now. The disappearance of Versus from that list seems strange, I doubt the deal between SE and Roen broke down especially considering they did have Versus products on their website at one stage and then took them down (presumably as the game was nowhere in sight).
Prodigy-X  +   985d ago
I knew it. They just renamed it to XV and releasing it exclusively for PS4 in 2014.
You mean exclusively for PS3. The PS4 will be out at the time but it's still a PS3 exclusive cause Sony doesn't abandon old systems just because it comes out. Look at games like FF12 & Persona 4. Those were PS2 exclusive and weren't even on PS3 even though they could've been.
Prodigy-X  +   985d ago
So why they show up to Sony Meeting last month and why was a Noctis perfume revealed 2 days before the event. By the way Sony has no control on what platform it release, only Square does.


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USEYOURFIST  +   984d ago
Prodigy-x, square have share holders who also have a say, with sony being the third biggest with an 8.25% share. Although i agree its probably going to be exclusive for ps4 though only a timed exclusive due to Wada.

Myst-Vearn  +   985d ago
E3 Be Excited
Omar91  +   985d ago
I say this could be what the rep from square at the playstation meeting was talking about. Since he mentioned it during the ps4 reveal, I'm thinking FFV will now be FF15 for the ps3 and ps4.
Heck Yea!
CLOUD1983  +   985d ago
Versus cant be a main FF title not with that kind of battle system ppl say again & again how FF must return to the old good days with turn-based battles like all FF was from the first FF to FFX if they do something like that it will be the final nail in the coffin for the series.
belac09  +   985d ago
i think they changed the battle system back to a turn based system of some kind.
kalkano  +   985d ago
Man, I hope that's true. I've heard they made it Grandia-ish. I'd be thrilled with that. I just don't want a numbered action-RPG.
WeAreLegion  +   984d ago
If they do, there is NO WAY I'm buying that crap. Turn-based takes you out of the game. It feels too unnatural!
KingKelloggTheWH  +   984d ago
There is No evidence of that -_-
belac09  +   983d ago
@KingKelloggTheWH actually there is, dig further.
ayabrea93  +   985d ago
the game seems too ambitious to be considered a spin off so it make sense for it to be a numbered title. I'm hoping e3 sheds some light on the game.
GillHarrison  +   985d ago
I agree, I always kinda thought that they would just give this game it's own identity and not tie it down to the whole Fabula Nova Crystallis mythos.
josephayal  +   985d ago
My hope and money is on Versus XIII PS4 and 720
Irishguy95  +   984d ago

A: No **** off on Next gen
B: I wouldn't mind if it's a release game for them.

Anyone still thinking Versus is exclusive..it's close to impossible at this point. It's not Nomura's decision.
Root  +   985d ago
Knew it...totally knew it

Hopefully they've got rid of all that FF13 mytho crap

So basically this is the PS4 FF announcement for E3
-Gespenst-  +   985d ago
They definitely haven't taken the Fabula Nova Crystallis stuff out of Versus if it is XV. How the heck would they do that without re-writing the entire thing? And even if they just changed words and terms and stuff, it'd still have like the same structure i.e. if Etro's a big part of the game (which I think she is) and they change her name to Reto (an anagram) she'll still act like Etro and have a similar role to Etro (as we know her from XIII-2) Unless that's what's been holding up it's release...
Root  +   985d ago
Your joking right....they have had plenty of time to change things

Even the stuff they showed off were just from very old builds of the game.
-Gespenst-  +   985d ago
I suppose it's possible, but think of how much of a pain it would've been to re-write the story around all their assets and stuff they'd developed. It'd mean completely reinterpreting all the stuff they'd made... I mean I suppose that'd account for such a huge delay, but I just can't see them doing something like that... it'd be hellish for the writers.

If Versus is XV I think that'll be the only change- a nominal one- kind of like Agito XIII became Type-0, but it was still a FNC game.
KingKelloggTheWH  +   984d ago
Versus has basically no relation to 13 actually,an a interview it was described rather vaguely as pretty much being a few names.
DragonKnight  +   985d ago
I'm calling it like this.

FFVersus won't be FFXV. It's going to be a cross-gen release and that's what the announcement is going to be at E3. You heard it here first.
Jazz4108  +   984d ago
I hate to say it but this is square wiggling around exlustiviy again and makes me wonder how many people still think rockstar is still making agent for ps3. The last guardian is alittle diffrent seeing sony owns them. I guess i would take my time as well since its rumored sony will be closing this studio after the game is released.
LeonhartX  +   985d ago
it also says the title is tentative next to Final Fantasy 15, that's what came up using google translate

Try it yourself

-Gespenst-  +   985d ago
I'd be okay with that, it'd just be like XII was an Ivalice game. Certain numbered titles could explore different mythos'.

BUT, there are problems with this. It being XV possibly makes it the Final Fantasy title that Shinji Hashimoto was talking about at the Sony conference, meaning that the game will come to the Ps4, but how long is THAT going to delay it's release? Especially if they want to port it. Also, if they just do a simple port, it might pale in comparison to other Ps4 games (I'm sure it'll be good, but it won't make the most of the console, unless they choose to revamp the entire game, and how long would THAT take??)

The alternative is that this really is XV, and the same guy who designed the costumes for Versus designed them for XV, which makes perfect sense. Perhaps they've been planning XV for ages- Ubisoft style.
SAE  +   985d ago
I think after few years of the announcement of versus they saw that ps3 is gonna cut many things from the game because of the limitation so i think they are making it for the ps4. That's why they showed up on ps4 show and didn't talk about it in 26/march or something like that. It's still an exclusive :P..

It's hard to believe we will get an open world with that kind of gameplay and graphics for the ps3.
raiden-49  +   985d ago
This will end like the whole code veronica/ resident evil 3 nemesis ordeal that happened around the Dreamcast .
elda  +   985d ago
The last FF this generation will be FFVX & LR:FF-XIII...2 AAA titles from Square that'll be on the PS3 even though the PS3 still suppose to have a few more yrs of life but the PS4 will make it's debut late this year,knowing FFvsXIII hasn't been talked about in over 2yrs,but it supposedly using the luminous engine which is a next generation engine even the 2yr old footage looks next generation & with all the bad reception of the XIII universe...I think VS is being renamed & is a next generation game,hopefully exclusive or timed exclusive to the PS4.I don't see after 2014 the PS3 still getting anymore AAA exclusive titles if so they'll be multi plat games & they'll be on both systems PS3 & 4.
Tei777  +   985d ago
Shit just got real!
Tei777  +   985d ago
It will be on ps4 100%

They already confirmed it was using a hybrid of their next gen engine and their old one back in 2012. Expect it to be time exclusive to the PS3+PS4
MrWonderful  +   985d ago
I called this a long time ago
Dj7FairyTail  +   985d ago
It coming to Wii U and PS4 and maybe next Xbox why?
If it wasn't then they would had showed some during PS4 meeting.
But we will see something this E3 meaning it coming to all major platform except PC.
d4sholil1  +   984d ago
Be nice if this really comes out in June according to Reddit; I believe it was. Maybe Square should do the unthinkable and hand this game off to another developer. Just like Kojima pro. handed off MGR to Platinum games if they are having trouble with this game, bc obviously they are. Could be wrong as the type of problems they are having. Either way I am looking forward to this game. I havent played every FF game in the series, but I jumped in with FFVIII, then FFX, FFX-2, and FFXIII. Out of those, my favorite is FF8. Still havent beat it yet and have the original packaging lol. Greatest hits, but I purchased this when it came out then repurchased the greatest hits.
kingPoS  +   984d ago
I guess it'd be kinda awkward to have three 13's huh. If Square give us FFX & FFXII hd collections and I'll be very happy.
Ps_alm3k  +   984d ago
this e3 will be monumental !!!!!
Kratoscar2008  +   984d ago
Turn based or GTFO.
Omeganex9999  +   984d ago
It was obvious that this game had nothing to do with Final Fantasy XIII anymore.
dfgerdfger698   984d ago | Spam
kenshiro100  +   984d ago
So it's not vaporware?
breakpad  +   984d ago
i dont think that versus13/ff15 will be a multiplat title the main character himself is a representation of PS3/PS4..black colors,red eyes(PS3 trademark colors) Japan-anime characteristics,Jpan oriented scenario..(yakuza references)...it will be an exclusive
e-p-ayeaH  +   984d ago
Oh man i was expecting to see a new FF rather than versus 13 renamed.
Sevir  +   984d ago
if its one thing weve learned over the years is that Japanese Developers
troll their fans. From Kojipro-Platinum MGR fiasco to the Phantom Pain being confirmed as running on Fox engine and being shown the very same day Kojima is having a live stream event for Ground Zero.

I'm starting to believe that FFv13 switched to Next Gen Luminous engine around September 2011 when Square started showing off the rendering engine in prototype form, and now that the engine had been running on the ps4 they decided to just change the name and make it a main entry to the FF series.

It makes sense especially when they Changed FF agito 13 into FF type-0 And released it for the PSP instead of mobile phones. Likely square saw that the FF13 series had enough spin off/sequels in form of
FF13, 13-2, and LR:FF13.

When FF13 was announced it announced with the "Fabula Nova Crysillis" Meaning "New Tale of the Crystal" with it Versus13 And agito 13 were the other 2 games in the compilation.

having turned 13 story into its own universe spanning 3 sequels I guess Square ultimately decided against allowing Versus to share the same fate FF13 and its improved but still commercial failure sequel suffered. So letting 13 be its own thing and changine the name and the universe of the other original 2 games announced in 2006 it makes perfect sense that Versus 13 become a main numbered series especially with how ambitious the project is.

And skipping a generation, to be apart of the PS4 after being in Development for 7 years makes that much more sense! Bring it..

shout out to Square and Tetsuya Nomura for being bigger trolls in the game industry than Hideo Kojima. Way to have us fooled for 7 Years only to find you changed your games name mid development and move to next gen platforms. Lol
DivineAssault  +   984d ago
i believe it.. This game was supposed to come out LOOOOOOOOONG ago but i think they knew they could make a much better running & looking FF game on PS4 with better features & functionality.. I have a feeling it might be a dual gen release. Just like many other delayed titles.. Who knows tho? Its just shady that they showed us games like this & last guardian & delayed em with no updated info for YEARS.. I guess its better to get a great game that has been delayed than a 1/2 assed game that runs crappy
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