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PS4: Sony’s big gamble

Luke at CG writes: I own and enjoy pretty much every gaming machine currently available, but I have to admit that the PS3 edges it as my format of choice. This isn’t a place for me to worship at the altar of Sony and explain why but, in addition to this, I’ve finally abandoned Xbox Live and bought my first PlayStation Plus subscription instead due to the Xbox 360 experience (for me, at least) zooming downhill over the last few years. Happy as I am with my PS3 (and to a lesser extent, my Vita), I can’t help but look at what we know of the PS4 so far and wonder: Sony, are you sure you know what you’re doing? (PS3, PS4, Sony)

Moonman  +   501d ago
I bet E3 will make you at least half excited as I am already for PS4. :)
Knight_Crawler  +   500d ago | Well said
The PS3 was a bigger gamble than what the PS4 is since Sony launched it at $600 and invested tons of money into the CELL and Blu Ray - so if Sony could survive the PS3 they can survive the PS4.

Fair enough the PS3 did not rake in the type of money that the PS2 brought but Sony still made a profit with the PS3.

The price of the PS4 will be the major factor on how well it does in the next couple of years - if it launches above $450 Sony is in trouble.
Az1mov  +   500d ago
Well said! couldn't agree more
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violents  +   500d ago
The ps4 isnt a gamble, they are using well known developer friendly hardware that is relatively cheap stuff. They are doing what they should have done with the ps3 to make it less of a gamble.

Honestly I would say sony has learned a lesson in risk taking on the ps3 and the ps4 is the answer to what they learned.
husomc  +   500d ago
i just hope they stick in a cheap cell (these things are selling at around 30$ in bulk) into the ps4 as their secret weapon.
Y_5150  +   500d ago
That was a brilliant set of text! Ok guys lets give this guy his bubbles back, Well Said.
MysticStrummer  +   500d ago
PS4 isn't much of a gamble. Sony is playing it much safer now than they did with PS3 for sure.
DOMination-  +   499d ago
Man you guys are so awesome i am going to have to give you all bubbles because you said some nice things about a multi billion dollar corporation.

The PS4 is a gamble. They are focusing BIG on social. Social = Casual. And casual is bad. Also they are focusing on a kinect ripoff and I am told by everyone here that kinect is bad. And they need new games. Not Killzone, Infamous, GT...

Na Im joking guys. Chill. PS4 will not be the gamble that ps3ws as said above.
husomc  +   500d ago
this article is giving off such a negative vibe... i wonder if the author thinks that the games announced at the reveal are the only games coming out for the PS4.
Gimmemorebubblez  +   501d ago
Its a gamble alright but one that could be a huge pay-off for Sony and Im sure it will.
scruffy_bear  +   501d ago
If they get the price point right then it will pay-off hit the wrong one and it could finish Sony as a company
Shadow Flare  +   500d ago
It's not as big a gamble as the ps3 was. Cell and bluray were big gambles for ps3, if for the expense alone. Sony seem to be doing everything right with the ps4 so far, I'm impressed and I'm sure as long as the price is right (Sony are very conscious of not making it close to $600 again) then it's a safe bet ps4 is gonna be successful
MasterCornholio  +   500d ago
Hopefully the PS4 doesnt end up like the Wii U because if it does Sony is finished as a console manufacturer.

But i dont believe that will happen unless they severely screw up with the price or the launch line up. Im pretty optimistic especially with Kaz Hirai as their CEO and Yoshida as the head of their playstation department and since they are both gamers instead of nut jobs (Krazy Ken Kuturagi) the console will do well.
Ju  +   500d ago
Being a bit shallow here and judging by the headlines the last 4 weeks e.g. on here, I'd say there was absolutely no hype for the WiiU compared to the PS4 and based on this the situation is totally different. I also think PS3 owners are more excited for the next generation than Wii users were looking forward to the WiiU. So, again, no, I don't think this is another "WiiU" situation.
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cyhm3112  +   500d ago
next xbox actually is a bigger gamble, it is the first console not focused on gaming but entertainment and kinect instead.
MysticStrummer  +   500d ago
Agreed, and somehow on N4G MS will get credit for inventing the idea, after all the crap Sony took for "It Only Does Everything". But MS appears to be taking the focus much further from "hardcore" gaming than Sony did, which could backfire in a big way. 720 or whatever it's called will need to be substantially cheaper than PS4 to appeal to the audience MS appears to be going for.
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Vickistheman  +   500d ago
Sony won't be losing $200-$400 at launch like they did with the PS3, since Cell and Bluray aren't really a factor this time.

That alone guarantees they'll be profitable at a faster rate than PS3.

If PS4 launches at $399 and Sony breaks even, or is close to breaking even, I think they'll do really well.
Muffins1223  +   500d ago
Im buying it and i bet allot of people will.Even in my high-school everyone is mentioning it....now with the next xbox,i think it will also be successful....with kids.Im thinking there going for 13 and under for there demographic especially when they have kinect built in with it.And the kid market is all open too :) Hardly any kid knows what a wiiu is but ive seen allot go crazy over that kinect.
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InMyOpinion  +   500d ago
I think it'll pay off. Everything's pointing towards success! :)
zeldafreak404  +   500d ago
i hope all the companies do well this coming gen.
VoiceMale  +   500d ago
The writer has made some very unbiased points that made a lot of logical sense and has made readers see things from a different perspective....
I do agree that the numbers thrown around at the conference were impressive but the most important one that will decide what will be the outcome of success or failure;the price, wasn't one of those numbers mentioned.
Yet there is still time to build on what was previewed come e3 but it will be left to seen how impacting it can be when all 3 companies are jostling for d consumers attention
thawind  +   500d ago
I understand the writer points in the article but I think it's to early to say that they are making a gamble because Sony truthfully didn't show us everything but enough to get us anxious about the buzz of the PS4 but this coming E3 I have a feeling it's going to go full effect but for now it's too early to assume that it's on shaky ground.
smashcrashbash  +   500d ago
No way the PS4 is a bigger gamble then the PS3 was.They aren't taking as big a risk this time as they did with the Blu Ray drive or the high price.I am certain despite people's doubt that the PS4 will be anywhere above $500 if even anywhere near that at all. If Sony's console was at a price that wasn't competitive in some way they wouldn't be getting such eager support from third parties. They would be shying away from it.
just-joe  +   500d ago
I'd like to think all companies will do well. I do think they won't do as well as say this gen at least not at first, it'll be a slow burn. Casual gamers which made up for a lot of sales seem to be teetering away from consoles and going to IOS and Android and I doubt they want another device to watch Netflix. I'm fine with this, could mean we get some more quality games.

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