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Microtransactions ‘Not Evil, People ARE Buying It’ - Studio Head

NowGamer: The head of games publisher PikPok says microtransactions are 'not inherently evil' and gamers are 'indicating demand with their wallets'. (EA, Industry, PS3, Xbox 360)

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Dailynch  +   944d ago
It bloody is evil.
ShugaCane  +   944d ago
Even worse. Reading the guy's statement, I got the feeling he was actually saying "Not Evil, Genious !! People are so stupid they ARE buying it. *evil laugh". Seriously, these persons are damaging the industry. We need them out.
Army_of_Darkness  +   944d ago
Too bad people give in and buy them, but it's no different than people buying cigarettes even though they clearly know its very bad for them and will eventually mess up certain body functions..

Let's just hope they don't succeed to the point where that microtransaction becomes major-transactions.
rezzah  +   944d ago
Not all are bad, some make sense. But what greed can lead to is what can make microtransactions seem disastrous. It can overtly change the way console games are played/made forever.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   944d ago
It honestly makes sense. Microtransactions is a easy way out for a certain community of gamers.

Say your friends have unlocked most of the latest gear and weapons in the game. But, you have that one friend that either can't keep up, wants to be catered, or to lazy to invest in the game. So his option is to pay to get the latest gear and weapons so he can keep up with the group.

So EA just set up a unresistable system that people feel the need to use. At this point its about staying true as a core gamer. And play games how there mean't to be played, From start to finish.

Explain the disagrees anyone? I'm not saying its a good thing!? The casual and lazy people will use this crap, I don't like Microtrans. As far as EA games go I can't necessarily say I won't support EA games due to Mass Effect I wanna play Or any new Ip's they may introduce at E3.

But I play games through hard work and dedication to unlock my gear and weapons and I am in no way tempted in using Microtrans from EA I'm a core gamer not a pathetic lazy try hard contemporary casual hipster trying to "fit in" the gaming verse. So again why all the disagrees?
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da_2pacalypse  +   944d ago
Totally agree with you. I wont be buying any more EA titles next game. They've let me down too many times with a poor sequel to a franchise I love. And furthermore, their poor business practices just piss me off every time they publish a decent game.
KaBaW  +   944d ago
@8GB_DDR3 -
I would agree with you, however, in a way I kind of don't.
Gamers don't even respect other gamers, just look at this site..
So, if gamers don't even respect other games, why would companies?
People needa stop the stupid 'console war' and start a 'publisher war.'

So to speak.
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Feralkitsune  +   943d ago
No, it's true. If people are buying the stuff it will never stop. W
Why the hell should they stop when they are making more money than ever by doing it?
"Microtransactions ‘Not Evil, People ARE Buying It’ - Studio Head"

Also Crack must be amazingly good!!
Simon_Brezhnev  +   944d ago
I see it evil when you have to pay for the game and micro. I dont mind microtransactions in FTP. Since they got to make money some way.
MysticStrummer  +   944d ago
His logic is bad, but he's right about them not being inherently evil. It all depends on how they're used. The term "microtransactions" can cover a lot of ground. Selling unique cosmetic items to people who like to customize their character, or cheats/shortcuts like better weapons/armor/whatever to lazy/low skilled gamers is one thing. Selling people items that are required to finish the game is another. But, if people buy it, they will sell it no matter what it is. Complain all you want, but the consumer has the ultimate power.
CustardTrout  +   944d ago
Bombs are bad, people still buy them. What stupid logic.
The_Infected  +   944d ago
EA is stupid! I don't want a to buy a game to buy more of the the game I just bought with your greedy Microtransactions. I know what your doing EA anyone can see your evil smile!
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Irishguy95  +   944d ago
2002: Extra features must be unlocked

2013: Extra features must be bought

Keep this up EA. I haven't bought a game from you in years.
Hellsvacancy  +   944d ago
BF3 was the last I bought from them, I have no plans to buy BF4 if they screw it up with this microtransaction scheme

I dont pay to read each page of a book separately
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nevin1  +   944d ago
"Bombs are bad, people still buy them. What stupid logic."

Thats not really a good analogy.
Baka-akaB  +   944d ago
Before some knuckleheads claim that we dont have to buy it ... please realize that the actions of many customers accepting every crap out there does affect even those boycotting them .

At some point it decides what is included in games , what's the standard , and what's going to be sold as micro transactions and dlc , for EVERYONE .

Of course the industry is going to probe , experiment and push to see what's our breaking point and how much they can get away with
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despair  +   944d ago
except 90% of the income on these games are from people like me and you and we usually hate Microtransactions. Therefore the more a game relies on it rather than allowing you to progress normally for the game you paid for, the more it will get negative press, lower sales and pretty much kill the series.

I'm guessing it played a small part in why DS3 didn't sell as good as DS2 (also the game itself was too action based from what I saw.)
MysticStrummer  +   944d ago
You're getting mad about a business selling people something they want to buy. That's a silly waste of time and emotion, unless what's being sold is something truly dangerous to you and other people.

If EA misuses microtransactions in your view, don't buy their games. That speaks louder than whining on some comment thread. Just don't be upset if everyone's definition of "abuse" isn't the same as yours. If enough people buy it, a business will sell it. If enough people stop buying it, a business will stop selling it. Consumers have the ultimate power, but they won't all agree on where to draw the line. Deal with that and move on. Calling it evil is drama queen territory.
bluetoto  +   944d ago
"please realize that the actions of many customers accepting every crap out there does affect even those boycotting them .

At some point it decides what is included in games , what's the standard , and what's going to be sold as micro transactions and dlc , for EVERYONE."

What part of this guys statement don't you understand? How can we move on when the actions of a few million CAN, DOES and WILL affect the rest of us, presently and in future gens.
RuleofOne343  +   944d ago
I like it I have a badass gun in DS3 without having to search everywhere.
fsfsxii  +   944d ago
And is it satisfying??
RuleofOne343  +   944d ago
Very satisfying & will do it with all games that have Micro transactions. cause I have no quarrels with it or developers, Publishers making money from it .
fsfsxii  +   944d ago
I'm sorry but your kind of people ruin the gaming industry and make companies like EA even greedier!!
MysticStrummer  +   944d ago
You having your DS3 gun has no effect on anyone else. You bought it and you enjoy it. Not buying it has no detrimental effect on the game for those who choose not to purchase it.

If you said you bought the last three chapters of the game, then people would have a right to be upset about it. People disagreeing with the gun you bought and EA's right to sell it to you are morons throwing a tantrum.

Edit - I didn't buy any DS3 content other than the game itself, but the friend I co-oped it with bought a gun and a suit. Did that change my enjoyment of the game? No it didn't at all. I didn't give it one thought and I don't understand why anyone would.
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papashango  +   944d ago
It actually does have an effect on me. You really think publishers and developers won't stoop to cutting out weapons made during initial development for a quick buck?

If people like Witwicky weren't stupid and played a game to have fun and earn their loot then devs and publishers might have left that content untouched.

Purely speculation you may think but it's along the same reasoning the gaming industry likes to use against piracy.

It won't be long before a game like DS3 has only base models of a couple weapons because of the pay to win store..Thanks to the retarded new gen of gamers that were force fed this crap growing up. These fools are now entering the work force and have no clue they are being rear ended.

no more complaints from me. There's a reason I'm a pc gamer and only do business with Valve.
PooEgg  +   944d ago
I can't help but wonder why you even bother playing games if you are too lazy to play them properly, but I guess it takes all kinds.
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Blank  +   944d ago
Wow but im sorry if this comes off as a personal attack but you sir sound like a straight up tool back in the day that same badass gun you have wouldve been made out of cheat codes, or the use of a gameshark or game genie you should google what those are it might be from before your time
despair  +   944d ago
As long as it directly affects the content included in the game (as in content removed for Micro Transactions) it is not a good thing. If it is just a quick way to get things or special things that do no affect direct multiplayer significantly (feel free to buy all the single player crap you want) then I'm ok with it.
Buff1044  +   944d ago
Hardcore gamers are a minority, and until casuals stop making micro transactions they are here to stay. Your perception of the industry isn't necessarily the industry at large, or consumers at large, for that matter. Clearly, a big enough group of players don't mind purchasing this content.
IIJOSEPHXII  +   944d ago
People don't like being ripped off, no matter how you label them.

Bringing the hardcore/casual argument into this is divisive and counterproductive.
brish  +   943d ago
Hardcore gamers are a minority but they buy the majority of games.

I heard most gamers only get 2 or 3 games a YEAR! Seriously!!!

I used to get 2 or 3 games a month but since online passes, micro-transactions, incomplete editions (content removed to sell as DLC), buggy games on release, etc etc I rarely buy video games anymore.
-Falaut-  +   944d ago
Oh let me tell you, I'm definitely indicating with my wallet.

Honestly, the feeling I get about the whole thing, is that the idea (of the publishers) is to introduce this and keep it in the market until it hopefully looses its stigma and becomes the norm, all while trying to boost it with ass picked statements like this.
Twinzclipz  +   944d ago
i know the Microtransactions aren't Evil , but the People who support them are Dumb
negroguy  +   944d ago
Microtransactions mess with a person's mind psychologically. After the purchase of a game they see they can get said weapon or armor for only 5 dollars and they will think that it's cheap and get it. On the other hand that same person probably wouldn't buy the game for $65 thinking it's too expensive with it all being upfront.

It's dirty but of course business' want everything they can squeeze out of their customers.
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fsfsxii  +   944d ago
As i said before, i officially will not buy any EA game from now on.
Hope you go down by next gen
Tapani  +   944d ago
Yeah, people buy guns as well.
FAT MAN GO BOOM  +   944d ago
Micro Transactions means to me no major transaction...

If you game has it, I will not buy it...

Micro Transactions are evil...

Greed is evil and and that is what Micro Transactions are.

No more EA games for me...
kevinsheeks  +   944d ago
let's see dlc,online pass,micro-transactions,season passes. . .

can they still at this point keep blaming used games >.> seems like they have a lot of ways of ripping every single dime out of the customer

ontop of all these new "perks" for consumers they want to get rid of the used game market greedy whores -.-
Jek_Porkins  +   944d ago
This is the thing, I think Microtransactions can actually help if a game is purchased used, I can see that side of things. The problem I have with them is when they are used to give an edge over someone who hasn't bought the same thing. I don't believe in the pay to win scenario that the are employing.
TuxedoMoon  +   944d ago
It's crap like this that makes me hate this generation and going forward into the next. How many things will be shaved off a game and sold later? How much will I have to PAY to be good at the game or to get the full game? This is ridiculous.

I guess getting good at the game and trying to earn cool things (like costumes) is just retro stuff now. It's all about using real world monies! Pay to win is EA's future plans?
PSNintyGamer  +   944d ago
Yes, they are very evil
ginsunuva  +   944d ago
let dumb people buy it so there's more revenue to make games for hardcore gamers who can often be the cheapest people ever, trying to save every single cent possible on every game release and constantly buying used.
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PooEgg  +   944d ago
The Season's Pass nonsense rubbed me wrong, so I have taken a pass on a few games that I really wanted, simply because they used the Season's Pass, and I have decided to boycott it.

The idea of microtransactions is 100 percent worse then the Season's Pass in my opinion. So I will widen my personal boycott to include any games that use microtransactions.

Perhaps if gaming companies spent less time trying to figure out ways to bleed their customers dry, and more time making quality products they would find that their games would sale much better and crap like microtranactions wouldn't be required in order for them to make a profit.
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momthemeatloaf  +   944d ago
Can't blame the devs blame the gamer. Because they're the root of the problem.

It's like people blaming Nicki Minaj for selling records despite making bad music. Whose fault is that? The idiots that roam this planet that buy the records, that's who.
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Campy da Camper  +   944d ago
For me its all about not having to pay more for the original story. If someone sells something that speeds up your leveling fine. Just don't make it a requirement for me. I want to be able to play the game and earn aall stats.

If you are a busy person and can't put 100 hours into fallout and you have the optionto pay 5 bucks for some fast lleveling then I am ok with that. If I have to pay 5 bucks to unlock a perk that can't be earned just playing then I am not OK with it.
2pacalypsenow  +   944d ago
Yeah so are cigarettes but people still buy them
SpecialK  +   944d ago
I dont understand the hate surrounding this.

If someone wants to buy a pack to unlock all the guns in a game, who cares? maybe they have a demanding job and unlocking everything would take months with the time they have, and its too much effort?

Just let people play their games how they want, let developers do their best to cater to the entire market, and focus on buying what you think if worth your money.
LightofDarkness  +   943d ago
Because you already paid full price for the game. Microtransactions only make sense in game that has no up-front cost, as it's a "pay for what you want" set up. If you already paid for what you want, the full game, then these transactions are nickel-and-diming at its worst. You have paid for the full experience.

$60 is what you pay for a complete game, this is a given in he industry. All of this stuff is old-world business trying to bastardize a new business model that they don't understand and don't want to compete with.
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SpecialK  +   942d ago
I understand that, but since when did not buying a micro transaction take away from any game?

And if Im honest, if developers need to make more money to keep games profitable next gen, I would much rather it was done by them selling some avatar or armor set to those who want it, than a blanket rise in game prices to £50. 100%

YOU might not want to buy them, and I fully respect that. But if someone else sees value in it, who are we to criticize?
Somebody  +   944d ago
I just noticed that the whole article is set up just like a F2P game or a game with microtransactions:

It used a quote from a studio head as title and a very apt one since that's how we see any big corporations are (evil and stuff). N4G readers clicked on it and we see that the author has an interview with some "outspoken" managing director (I don't know who's Wynand or PikPok Games). The Wynand guy praises EA's shift towards microtransactions, bla bla bla...oh wants to knows what else the managing director of a company that makes mobile games think about EA and microtransactions?

You have to tune in to the site again in the coming days to read the rest of the actual interview. Made us think there's some worthy thing to talk about but instead it forces us to tune in for more of the actual cut content.
WeAreLegion  +   944d ago
Haha. It is evil...

...and yet.
Servbot41  +   944d ago
Sure, Microtransactions are not evil. If people wish to pay for them, that must mean they are not evil.

It's just like Dracula, he's obviously not evil, he was just called here by humans wishing to pay him tribute. It's not as if EA is stealing the souls of games, or that their PR talk is as empty as their soul. What is a microtransaction but a miserable pile of unlocks?
KillrateOmega  +   944d ago
Microtransactions are not evil....they're just a dirty business practice utilized by greedy suits.

Now we can all sleep tight knowing that evil has not yet raised its ugly head. But dirty greed has :P
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