Devil Survivor 2 Break Code revealed for 3DS

NE: "Atlus appears to be bringing a semi-new Shin Megami Tensei game to the 3DS."

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Kalowest1846d ago

I love you Atlus thank you....thank you.

Venox20081846d ago

good RPG's.. keep em comin :)

Xof1845d ago

I think you mean, "ports of mediocre SPRGs."

Venox20081845d ago

they may be improved greatly and other great tweaks so it's a good reason to grab it :)

TheDivine1846d ago

Damnit. Just bought this for the ds few months ago. Io well. Maybe il grab this too.

RufustheSage1845d ago

Knew it! I knew they were going to port it over just like the first one!