Microtransactions ‘Not Evil, People ARE Buying It’ - Studio Head

NowGamer: The head of games publisher PikPok says microtransactions are 'not inherently evil' and gamers are 'indicating demand with their wallets'.

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ShugaCane2083d ago

Even worse. Reading the guy's statement, I got the feeling he was actually saying "Not Evil, Genious !! People are so stupid they ARE buying it. *evil laugh". Seriously, these persons are damaging the industry. We need them out.

Army_of_Darkness2083d ago

Too bad people give in and buy them, but it's no different than people buying cigarettes even though they clearly know its very bad for them and will eventually mess up certain body functions..

Let's just hope they don't succeed to the point where that microtransaction becomes major-transactions.

rezzah2083d ago

Not all are bad, some make sense. But what greed can lead to is what can make microtransactions seem disastrous. It can overtly change the way console games are played/made forever.

AngelicIceDiamond2083d ago (Edited 2083d ago )

It honestly makes sense. Microtransactions is a easy way out for a certain community of gamers.

Say your friends have unlocked most of the latest gear and weapons in the game. But, you have that one friend that either can't keep up, wants to be catered, or to lazy to invest in the game. So his option is to pay to get the latest gear and weapons so he can keep up with the group.

So EA just set up a unresistable system that people feel the need to use. At this point its about staying true as a core gamer. And play games how there mean't to be played, From start to finish.

Explain the disagrees anyone? I'm not saying its a good thing!? The casual and lazy people will use this crap, I don't like Microtrans. As far as EA games go I can't necessarily say I won't support EA games due to Mass Effect I wanna play Or any new Ip's they may introduce at E3.

But I play games through hard work and dedication to unlock my gear and weapons and I am in no way tempted in using Microtrans from EA I'm a core gamer not a pathetic lazy try hard contemporary casual hipster trying to "fit in" the gaming verse. So again why all the disagrees?

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da_2pacalypse2083d ago

Totally agree with you. I wont be buying any more EA titles next game. They've let me down too many times with a poor sequel to a franchise I love. And furthermore, their poor business practices just piss me off every time they publish a decent game.

KaBaW2083d ago (Edited 2083d ago )

I would agree with you, however, in a way I kind of don't.
Gamers don't even respect other gamers, just look at this site..
So, if gamers don't even respect other games, why would companies?
People needa stop the stupid 'console war' and start a 'publisher war.'

So to speak.

Feralkitsune2082d ago

No, it's true. If people are buying the stuff it will never stop. W
Why the hell should they stop when they are making more money than ever by doing it?

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shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2083d ago

"Microtransactions ‘Not Evil, People ARE Buying It’ - Studio Head"

Also Crack must be amazingly good!!

Simon_Brezhnev2083d ago

I see it evil when you have to pay for the game and micro. I dont mind microtransactions in FTP. Since they got to make money some way.

MysticStrummer2083d ago

His logic is bad, but he's right about them not being inherently evil. It all depends on how they're used. The term "microtransactions" can cover a lot of ground. Selling unique cosmetic items to people who like to customize their character, or cheats/shortcuts like better weapons/armor/whatever to lazy/low skilled gamers is one thing. Selling people items that are required to finish the game is another. But, if people buy it, they will sell it no matter what it is. Complain all you want, but the consumer has the ultimate power.

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CustardTrout2083d ago

Bombs are bad, people still buy them. What stupid logic.

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Irishguy952083d ago

2002: Extra features must be unlocked

2013: Extra features must be bought

Keep this up EA. I haven't bought a game from you in years.

Hellsvacancy2083d ago (Edited 2083d ago )

BF3 was the last I bought from them, I have no plans to buy BF4 if they screw it up with this microtransaction scheme

I dont pay to read each page of a book separately

nevin12083d ago

"Bombs are bad, people still buy them. What stupid logic."

Thats not really a good analogy.

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