Super 4 In 1 Multicart For SNES To Be Released Via Kickstarter

RetroCollect - Just because the Super Nintendo is no longer officially supported doesn't meant that new games can't be released for it. A team of homebrew developers have joined forces to create a 4-in-1 compilation of brand new SNES games, all of which are set to be released on a single cartridge via Kickstarter.

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BlackIceJoe1960d ago

Well that is cool. Best of luck getting the funding.

Kevlar0091960d ago

I still have my SNES from way back. Might be worth a look

maniacmayhem1960d ago

HA! And people here sport Sony's 10 year life cycle for PS2. Well how about the support for SNES, this is even more than a decade of support.

SkullBlade1691960d ago

If there will be a version of this that will work on my Super Famicom, I'm interested.

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