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Microsoft Exec Nancy Tellem Explains What Xbox 360 Opens Up to Hollywood (Q&A)

Nancy Tellem, who left her role as consultant to CBS chief executive Leslie Moonves to join Microsoft as president of entertainment and digital media, has been busy explaining to Hollywood movie and television studios the opportunities that Xbox 360 and Kinect open up for consumers. Tellem talks about how new technology is changing the way Xbox gamers are consuming entertainment and interacting with ads in this exclusive interview. (Kinect, Microsoft, Nancy Tellem, Xbox 360, Xbox LIVE, Xbox One)

jagiii  +   877d ago
I'm looking forward to this new original programming with Kinect, especially on Xbox 720.
Godmars290  +   877d ago
Aren't they only shows exclusive to XBL? Not games?

So you'd rather lay ads than games?

A tag would be nice.

Or are you talking about shutUpAndTakeMyMoney?
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ApolloTheBoss  +   877d ago
Pretty sure he was being sarcastic.
egidem  +   877d ago
You forgot to add the "/s" at the end buddy. :)

I just keep on wondering why they put business oriented people in charge of something like gaming...why not put in someone who has passion for gaming?

This is why we get bad games every now and then!
black911  +   876d ago
wow lol at all the disagress.

I was one of them lol......
" Tellem talks about how new technology is changing the way Xbox gamers are consuming entertainment and interacting with ads"

nevin1  +   877d ago
Interacting with ads caught my attention too.

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guitarded77  +   877d ago
First comment to make me chuckle this morning. Bubs++

On Topic(kinda): You know... there has to be people qualified for the job who are gamers and can relate to gamers. In all honesty, MS's suites are the least in tune of the three major console manufacturers.
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dredgewalker  +   877d ago
Are those AAA interactive ads?
chaos-lockheart  +   877d ago
MS is killing gaming
dcbronco  +   876d ago
No fanboys are killing gaming. Both consoles do all of the same extra things. Only fanboys see one as doing something different. Sony has movies, Netflix, Blu-ray. The PS3 is actually used for other things more.
Hicken  +   876d ago
Difference: FOCUS.

A Ferrari and a minivan do the same thing: get you from one point to another. They can also carry luggage, shelter you from the elements while you're inside, and so on. But one is MORE FOCUSED on the experience of driving than the other.

Can you guess which is Sony, and which is Microsoft?

Don't get me wrong: the 360 used to be far more dedicated to the games, as was Microsoft. USED TO. The way BMW builds their cars for the people who drive them, Microsoft USED to support its console for the sake of the gamers who played it.

You don't have to be a Sony fanboy to see that that's changed. Though it certainly does help if you're NOT a Microsoft fanboy.
rainslacker  +   876d ago
I take her 37% interactivity with ads thing with a grain of salt. While I don't doubt the number, it seems like this is something new, and as such people are going to try it out. That will lead to an artificially high number because it's something new and fancy.

From my own experience, and anecdotal evidence, it seems most people are wishing for less ads. Making them interactive doesn't do this. It only leads to more in your face ads to force interactivity. I'm sure some marketing firms will find ingenious ways to make this interesting, but for the most part it doesn't do much and in the long term as we've become conditioned to either ignore ads, or pay attention to them passively.

I base this theory on the fact that internet ads have become more interactive over the years, yet people, in general, still don't pay them much mind. Focused ads seem to be more effective, and MS was already doing that.

While I have nothing against MS pursuing a machine that can focus on media, I'd still like to know what is going to make it stand out as a game machine. Funny how there haven't been any articles or statements about that in a good long while.

Edit @edonus

Your right. MS has to look at their machine from a broad marketplace perspective. XBox is their number one product for their goal of being a central media machine. As such, there is nothing wrong with them looking at ways to expand on the media and services they provide...and same to Sony/Nintendo as well.

But XBox is a GAME MACHINE. It will be a game machine next gen as well. But all these articles indicate a big shift in focus towards gaming, to gaming being secondary. That in itself doesn't bode well for us gamers, because if MS manages to have strong numbers next gen with this decision, it is possible that other companies could follow suit.

I think that many on here, and other forums, are concerned with this direction, and it's understandable since this is our hobby that we have a passion for. We, in general, want the industry to expand, which the Xbox will do, but we want it to expand more on the premises that made our hobby great in the first place, and not become the watered down cash-seeking medium that it is apparently becoming because of corporations that focus on non-gaming related services, and any and every possible way to monetize their watered-down products for the consumer.
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dcbronco  +   876d ago
They would be wasting their time with me. I record everything with commercials so I can skip them. Even when I'm home to watch something. I wait 10-15 minutes so I can skip all of the commercials.
dcbronco  +   876d ago
Money considering more people use a PS to watch other things this would be better for Sony. It only does everything.
ApolloTheBoss  +   877d ago
Yeah. Won't be getting an Xbox next gen.
The_Infected  +   877d ago
I really wanted to think deep down MS would get their heads on straight with the next gen Xbox but looks like they're doing the exact opposite with all this Kinect and entertainment shit!

Other than playing games on PS4 Sony will have live spectating of games and I'd much rather be watching my friends play games and helping them out or just watching for fun more than I would all this no gaming entertainment crap MS is going for.
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cyhm3112  +   877d ago
I guess several years ago, they already decided to go to a kinect route after they had seen the huge success of wii and kinect. They decided they don't need a powerful machine to win next gen(they look at wii's success). That's why rumours point out that xbox next will be significantly less powerful than ps4. They want to produce a entertainment hub which is what this article is talking about. They want to take their chance to repeat the success of wii u and take it to a new level. But then they looked at Wii U's almost imminent failure and PS4's great acceptance by the gaming audience, they kind of regret of their decision. But then it is too late and too costly to change. And then they still want to take a bet it will work. But they will fail.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   877d ago
Well MS has ONLY talked about the entertainment hub on Xbox. And hasn't said anything regarding the gaming side of Xbox. If MS can do the entertainment hub with 720 and promote new core Ip's, Then I'm fine with it.
rainslacker  +   876d ago

And shouldn't that be worrying to us gamers? The XBox is a game machine after all.

Yes MS may still bring it, but the past couple years have made me weary of whatever promises they may have when they announce the next XBox.

All these articles on media, and how great it's going to be on the next XBox are fine, but where are the articles that tell us how great their machine is going to be on the gaming front? I can't believe that so many people are expecting so much from them, when they've really failed to deliver much of anything lately outside a few big IP sequels.

I'm happy if they want to expand, but not at the expense of what got them there in the first place. To me, and I would assume many others on here, that is more important than their media aspirations...you know, THE GAMES.
dcbronco  +   876d ago
Microsoft isn't saying much of anything to gamers. They are waiting for their event. This is a Forbes article. It is mostly geared to a different audience. Microsoft is courting a wider audience and seems to be doing a good job at it.

I'm assuming the people complaining only play games and never watch movies and TV, play music search the Internet or anything else. I prefer to have one thing that does all of it. How come no one complains about the amount of things cellphones do. And the sound quality often sucks on handsets. But worse is that the PS3 is used more for other things. It had a browser first. It has Blu-ray. But no one ever says a word about that. Simply because they make a lot of games that don't get bought. If people actually bought those exclusives I would get it. But they don't.

And considering MS is supposedly all about the money, people must want this. Because if it wasn't profitable, they would have stopped.
rainslacker  +   875d ago

It's not so much that they shouldn't add those extras, or talk about them...just that it's the only thing we're hearing about from MS lately. I think all those extra things are nice to have in a console, and yes, like many, I do use my console for many services other than gaming because it's convenient. But if it didn't have those services I would get them elsewhere. They are a huge incentive in picking up a console over another device, I won't deny that, but as a game machine, games should have more mentions than the occasional nod, and a slew of casual titles.

The lead up to the PS4 announcement was filled with many games set for release, and a whole slew of games being released afterwards(casual, mid-level, and hardcore), and even more into the summer. Currently the only big thing XBox has announced is GOW: Judgement, which isn't a bad game, but if that's all they have to offer, what is there to be excited about?

I understand Forbes may be geared towards a different audience, but at the same time there are plenty of other websites geared towards gamers, and they have been barren of Xbox news other than MS own services friendly blitz we've seen these past few weeks. Nothing of note, outside of a few studios working on games, has come out. Nothing looming soon, or anywhere in the future. At what point do we as a community say, "Hey...where are the games NOW?", or "Why aren't you serving the community that helped you get where you are?", or more importantly "Is this the kind of treatment your going to give the 720 after it's released?".
StinKyNuGz  +   877d ago
For real wtf ps4 all day
SDF Repellent  +   877d ago
Love the idea. Like my cell phone, I truly believe in a single unit that does everything I need in the living room. The next xbox can be my game console, my cable box, my Blu Ray player, my digital media hub, and with the added bonus of backward compatibility, I don't need 2 systems in my entertainment unit; thus, saving shelf space. Can't wait for the announcement. Exciting time.
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Godmars290  +   877d ago
If it has Blu-ray.

Really, what confounds me is MS attempting to own the concept of the media hub, something Sony came up with during the PS2 era, and there's a likelihood that they might exclude a media format.
DigitalSmoke  +   877d ago
Microsoft has been trying to stear their core Halo fans away from traditional Sony style gameing, and into a Kinect based area, its not biting them in the ass since they fool tons of people buying into this fasade, but its hurting GAMERS.

Great to see that Sony is still holding the flag after all these years and marching forward.
Cause to be honest, Sony never abanded their hardcore, not when when they where down, and not wile their up.
clintagious650  +   877d ago
Exactly, I mean it doesnt take a genius to know where ms is MAIN FOCUS is & in a business point of view I totally understand but to IGNORE the core base is sad & is honestly why im not EXCITED about the nextbox as much as I am with the ps4. Come on ms give us core base something to be excited about your nextbox with all the money u guys have it shouldnt be hard.
Godmars290  +   877d ago
I can't help but wonder when MS does show their next system at E3 and its focus in more on entertainment than games, with a few new IPs, how fast will all this apprehension dissolve.
Gimmemorebubblez  +   877d ago
Sony is the worlds largest Entertainment company .
Last year there movie studio had the biggest marketshare (19%).
Sony Music ATV and Sony BMG and Sony's partial takeover of EMI makes Sony control nearly 36% of the music business. So if Sony wants they could refuse to put there content on the Nextbox. So MS wants the xbox to be an entertainment box but I can guarantee that because the stakes are very high for Sony and the Ps4 that Sony will not allow its content on the Nextbox. Unless MS goes goes and buys out Vivendi (Universal, Activision-Blizzard)
and Paramount which is unlikely because Bill Gates has even used Sony's issues with the the Columbia takeover as a reason why MS should not go into buying movie studios, MS should just stick to what they DID(Notice Past Tense) best, making great hardcore games.
fooltheman  +   877d ago
Your comment isn't right...

The individual parts of Sony would never refuse to sell content to Microsoft, because they're a company (inside a greater company) too.

If Sony Playstation wants content, they too have to pay to BMG.
SilentNegotiator  +   877d ago
His comment isn't wrong either.

If Sony felt that it would benefit them more than harm them, they could withhold content from competitors.
Godmars290  +   877d ago
Sony did allow Crackle on XBL before making it available on the PS3 in either browser or app form.

Still, for a while they blocked Ghostbusters and a lot of other Sony owned properties.
torchic  +   877d ago
I try so so hard to not bag on Microsoft, to be nonpartisan, but with shit like this how can you not?

does Microsoft even know what a game is anymore?

what the hell Microsoft, way to wave the white flags.
Dragos75  +   877d ago
Dude come on. When sony talks about things like ps3 being the best netflix device you guys turn a blind eye.....or when they talk social features it's the best thing ever. It's no secret that consoles are entertainment devices. Don't expect them to announce games before announcing he console first. I think MS knows that people want games too.
Codeman420  +   877d ago
pretty sure it was netflix who came out and said that the ps3 was the number one console for their service. and if MS knew what fans wanted they would have given use game throughout the life cycle of the 360 not just the first half.
rainslacker  +   876d ago
That's because despite all these added service announcements from Sony, they also announce or provide a lot of information on current or new games being produced. The services side is just icing on the cake, whereas with MS, their services are becoming the cake.

I don't expect MS to announce games for their next gen system before they reveal it, but it would be nice to see more core support from their current system. If they want to do services as well, then great, but if all they're talking about is services, then why should we care?
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Codeman420  +   877d ago
IDC wat it opens up to Hollywood. I didnt buy the damn thing for that. Bought it to play VIDEO GAMES, which you guys are loosing focus of and dont have very many of any more either.
cyhm3112  +   877d ago
People should buy PS4 instead of Xbox 720. If xbox wins next generations, what would gaming become? Becoming people playing stupid kinect games and have low power consoles like wii in this gen. You know Sony is doing good deeds for the gaming industry. Free online play, PS plus, lots of good exlusives, more powerful hardware,no fucking ads. What does xbox does? Now tell me. What do you want the gaming industry to become like?
SilentNegotiator  +   877d ago
YESSSSS! More interactive ads, please, Microsoft! /s
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Dragos75  +   877d ago

"pretty sure it was netflix who came out and said that the ps3 was the number one console for their service."

Wow, you guys are all the same. You just can never admit when you are wrong...

"Sony claims more users stream content to their TVs through PS3 than any other non-PC device; Netflix CEO says system is a "natural fit."

Just because you guys refuse to acknowledge it doesn't mean it isn't happening.
SilentNegotiator  +   877d ago
....who cares? It's not like Sony has a major focus on Netflix and hasn't been releasing an impressive amount of exclusives.
Godmars290  +   876d ago
Its that Sony didn't make Netflix a major focus, it *became* a major focus to consumers for access after MS had had it all to themselves.

Now you've got MS making general media their major focus, and like Netflix on the 360 or even DVD on Xbox1, there's a good chance their own policies will ruin their efforts.

And they, like their fanbase, will never admit it.
Dragos75  +   876d ago
"..who cares?"

obviously sony does because they are the one's who pointed that out. I really don't care. I think it's a good idea that both MS and sony are doing this. People just need to get a grip on reality and realize that consoles are used for more than just gaming now. It's not the 80s anymore. It's either evolve or get left behind. You see what Apple did did to sony in the portable music arena. It's the same with consoles. The games will always be there but if they don't tap into other areas then other areas will surely tap into yours. Just look at what Apple, Valve, google, and samsung are doing.
Codeman420  +   876d ago
Hmmm maybe you should do more research.


"Today Netflix revealed that its subscribers view content on the PlayStation 3 more often than any other device in the living room."

Bumpmapping  +   877d ago
PS4 4 Life Xbox brand=embarrassment to the gaming industry.
M$ don't care about gamers it should of been very clear when they released the NXE that they were going a all casual route,they want a piece of every ones pie $$$ seeing how successful the Wii was.Do your a self a favor if you call your self a gamer like cyhm3112 said buy yourself a PS4 and support real gaming not this trash.
DK286K   877d ago | Spam
kingPoS  +   877d ago
I'm laying the blame on smart cellular mobiles. They seem to
be enroaching on everybodies piece of the pie as of late.

MS is likely placing it's bets on a sure thing... home entertainment. Although some
gamers might end up disgruntled about the direction it's being steered in.
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solidboss07  +   876d ago
Yeah Nancy, you tell'em ha.

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