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AMD to sell a cut down version of Sony's Playstation 4 APU

"We have not built an APU quite like that for anyone else in the market. It is by far the most powerful APU we have built to date, (PC, PS4, Tag Invalid)

Walker  +   958d ago
amazing, most powerful APU ever created !!!! ps4 is gonna be beast !
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iGAM3R-VIII  +   958d ago
This means that the PS4 could be cheaper :D
Hydrolex  +   958d ago
wonder if Sony has an OC version
Autodidactdystopia  +   958d ago
they always do this to recoup losses in selling to sony bulk and at a major discount.

they did the same with the x360 and their unified shader architecture.


hope they have some killer new tech up their sleeve like they did last time.
piroh  +   958d ago
"It is by far the most powerful APU we have built to date"
i was expecting this. ps4 will be limited only by imagination of developers as Sony said
Banok  +   957d ago
@piroh "most powerful APU".

APU is the key and limiting word here.

APU's being chosen for efficiency and cost, not because its more powerful than existing hardware.

the imagination of developers will definitely still be limited by the ps4.

Please stop being a sensationalist fanboy.
awi5951  +   957d ago
i LOVE Amd but their 8core cpus are crap the cores are so weak they are useless. The old phenom x6 cpu's are better in games because they are full cores not fake virtual split cores like in the new amd x8 cpu's

Disagree all you want i have bought the amd x8 cores overclock them to 4.5 gigs and they still run games like crap thats a fact jack. Unless you got a kick ass pc like me you dont know better consoles people should no better to argue cpu power with pc guys. The x8 amd cpu gets beat buy the intel I5 more cores dont mean anything if they are crap.
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DarkHeroZX  +   957d ago

The 8 cores for the PS4 are full physical cores. The virtual cores are from the second and third gen i7 processors. Each chip has 4 cores with 2 threads. 2 threads x 4 physical cores =8 theoretical cores. It's still more powerful then the jaguar cores in the PS4 but the ps4 still has 8 true cores.
Linsolv  +   957d ago
@DarkHawkZX So we're clear, he was saying that the CPUs that AMD are now selling as "8-core" are in fact virtual cores. Not anything about the PS4 really, just a criticism of the manufacturer of one part.
decrypt  +   957d ago
Lol this is classic.. AMD recently has been the laughing stock of the PC industry.

Nothing they have released in the last year or 2 has impressed the industry. Even Intels mid range CPUs I5 range runs circles around whatever AMD has to offer.

Its funny consolers are worshipping AMD for a Mobile part which is designed for power efficiency and is no where near a performance part, even when compared to AMDs own Desktop parts which are already stomped to the ground by Intel.

At least last gen even though the Cell was a terrible design there was no direct way to compare it to a X86 CPU, yet the console community blindly praised it. This gen PS4PC is literally sporting a lowly netbook CPU, yet you see still see people blindly praising AMD for it lol.
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vulcanproject  +   957d ago
The only thing I got from this is that PS4 has the most powerful APU.

That means the next Xbox hasn't....
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JetsFool3500  +   957d ago
Yeah & Also Weaker
scissor_runner  +   957d ago
How do you beat an apu, use two gpus that are good at gpgpu function, end game.... Or better yet a i5 with a 690 maybe?

Sony made this biggest mistake already, ms rules pc gaming.... They just made it easier for win 8 to get support and Sony fans are loving it wow.
vulcanproject  +   957d ago
How do you beat an APU?

Easy. Just build two separate chips that are much faster than the individual ones coupled on die inside an APU, then connect them on a memory bus.

Its called a PC btw lol
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FamilyGuy  +   958d ago
Now we see what Sony meant when they called it "Supercharged". They actually did add in something that made it more powerful.
Yodagamer  +   958d ago
They probably didn't add anything special, other than the extra cores, the fact that all the games are optimize for it. This alone will create better visuals than the pc counterpart.
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hobohunterz  +   958d ago
I think they also mean supercharged by the fact that it's all directly on one board which allows for quicker communication than traditional pcie on pc's
joeorc  +   957d ago
"They probably didn't add anything special, other than the extra cores, the fact that all the games are optimize for it. This alone will create better visuals than the pc counterpart. "

I would not be so quick to claim that Sony did not add anything special other than extra core's. for one Sony is one of the leading companies for 3D stacked TSV SOC designed chip's.

they have quite a few engineer's
OpenGL  +   957d ago
It's "supercharged" by the memory interface which is very impressive for an APU, which typically have 1600MHz-1866MHz DDR3 accessed via a 128-bit memory interface. Otherwise the CPU cores themselves and the GPU itself is not particularly impressive for PC hardware. A modern Core i7 would run laps around these 8 Jaguar cores, just as a GTX 680 or Radeon 7970 would easily outperform the GPU.

What is special about it is AMD has stuck a larger than normal GPU into an APU, and have paired it with a great memory interface. Of course a console is not merely a sum of its parts, but it is a bit silly to call this a supercharged PC.
jjf  +   957d ago
I agree Intel runs rings round the old AMD 8 core bobcat architecture but only in single threaded Windows Apps, we're not talking about running multiple legacy apps on a 20 year old operating system here, were talking heterogeneous parallel computing in which AMD with their new jaguar cores is a market leader.
Ju  +   957d ago
Not sure why people downplay the 7850. Still a great card, a card with 4GB GDDR5 clocks in at close to $300. Cannot be "that" low end just because it is one line below the top end. Ts ts. There's always a bigger fish, we know that.
vulcanproject  +   957d ago
Its a supercharged APU, not a supercharged gaming PC.

Its a gaming PC with a restrictor inlet on it, more accurately.

7850 is a decent GPU level of performance but nothing like as fast comparably to Xenos, relative to the top end stuff in 2005.

The fact that today we learned PS4 probably won't launch worldwide means that by the time the thing gets to Europe, 7850 performance will be a lower midrange part at best.
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SilentNegotiator  +   958d ago
Now's the time to buy AMD stock, me thinks.
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yeahokchief  +   958d ago
No last year would have been the time. People who bought it last year might be able to make money off of people like you. You buy when it's low and when there is fear and doubt. More risk = more reward.

Just like buying Sony when it was at $9 a share was the time to invest in Sony before they announced the PS4. Now they're at $14 per share. Or the time to invest in TTWO was back in July when their earnings for the quarter were bad and the price went down to under $8 per share when it's closer to $15 share now with the hype up to GTA V/Bioshock.

You make good investments by taking risks on good companies whose stocks are undervalued. You kinda have to know what you're putting money down on and why.

I wouldn't buy the stock now. I don't think they're a very solid company. They can't even release drivers for their cards so they work properly.

Sidenote: You should really stop saying shit like "me thinks".

Urbandictionary for me thinks - A really pretentious and annoying way to say "I think."

It just sounds dumb as hell.

I wouldn't buy any stocks right now. There is too much nonsense going on. US congress isn't working together to help improve conditions. I especially wouldn't buy anything until we see the effects of the sequester, higher taxes and increasing interest rates. A lot of stocks in general are or were at record highs meaning they carry more risk. And you have to keep money down on stocks for at least a year unless you want to pay a lot of taxes on them.

TLDR: wait for prices to drop, find a good deal and then take a risk. don't wait for things to get rosy or buy when prices are already climbing because you're too late.

And I like buying stocks at a value but buying something at 2.46 seems crazy to me. This reminds me of when THQ's stock was dirt cheap and look how that turned out. Might be cheap now, but what is it really worth? Do you know how much profit they make off this deal with Sony? Do you know anything about their future plans or what they make? What research have you done?
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SilentNegotiator  +   958d ago
@Captain Research

AMD was $8 last year. Now it's ~$2. I don't know where you got the idea that AMD already saw its climb, but I'm guessing it was your rear end.

You buy LOW and sell HIGH. You are apparently pretentious and uninformed; not a good combo.

And I will use colorful language like "me thinks" all that I care to. Mind your own business.
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kwyjibo  +   958d ago
I considered buying AMD stock just before the PS4 announcement, I didn't in the end, because I thought the knowledge was so widespread it would already be priced in.

I know in previous forecasts, AMD had already established a line for "custom chip" revenues, which analysts believed to refer to PS4/XboxNext components.

If you think consoles will exceed market expectations next year - buy in. If not, don't.

AMD was the stock I've made most money with, riding it from post 2008 to when they split off their fabs - I tripled my money. But they're really risky right now, Intel is killing them badly, and unlike NVidia - they have nothing in the mobile space. They do have some ARM servers in the pipeline which will be interesting though - these aren't due until 2014.
CBaoth  +   958d ago
you gotta love teenagers eh silent?
@ yeah - "Sidenote: You should really stop saying shit like 'me thinks'.

Urbandictionary for me thinks - A really pretentious and annoying way to say "I think."

It just sounds dumb as hell."

It's actually spelled in one word, methinks...it's an ole English term and made famous by Shakespeare. As far as sounding "dumb as hell" though, congratulations! You did that all on your own.
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Blacktric  +   958d ago
We really should add a "TOLD" bubble vote to use in certain situations like in this case with SilentNegotiatior.

TOLD STATUS FOR yeahokchief;

[ ] Not Told
nukeitall  +   957d ago

You are probably one of those people that would buy Sony stock because the PS4 was announced.

Fact is, these companies are vastly more complex than a single or a few products. Only idiots would invest, ermmm speculate, on a company based on a single product that has plenty of other competitors with no good reasoning other than "ohh my godz, it's gonna be great".

"You buy LOW and sell HIGH. You are apparently pretentious and uninformed; not a good combo."

Yes, the trick is to buy LOW and sell HIGH, but many end up selling lower or ride the bankruptcy train.


I agree with you on AMD being risky, mostly because they don't have a history of being a well managed company. A don't see anything in their pipeline that is going to change that around either in product or management (direction).

They are still a one hit wonder every number of years type of company.
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SilentNegotiator  +   957d ago

Actually, I've commented before that Sony is still a toss up and I don't have any plans to buy ANY big three shares. Nice try, though; I like Sony, you don't, you make rude insinuations...very nice, nukeitall.

The difference between Sony and AMD is that AMD is at rock bottom (or hovering over it) but is proving its relevancy by continuing to nail what are more or less sure thing projects like Ps4. 7th gen hardware sales are down (thus manufacturing and thus not helping AMD's situation), but give it a year or two and 8th gen hardware will starting climbing.

I can buy several dozen shares of AMD right now and lose very little if they tank. ~$2.50 a share is a cup of joe. ~$14 a share with Sony is a serious risk and they're going to be dealing with R&D costs for years yet on the Ps4 (plus, they're still doing horribly in TV/PC/Tablet markets).

You've got the wrong guy if you think I don't understand the complexities behind the stock market.
I'm only talking about investing in 'penny stocks' (stocks under $5). It's a risk, but not a particularly scary one.

I'm still kicking myself for not taking advantage of Supervalu when it was cheaper. Potential buyers were discussing buying part of their stores for months. But then, there's no way I could have predicted that they would get a crapload of their debt (which was a major help in increasing their share prices) picked up and I don't have too long term of confidence for them anyway. Still, point is, I'm taking more risk on penny stock of big-but-down companies that have good things on radar.
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nukeitall  +   957d ago

"I can buy several dozen shares of AMD right now and lose very little if they tank. ~$2.50 a share is a cup of joe. ~$14 a share with Sony is a serious risk and they're going to be dealing with R&D costs for years yet on the Ps4 (plus, they're still doing horribly in TV/PC/Tablet markets)."

So you think AMD's stock price at $2.5 is cup of Joe, but $14 a share for Sony is serious risk?

Are you buying one share?

Otherwise, it's the amount of money you invest into said company, not the share price. At 5 shares of AMD, you are spending the same as 1 share of Sony.... At $100 a certain stock could be a steal, yet another at $2 is expensive.

"I can buy several dozen shares of AMD right now and lose very little if they tank. ~$2.50 a share is a cup of joe. ~$14 a share with Sony is a serious risk and they're going to be dealing with R&D costs for years yet on the Ps4 (plus, they're still doing horribly in TV/PC/Tablet markets)."

So how much less do you loose if buy $100 worth of AMD shares instead of $100 of Sony?

Also, are you seriously investing in "several dozen" shares? The cost of that transaction will eat far more into the potential profit.

I don't invest into stocks based on the number of stocks, but the total amount.

"The difference between Sony and AMD is that AMD is at rock bottom (or hovering over it) but is proving its relevancy by continuing to nail what are more or less sure thing projects like Ps4"

They are rock bottom because, many people don't believe it has a fighting chance against Intel. Do you think AMD willingly works with MS/Sony?

Why not work with Intel?

I bet the farm that Intel would ask for far better terms, because they have the better technology and is in a better position.

"You've got the wrong guy if you think I don't understand the complexities behind the stock market."

Oh, ok.

"Still, point is, I'm taking more risk on penny stock of big-but-down companies that have good things on radar."

I'm interested in companies that have a history of good management, but just so happens to be down and out.

Good management can turn a company around, bad management will screw up a good company.

"I'm only talking about investing in 'penny stocks' (stocks under $5). It's a risk, but not a particularly scary one."

It is higher risk, but do you homework and be prepared to lose all the investment and there is nothing to be scared of.

"Sony is a serious risk and they're going to be dealing with R&D costs for years yet on the Ps4 (plus, they're still doing horribly in TV/PC/Tablet markets)."

Sony is a serious risk, because of their continued bad management. They have made some strides to make desirable products (i.e. the new tablet), but their prices still aren't competitive and they carry a lot of liability on their balance sheet.
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LocutusEstBorg  +   958d ago
LOL, it's less powerful than a 5850.
stragomccloud  +   957d ago
My 5850 still kicks butt though. That said 7000 series kicks 5000 series' butt.

Me, I can't wait until I can upgrade to a 8950 or 8970!
ATi_Elite  +   957d ago
"most powerful APU ever created"

LMAO yeh and my Intel Core i5 2500K smokes it like a Ferrari racing a Camry!

APU's are only cool cause they can deliver "some" power but use Low Watts like for Laptops and tablets.

But when it comes to top of the Line Performance and Power nothing beats a Intel except another Intel!
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SlyFoxC  +   957d ago
i would hope so....is a APU...... O.o
gedapeleda  +   957d ago
Hell yeah it's beast.
What I like about is the Graphics Core Next engine.
This new tech increased the power in some aspects by 350%.When comparing two high end cards from diffrent series.
Nuvian  +   957d ago
Most powerful APU? AMD's most powerful APU, that isn't the same thing :D
mp1289  +   958d ago
AMD, powerful and affordable.
Kingnichendrix  +   957d ago
you just have to watch this http://www.youtube.com/watc...
GalacticEmpire  +   958d ago
Build your own immatation PS4 with this piece by piece collection. First issue only 9.99*
*further issues 199.99
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3-4-5  +   958d ago
Didn't even think of this.

This is the first time in Gaming history that it will be possible for people to build their own console maybe.

Not a lot of people but a few will build their own working PS4 & Xbox 720.

Somebody will figure it out
kwyjibo  +   958d ago
I think it's going to be the other way around.

If Microsoft and Sony are going to sell PCs at a loss, then people will be looking to buy them and hack them. Being able to switch your PS4 to a Steambox with all the emulators would be awesome.
truegame  +   958d ago
I love reading these technical articles. good stuff if you are into the design of a chip. I am studying computer architecture in University now.
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kookie  +   958d ago
Nice, Which University?
#4.1 (Edited 958d ago ) | Agree(9) | Disagree(6) | Report | Reply
truegame  +   958d ago

Did Computer Science at NYIT & now at Cornell University doing computer architecture and VLSI.
wishingW3L  +   958d ago
there's nothing technical in this article though, this is just your usual PR bullcrap. But I'm really anxious to know what other modifications Sony did to the chip beside the 8 core thing.

And there must be something else because GDDR memory is not synchronized (there is a reason why PC uses DDR SDRAM for CPU and GDDR only for GPU) so it could create some bad latency when the CPU tries to access the memory pool and then the speed of the GDDR would be halved. In fewer words: GDDR5 would not be any more faster or useful than some cheaper DDR3 sticks.

But the general idea behind the architecture is pretty amazing. I mean, you have CPU and GPU on the same die and this mean many things:

1. cheaper to produce
2. takes less space on the motherboard
3. uses less energy
4. easier to ventilate (aka better reliability)
5. really fast access since is a soc

Then you pair that with some of the fastest memory on the market and what you get is a crazy weird thing that in theory it's simply amazing. And is not just that Sony were smart by building something like this but the timing. This is the right time to make something like this. People can claim generic PC architecture all they want but this thing is unique.
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delboy  +   958d ago
I'm sure we'll see same technology used in tables and laptops very soon.
fabiani  +   958d ago
Sony has been around for a while know. I am sure they made a difference
gazgriff2k12  +   958d ago
totally agree you cant build a pc at the spec guys and unless microsoft have gone for the similar apu but with ddr3 ram then the xbox 720 and ps4 cant be compared so easily either. ps4 just might be in a league of its own
psoomah  +   957d ago
8 Jaguar cores + 7870 class gpu + GDDR5 are the ingredients, HSA is the magic sauce that make it a 3 star Michelin dish. And a gaming programmers wet dream.
Ju  +   957d ago
I'm curious about this in real world. We haven't seen the impact of GDDR on the CPU, though. And I believe it only matters if you actually have a lot of non-cacheable misses; but flipping pages from GDDR must be must faster, wouldn't it. I mean we are talking reloading of pages @ 176GB/s vs. about 40 (or less?). And nothing has been said about L2 (or even L3) cache size. It would make sense to increase that quite a bit to reduce latency I'd think ??
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Donnieboi  +   958d ago
Lend me some cash to buy a ps4 >_<
Capodastaro  +   958d ago
It's good to see AMD starting to get back, they had a tough few years with NVIDIA and Intel just dominating in their scenes.

I want to see another 1090t from AMD, that thing could handle its dukes even with the i7 which cost a lot more.
#5 (Edited 958d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
Nvidia is build a high end apu for mobile and desktop.
"Project denver" has been delayed till next year though.

Arm is moving fast on x86. And has a cleaner/simpler instruction set also.

Will there be an arm gaming pc in 10 years? who knows.

Also next gen gpu cards are about to kick current pc gpus asses like never before..
Maxwell delayed to 2014.

On topic.
Sony knows what they are doing.
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3GenGames  +   958d ago
ARM will never take over desktop processors. It's designed to be a single process microprocessor. No advanced anything, just low poer and good performance. That's what it does. It's stupidity to even compare them to something like an AMD desktop CPU.

ETA: But yeah, I do assembly language programming at least an hour a day, sometimes up to 12 hours a day. And saying modern computers have the absolute worst instruction sets ever is not stretching it. Man, are they terrible. It's a shame we had to be built on the worst architecture ever designed. If we started off a base of any other chip, (excluding Z80, which also sucked.) we'd be much better off today...but oh well. Didn't happen. But ARM is still a much, much better machine to program to get every once of power out of. (Assembly.)
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N0S3LFESTEEM  +   958d ago
Why link to a conference from 2010...
LessThan2Tflops  +   958d ago
So we will see it on other budget laptops and devices
Banok  +   957d ago
chcolatesnw   958d ago | Immature | show | Replies(4)
Ju  +   958d ago
I had a APU slim machine on my shopping list but wasn't too happy with the final performance. I hope they have an option with more than 4 cores (6 would suffice) and maybe a 79xx series GPU in there. I'd like to see if GDDR in such a system would make a big difference; or at list some other for of RAM than DDR3. I will hold off a little until they reveal what they are having. Well, in all honesty, I have no budget for this anyway; fall out look is much better anyway. Can be up to $800 (SSD)...so hope they don't go too cheap.
danny818  +   958d ago
chcolatesnw   958d ago | Immature | show | Replies(2)
Bathyj  +   958d ago
So I guess the extra work Sony put into the chip is why they call it a Super Charged PC Technology, no different in theory to buying a standard motor for your car and then souping it up yourself.
Raider69  +   958d ago
Thats what M$ is doing also!The same apu chip but modified with some sauce from M$ R&D labs.
#12 (Edited 958d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
BrianC6234  +   958d ago
You mean like Microsoft did with IBM for the 360? They let Sony do a lot of work with IBM and then had IBM give them a lot of that work for their chip. Hopefully this time Sony got a deal that AMD won't use this chip in the new Xbox.
worldwidegaming  +   958d ago
This is a marketing trick, plain and simple. I will believe this when i see numbers.
I mean they need people to believe this is gonna be so powerful now that they are no longer using
Custom chips (modifying a pc part is not custom like the cell chip ps fanboys were so proud of)
Cant wait till i see multiplatform games minus the PC.
Wanna play? Buy next gen! That will be the line for holiday 2013.
PC owners will get something else (maybe they will do a next wow or something of the sort to distract people...)
Do not get me wrong, i can not wait to see and play the next gen games, I just do not want to be played the fool.
clintagious650  +   958d ago
Not disagreeing with u but at the same time the ps3 did have the better looking exclusives vs ms. Not saying that this is a bad or good thing but that only leads me to believe sony wasnt lying about the ps3. Heck have u seen the new god of war game? It looks better then god of war 3 & that shows the ps3 still can enhance in graphics even today, its just upto the devs to push the limits of the hardware.

I also dont hate ms but the disk drive alone was the WORST thing ever created. U dont know how many times my game scratched just from my surround sound shaking the 360. How do u build a next gen system with a last gen disk drive?

I respect ms and love some of their games but id trust sony more then ms when it comes to delivering better hardware because thats one of sony's strengths over ms. We just have to wait & see when they both release but for hardware my money is on sony because thats something that they know better then ms.
#13.1 (Edited 958d ago ) | Agree(13) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
SAE  +   958d ago
You can't argue with fanboys. It's just like talking to ignorants and racists. They don't accept facts and they always defend what they like even though they know they are wrong. They will always win. Just wait for sony to clear everything. I don't think it's a marketing thing though because sony always try to bring something new. They already put 8GB GDDR5 on the ps4 which pc still didn't managed to do that so why make an exception to the APU ?.. But i agree. I can't trust any company. Their priority is the money so they will do anything to get it..
worldwidegaming  +   958d ago
I am going to buy a PS4. I am just hoping they do not play marketing games and sell us the product without lies. Microsoft is bleeding cash and lack of exclusives will hurt them unless they start some new IPs. Imagine they dont go blu ray...lol how about hd-dvd lmao.
danthebios  +   958d ago
O.k,a question.How did this chip turned out?Was it Sony approach to Amd developers to design the chip for Sony,or was the Chip already in the marketplace?
black911  +   958d ago
But developers are lazy we learned that this gen. PS4 and 720 2rd party games will look identical.
linkofrs  +   957d ago
That may be true. However developers need to make money off of their products. If they put too much money into a game and don't make much off of it then things don't turn out so well for them. Overall I do agree, big developers need to put more time into making their games.
#16.1 (Edited 957d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
CheexInk  +   957d ago
Are you sure? Most PC multiplatform games looked better than their console counterparts. If the PS3 had really been much better than the 360 you'd probably have seen something similar.
pissed999  +   958d ago
So, it will cost more and be weaker? No thanks.
seanpitt23  +   957d ago
Ps4 is going to kick the pc's arse all day long.
iamgoatman  +   957d ago
With what, Voodoo magic? Because it's APU doesn't even compare to todays PC hardware.
blackbirdi  +   957d ago
Can i assk you something how many people Have a gaming pc? Not So much Most of the people are using Notebooks and Laptops under 400 DollarS equiped with weak GPU's
ExCest  +   957d ago
Whatever you say, boss.
TheKayle  +   957d ago
for amd saying this i very very doubt that ms have the same cpu!

"it is by far the most powerful APU we have built to date"

they would not say this...

butmost important
"but we have not built an APU quite like that for anyone else"

they couldnt say this ...if ms had to show the same cpu...so i think ms isnt amd jaguar ;) ;) YAY im happy!....i dont want that low lvl cores!
#19 (Edited 957d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
SugarSoSweet  +   957d ago
@Banok Calm your ass down!!! Labtop's are mobile and use low power yet top end labtops can MAX games like BF3 and Crysis 3

Think 7970m and GTX 680m for example
fsfsxii  +   957d ago
Can't imagine GOW for the next generation
forum67  +   957d ago
Guys it is a x86 processor. Technically, there is a extreme good chance of PS4 exclusives being ported to PC.

Also , console based FPS(COD ,BF) players might have a hard time with PC players if there is a plan of a unified server in future.

TF2 Sniper ~ "Boom , Headshot"
#22 (Edited 957d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
wishingW3L  +   957d ago
why would Sony port their exclusives to PC? lol

They want to sell PS4's not PC's.
kevnb  +   957d ago
i wish it was intel, amd has been sucking hard the last few years.
OpenGL  +   957d ago
Do you want Sony to go bankrupt? Microsoft's deal with Intel for the original Xbox cost them billions. The GPU is the most important component in a game console anyway, and that's where even today Intel has not quite caught up. (although Haswell's integrated GPU is pretty damn good)
kevnb  +   957d ago
i thought that was nvidia that screwed them over, the same guys who provide sony with the ps3s gpu. there was a story behind that, but nothing confirmed.
#23.1.1 (Edited 957d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report
OpenGL  +   957d ago
If I'm not mistaken the original Xbox CPU never went through a die shrink because it was actually manufactured by Intel, and there was nothing forcing them to provide the chips to Microsoft at a lower cost. Most game companies actually buy/license the chip designs they use and they are then allowed to find other 3rd party contractors to manufacturer them, like TSMC and Global Foundries.

I'm sure Nvidia didn't do Microsoft any favors either but seeing as they don't actually manufacturer their own GPUs I don't think the situation was exactly the same.

The lack of die shrinks is one of the reasons the original Xbox never got a redesign, meanwhile the PS2 went through multiple revisions and die shrinks, just as the Xbox 360 and PS3 both have. The PS2's CPU and GPU were eventually placed onto a single die, just as the 360 CPU and GPU have been combined, but this never happened with the original Xbox, because Intel is the only one allowed to manufacturer Intel CPUs.
josephayal  +   957d ago
PS4 the most advanced gaming computer
Relientk77  +   957d ago
Selling a beast
YourSavior  +   957d ago
This could possibly mean the PS4 will be $399-$450. I'm wondering if Bethesda will port Skyrim over to the PS4. It is the least they could do for releasing that pile of crap they released on the PS3.
blackbirdi  +   957d ago
I wish the clock rate will be @3ghz thats will be awsome
jay2  +   957d ago
Till PS5 dev starts in 18 months.
Xristo  +   957d ago
As a pretty exclusive PC player, I am extremely happy for future PS4 owners. Regardless of your system, it's not too hard to want the best experience for everybody. :) I'm looking forward to seeing how awesome the PS4 turns out to be!
#29 (Edited 957d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
ninjahunter  +   957d ago
Lol, lets hope its any good, lets face it, APU's have been pretty consistently crap. Ove course, we all know AMD is slow out the gate, but once they get going they will match intel for a 1/3rd price reduction.

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