Thief 4: New Details Revealed

20.) The artificial intelligence makes it clear that Garrett is not a fighter and that the game is not an action genre. Combating four or more guards is equivalent to suicide. The guards are aware of where they are and the places where thieves can hide. They look in many and varied ways.
21.) There will be a compass that tells you where to go.
22.) You will be able to explore the city at your leisure...[EXCERPT]

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vyralx2084d ago

Finally a new Thief game.I hope the devs dont make it too similar to Dishonored

ame222083d ago

They said you can explore City at your leisure so that's more than enough for it to differentiate itself from other titles. Also, Dishonored was inspired by Thief.

RTheRebel2083d ago

mY Most Anticipated Game :)

KillrateOmega2083d ago

Definitely pre-ordering this when it becomes available :)

CaptainYesterday2083d ago

I'm glad to see Eidos Montreal making more games! Can't wait to play it :)

Zoron0072083d ago

Its not Thief 4 its just Thief.

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