Top 8 Franchises That Should Go Away

In this week’s The 8 Ball, 411mania’s Marc Morrison explores the franchises that really need to go away.

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Intentions1941d ago

Well... That's depressing.

NewMonday1941d ago

GOW needs a new start, end the story of Kratos and make a fresh start like inFamous: Second Son

plaZeHD1941d ago

Or, or a new IP. BOOM!!!

Sandmano1941d ago (Edited 1941d ago )

I dont want GOW to go away but I would like to see his brother Deimos story they really could work with that and he seems pretty badass too. Deimos for next gen IMO

morganfell1941d ago (Edited 1941d ago )

Top 8 Cheap Websites Run From A Parent's Basement That Need To Go Away:


I am often seen criticizing journalists on this site. More people should join in. Game journalism attempts have become the absolute scourge of our industry and have damaged endlessly a hobbie most of us truly love.

There is nothing wrong with opinion pieces but that is all which these sites inflict upon us now. It wasn't always that way. Many persons that visit here are too young to remember. There was a time when articles possessed the minium of opinion and were chocked full of facts and objective reporting.

Nowadays writing about this industry, and it is "about" since these people do not work "in" the industry, is full of cheap opinion and concern little else than the almighty "I". Enough.

Reviews have degenerated into a screamfest of what a particular person wants and flow with the anger when they do not get their desires fulfilled. It's all about them, what they want and little about the actual game. They do not review for the gaming public at large and as such their writings are not for the main demographic.

Articles such as the trash linked above are no better. I have seen houses propped up by Jacks, Queens, and Aces that were better supported than those opinions. And these writers and many of the people whose minds are numbed by this article's rhetoric are oblivious. Their pieces are strictly designed to generate web hits rather than provide a service od genuine insight and fact to the community.

Insightful, vivid writing that abounds with humor, facts, honesty, and revelation is a thing of the past. The sooner more of these sites, even cheap ones such as, go the way of 1Up the better off we will be at the end of the day. The destruction of games caused by developer attempts to please some website's 17 year old and thus garner a magic 9 or above review is the damnation of our pasttime.

Reviews are no longer objective and meticulous affairs, not even the ones at publications such as Game Informer. As such they are little more than a collection of one person's desires. I would prefer games be a creation based on inspired development rather than the requirement to service a handful of people with a vindictive pen.

The reason we no longer witness such writing? Real journalism requires talent, particularly when writing about an industry based upon that very same and very rare gift.

kreate1941d ago (Edited 1941d ago )

Dont agree w god of war.

Its not like sony been milking the franchise like some other games.
There's only been 1 god of war on ps3 so far other than ascencion or collections.

Hate to use halo as an example but its the one that comes to mind for the moment.

Halo 3. Halo wars. Odst. Reach. Halo 4. All on one generation of a console.

Call of duty games coming out every year.
This is milking a franchise. Where god of war isnt, so I dont think god of war should go away but grow and expand upon it.

Final fantasy shouldnt go away either. Every final fantasy is different... well except ff13-1 thru 13-3. The 13 series should go away, not the whole franchise.

Aloren1940d ago


Halo is not any more milked than God of war though, it's pretty much the same.
Since the release of Halo 3 (end of 2007), there's been 5 halo games (one of which was a spinoff in a different genre) + 1 hd remake.

In the same time frame, there's been 4 GOW games (2 on psp and 2 on PS3... yeah, I'm including the one that comes out in a few days)+ 3 collections on PS3. Also, there's been a god of war release on PS3 every year since 2009, just like halo.

Autodidactdystopia1940d ago

all but god of war i agree with,

god of war is nice

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subtenko1941d ago

Websites that should go away, starting with:


Dont anger Kratos D:

WarThunder1941d ago

Halo need to be number 2 on the list.

PeaSFor1941d ago

Mario games
Gears of war

007Bond1940d ago


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ritsuka6661941d ago

1. Resident Evil"

I totally agree here... =/

Unfortunately yes, it died in the 90s.

Resident Evil should be renamed into Resident Action now, it might be a silly name, but it's more accurate to what these games are today.

killcycle1941d ago

Could not have said it better.

EbeneezerGoode1941d ago

Sadly true! :(

Resi 1 Remake on gamecube was awesome... and I try not to use that word too much these days.

I actually really loved Resi 4 but it was borderline pushing things with shooty shooty.. it had the scares and the tension to back it up... then everything went down hill. Silly silly Capcom.

EbeneezerGoode1941d ago

downhill from resi 5 onwards i mean

d0nT wOrrY1941d ago

Sadly I've to agree with God of War. The game had an awesome ending after a long brutal journey. Plus, I'd love to see a new IP from the creative Santa Monica.

Minato-Namikaze1941d ago

They are working on 3 games right now. Most likely a new ip in there somewhere

pr0t0typeknuckles1941d ago

i agree with all of these especially new super mario bros,theres nothing new about all 3 games.
god of war has years left in it, its just that kratos story is done,maybe they should start with a different protagonist set in egypt.
and i love assassians creed but it seriously needs a break

Pozzle1941d ago (Edited 1941d ago )

Personally I'd love to see a new Mario game that's 3D. I don't mean something like Mario Galaxy though, which is still fairly linear. I'm talking about something like Mario 64...but on a much, MUCH larger scale. Make the worlds huge, exploratory and diverse. Make the Mushroom Kingdom/Castle a hub that's large, expansive and full of hidden secrets.

The latest 2D Mario's haven't been bad per se, but it really seems that Nintendo are taking the easy route by making them so...well...samey. Even Paper Mario Sticker Star wasn't much of an upgrade on previous Paper Mario games. Nintendo really needs to go all-out and make a Mario that's just...amazing. Something that makes people stop and say "wow!"

iwin861941d ago (Edited 1941d ago )

I hope one day, this sort of articles go away. For example you can set Kratos to Old Egypt and whola - new setting, new opportunuties.
And really ? Madden ? Football is a sport. Sport is here to stay. Can't you get it into your head.

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