Full-Screen Issues With Tomb Raider on PC

There are more issues with the PC release of Tomb Raider than simply poor performance with nVidia cards, there is a big difference between full-screen and windowed modes. Full-screen is missing a heap of effects like lens flare and water splashes on the screen.

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aliengmr1900d ago

I thought the lighting looked like crap. There were no lens effects full screen.

Hope this gets an official fix soon.

whiteyjuice1899d ago

Also, in Full Screen Mode, artifacts appear in my game occasionally.

Buenoblue831899d ago

I use a free program called borderless windowed witch displays windowed as fullscreen. Many games seem smoother if I get under 60fps with this utility .

Chris Evans1899d ago

I've heard that using the borderless windowed trick on Tomb Raider isn't perfect with various crashes occurring when taking a lot of enemy fire.

MrAnderson1899d ago

good graphics options, but poorly optimized and crashes alot.

also no love for Nvidia cards, silly devs.