Xbox Live Marketplace Update: March 5th, 2013

This week on Xbox Live sees the final piece of single player DLC for Mass Effect 3, Citadel, a brand new game pack for the Capcom Arcade Cabinet, and a Deal of the Week that puts Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown to 400 MSP ($5).

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ftwrthtx2026d ago

Capcom Arcade brings back some awesome memories.

3-4-52026d ago

Dollar Dash actually looks pretty good.

TrendyGamers2026d ago

I've never heard of Kung Fu High Impact.

dbjj120882026d ago

It was fun on the PS3 with the EyeToy. You do these exagerated motions and your character fights like a KungFu action star. I haven't played the Kinect version but it's supposedly better.
Here's a trailer:

Jek_Porkins2026d ago

The Sega deals are good right now, if you buy Sonic the Fighters for 160 MS Points the game literally takes 20 minutes to complete and you'll get a full 400 Gamerscore. Virtual Fighter 2 is the same way, easy 800 Gamerscore for $4.

SAE2026d ago

Off topic. Does anyone know when psn update ?. how many hours left? I have been waiting all this day for a psn artical to ask this >.<

TrendyGamers2026d ago

It's usually around 5PM PST.

SAE2026d ago

Thank you :D. Bubble for helping me ^^. I want to download dead or alive 5 ! >.<