Huxley Release on 360 Slides Back

IGN reports that the Xbox 360 version of the long awaited MMOFPS, Huxley, is roughly six months behind the PC SKU. With localization of the Korean-developed game on PC expected to take around six months and the game due out overseas in the first half of this year, that puts the Xbox 360 release squarely in 2009.

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Blademask3817d ago (Edited 3817d ago )

They are trying to pretend that its not news though, so there is a story already about it.. well not about the 2009 delay, but the entire article progress report.

Its big news that its delayed till 2009.

Just not the type of news people want on n4g. It would mean that the PS3 isn't the only system with delayed games.


Ah... I see. approved.

Cyrus3653817d ago

This isn't a dupe, There is 1 Huxley preview that someone put on this story (marked it as dupe), that failed earlier...but it was wrongly failed, as the first story dealt with a preview, and this is specifically talking about Delay which is NEWS.

Peekay3817d ago (Edited 3817d ago )

on Beren isn't it? Rightfully the credit should go to him.
Also was it not the mods who deleted the story?

Cyrus3653817d ago

Definitely the credit should go to Beren...

TheMART3817d ago

Aren't about ALL PS3 games delayed for years?

GT5, KZ2, MGS4 would all be here in 2007 or so.

You wish you would get Huxley on the PS3 with 100 vs 100 fights!

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Denges3817d ago

i think im having de ja vu

or i must of travelled back in time bcoz i read this in the morning

akaFullMetal3817d ago

well that is to bad for 360 owners, i guess ill just have to see what all the fuss is about on the pc

Mr Marbles3817d ago

what is all the fuss about, I know little of this game, so 2009 does not sound that bad to me.

power of Green 3817d ago

Reporting this as a Duplicate story the first one was subitted 5 hours ago with the same info in it this one was subitted an hour ago.

DarkSniper3817d ago

360 owners continue to wait.


Bnet3433817d ago

and you continue to be a magna douche

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The story is too old to be commented.