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Killzone Shadowfall? Should have been new intellectual property - VGFury

Excerpt from the article

"Unfortunately despite my fondness of the Killzone series, Killzone never became what Sony needed it to. The original Killzone whilst a relatively solid game was very rough around the edges, although at the time I was blown away by its technical prowess. I’d never played a game before where the gunplay felt quite so meaty and visceral. Unfortunately this wasn’t the consensual opinion of reviewers at the time, the lack of polish exerted by the game lent it to a relatively modest critical reception."

The author goes on to describe why he thinks Guerilla games latest title would have been better as a new IP. (Guerilla Games, Killzone: Shadow Fall, PS4, Sony)

sinncross  +   995d ago
I know Killzone never became Halo, in terms of sales, for Sony but it seems to do pretty well enough.

I always felt that KZ never explored its own universe well enough and I hope they do this time. No problem in this being a KZ title... they have only shown a little. It might go back to the gritty environments as the game progresses.
ChronoJoe  +   995d ago
I wrote the article by the way and whilst I would have preferred a new FPS from Guerilla I do actually think this looks to be the best Killzone yet, so I'm very excited in that regard.
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zebramocha  +   995d ago
@chrono GG mentioned that they are working on an new ip,I pretty sure they sure killzone sf because it would be easy and the next game would use the hardware better.
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doctorstrange  +   995d ago
Guerrilla is developing a new IP, and have been for several years. Google it.
HeavenlySnipes  +   995d ago
"Unfortunately this wasn’t the consensual opinion of reviewers at the time, the lack of polish exerted by the game lent it to a relatively modest critical reception."

That'a interesting. KZ2 is rated at a 91 on metacritic and KZ3 at 84.
poopsack  +   995d ago

Fuck facts
Oschino1907  +   995d ago
@HeavenlySnipes the sentance before the one you quoted states - "The original Killzone whilst a relatively solid game was very rough around the edges, although at the time I was blown away by its technical prowess. I’d never played a game before where the gunplay felt quite so meaty and visceral."

That's interesting, there was a Killzone before Killzone 2 or Killzone 3. Like an "Original" Killzone on a PS2 or something, and it might currently only have a 70 on metacritic.
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Outside_ofthe_Box  +   995d ago
GG already said they are working on a new IP. Obviously they didn't show it because they aren't ready to.
theBAWSE  +   995d ago
Chrono joe

i don't need to go into details because doctorstrange, heavenlysnipes and deathstroke have just countered your article with FACTS which shows you have no idea what you are talking about ...

is soo sad that anyone with a keyboard thinks that they can become a journalist ..
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ChronoJoe  +   995d ago
Not really. I mean if they read the article I went into details on the critical performance of Killzone 2 - I didn't say it was mediocre at all :) they clearly just read the excerpt.

I know Guerilla have been working on something, for a while now - (since 2009 or something like that) but we haven't seen or heard anything of it). So no one has any idea what that is, that doesn't change my opinion that new IPs (in this case a new IP from Guerrilla) would make a better launch title.

I'm not sure how you counter subjective opinion, with fact. But this is N4G so go for it :P
Hicken  +   995d ago
We KNOW they're working on something new. Just because we haven't heard about it in a while doesn't change that.

New IPs don't get a lot of sales at the start of a generation, even if they ARE from an acclaimed studio like GG. For a console's launch, established IPs will generally see better sales. Therefore, it's better to save the new IPs for later, when the console has a bigger base that'll take advantage of them... well, perhaps it's not "better," but it's smarter. Besides, it's not like there won't be ANY new IPs at launch, and though it may be doubtful, Guerilla's new IP may still see a launch window release.

Finally, you counter someone's subjective opinion with fact when fact is more relevant. FACT is that you don't know whether or not a new Guerilla-designed IP will be coming near the PS4's launch. FACT is that it's better to have a well-known IP at launch. FACT is that Killzone has apparently done whatever Sony thought it NEEDED to do, though I suppose you mean that completely media-concocted idea of it being their Halo(which was never intended, by the way).

FACT is that your opinion sucks.
Derekvinyard13  +   995d ago
Agree sin
Muffins1223  +   995d ago
I loved how in halo the player feels so free.You can jump high and everything and you don't feel glued to the ground or just sluggish like call of duty or gears or most fps...crysis also has a similar feel to it :)
mandf  +   995d ago
Make your own game if you want a new IP. Sony is the only console maker that constantly makers new IPs.
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Dragos75  +   995d ago
There are studios involved too you know. Give them some credit too.
Oschino1907  +   995d ago
There are parents involved too you know. Give them some credit too.
NateCole  +   995d ago
Sony first party = Sony
DivineAssault  +   995d ago
i dont think a new ip shouldve been made just yet by guerrilla.. Shadow fall is the 1st nx gen attempt with a franchise thats well known.. I dont like shooters & i want that game at launch.. A new IP ppl arent familiar with might not attract as many customers at launch.. There should be some but familiar IPs will draw ppl in too
classic200  +   995d ago
Also guerilla is working on a new IP also so I have no problem if they want to launch something familiar and then next year they release a newer title.
pandaboy  +   995d ago
Watch as Destiny wipes the floor with Killzone sales to completely disprove your theory. Killzone just doesn't have the fanbase to justify as a system seller. I'm very disappointed with sony's showing. Killzone and Infamous are last gen games, expect them both to flop on ps4.

There also is not going to be a new IP from GG. That was a rumour but in the end they decided just to make another Killzone since sony realised they didn't have the talent to conceive of a new game.
MasterCornholio  +   995d ago
Destiny will be the game that destroys Halo. I loved it when Bungie announced exclusive DLC for the PS4 version.

Ever since Microsoft ruined Halo by giving the franchise to 343, I was dying to play a great new Bungie game.

Motorola RAZR i
DivineAssault  +   995d ago
How do u know this? Crystal ball maybe? Some ppl might not even know that destiny is by Bungie & it might not even be that great for all we know.. Kill Zone is a great franchise from all the reviews i read about em.. They always score well & have great user feedback.. 3/4 of the Halo players out there dont even know who or what bungie is.. They just follow the name "HALO" so your theory might be disproven jr.. & what theory of mine will be disproven? That new IPs & Familiars will be the best coarse of action? I highly doubt that.. There will be many more new IPs, familiar IPs, & services for PS4 shown before launch im sure so dont get it twisted.. Sony isnt going to show their entire hand before E3..
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DEATHSTROKE-cro-  +   995d ago
here, 300 years of Killzone history

it's sad that no game journalist had the time to read it and stop calling Killzone generic -__-

it you read it than you WOULD know why Vekta looks clean and rich and different than Helghan, why they wear masks, the meaning of name "helghast" and meaning of the Helghan flag....
fabiani  +   995d ago
amazing read
r21  +   995d ago
Theres also one on gaf which explains thing alot more. Makes me hate the ISA further.
ChronoJoe  +   995d ago
Yup. Not sure what that has to do with the article, but yes the lore is especially interesting.

I think the story's a little confused though. I mean if you read it it doesn't really benefit the game... you just end up hating the guys you're stuck playing as. lol
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Chuk5  +   995d ago
Coming from the cell structure to a different architecture will take time. Why not:
A) push a franchise they know well
B) a franchise with room to grow
C) And a franchise that shows nextgen power.

Makes perfect sense to me, there will be new IP, but damn people need to be patient.
The_Infected  +   995d ago
Isn't GG working on a new IP in tandem with KZ: Shadow Fall?
bageara  +   995d ago
Supposedly yes
TheFallenAngel  +   995d ago
I'll give Killzone another shot. I bought Killzone 2 and it's not that it was a bad game, its just that it wasn't my type. Shadowfall looks good. Hopefully I'll enjoy this one.
TooTall19  +   995d ago
If GG's launch game wasn't a Killzone game, I wouldn't be as excited for a PS4.
WeAreLegion  +   995d ago
...because Sony never makes new IP's. -_-
InTheLab  +   995d ago
Beyond and the Last of Us coming this year but more GoW and Killzone and inFamous is a problem....

This industry /facepalm
smashcrashbash  +   995d ago
Yawn. Can I ask a question? Why doesn't anyone ever hassle the other developers about making a new IP this much? I mean so many developers refuse to think outside the box and milk their franchises to death.But Sony is always being advised to drop franchises and move on. Why? Why must they take the risk involved while everyone else remains in the comfort of their franchises? What is with the 'I would prefer if they did something different'. That is currently the entire gaming industry an yet somehow Sony's name is the only one I am hearing constantly.How about some encouragement to Nintendo and Microsoft to get off their @$$es and make new franchises and stop leading with the same thing over and over again. I would like to see a new Nintendo and Microsoft console that doesn't lead with Mario and Halo
PinkFunk  +   995d ago
Mmm indeed. It really is silly how people hold SCE as a publisher that needs to innovate innovate innovate beyond belief. The amount of guff God of War is getting for being "more of the same" is so ridiculous. They are pushing the quality to an unprecedented level. SCE owned studios put SO MUCH passion & effort in their games and it shows. The quality is often beyond what is expected.

I have faith that SCE is pushing new IP's as we speak, as they've never proven otherwise. Killzone has done very well during the PS3 gen, and looks to really take it up a notch for the PS4. We've also heard that GG is also working on a new IP, which is insanely impressive considering most studios, like you say, stick to just one franchise.

So yeah, I don't get the backlash against Sony's first party studios. Silly stuff to either generate hits, or something else equally petty.
VsAssassin  +   995d ago
I love the Killzone franchise. My personal favorite is KZ2. This one looks great and awesome.

Now, a question: Do you guys would like it if this game features semi open world? Or wide-linear type of traversal? If GG can pull it off, why not?
TooTall19  +   995d ago
A wider line and objectives that could be completed in a different order would be cool. I want it to have distinct levels though. I think the original Killzone has the best Campaign.
Inception  +   995d ago
Are this journos always copy each other articles? because this isn't the 1st time i see / read why Sony should make a new IP for PS4.

OT. I'm not a fans of KZ (only play KZ2 & Liberation, pretty fun) but this writer SHOULD knew that 1st: a new console need a well known IP's to build their userbase!
Just look at WiiU lunch titles full with well known IP (Super Mario, Mass Effect, etc). Maybe in year two / three sony can release a lot of new IP for PS4.
HellzAssassin  +   995d ago
Can these articles stop? For crying out loud! Do people not understand that for a new console to sell, it's common sense to produce updated/sequels of well known games to boost the sales. And of course impress us with some new IPs. But these damn journalists fail to understand that the PS4 itself hasn't even been revealed, and E3 hasn't occurred yet. Give Sony a damn break for once!? They've been constantly bashed for the stupidest things since PS3's release. On a side note, KZ:SF looks downright incredible and I can't wait for it's release. I shall be pre-ordering the PS4 and getting it launch day alongside KZ:SF, Drive Club, InFamous and maybe something else.
ginsunuva  +   995d ago
It makes sense as Killzone because the series was always a parallel to WW2, so this one parallels the East/West Berlin city after the war. (it even has the wall)

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