Maxis Keeps Digging its SimCity Hole Deeper

Hardcore Gamer: Don’t lie to your customers. Don’t treat them like criminals. Don’t poison the game and act like its the finest spices. Don’t pull another SimCity.

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Godmars2902073d ago

"as it turns out the game is quite happy being offline for about 19 minutes before it gripes about not being able to phone home."

So its not even "always" on?

I know people hate hearing it, but someone needs to sue. someone has to step in for the consumer. Keep companies from being allowed to say anything and outright lie, since they can easily keep the fact that something has an online requirement until after its been bought.

Root2073d ago (Edited 2073d ago )

Don't can do it, you just don't want to

You want to see how long you can ride this out and hope to god that people will forget

Please people don't let this happen, don't let them get away with it.

They were even going to do a console version, probably for next gen and now they most likely aren't going to do it anymore