Black Desert Housing System Features

Cabulous from Housing system is one of the key features in Black Desert. Every single house we met in game is not only a decoration on the gorgeous background, but act as an individual store to purchase and work. In contrast, unlike the housing system in other MMOs like ArcheAge, in Dark Desert housing system doesn't focus on building and decoration. They consider housing system as one of the key elements of the huge economy system in the game and every crafters (here are the players in the game) should own their stores to present and sell the armors, weapons, clothes, bags, runes, etc. And all players are able to enter any store to explore every corner inside, choose their favorite items and trade with the storekeepers. Mostly, they are players running this store rather than a lifeless NPC. By hiring sales NPCs in it, you houses can work as a private shop for item exchange.

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