Capcom announces new game engine - called Panta Rhei - for next-generation platforms

DSOgaming writes: "The Japanese company has showcased a game that will be powered by it - called deep down - and you can find some screenshots of it below.."

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HarryMasonHerpderp1891d ago

I was confused by what was in game.
Some parts looked like it was in game with little item menus on the side and such.
Still..looked awesome.

Gildarts1891d ago

This was the highlight for me.

Flipgeneral1891d ago

Yeah, this was probably the best shocker for me..

Mature looking characters with a BEAUTIFUL engine. Take my money!

perdie1891d ago

The game is called deep down

Knight_Crawler1891d ago

Sounds like a Porno Movie o_O

3-4-51891d ago

That is why it says " working title " next to it....That title won't sell well as it does sound like an odd porno.

MeatAbstract1891d ago

Even though I'm not a huge fan of Capcom after some of the crap they pulled this gen, this video really impressed me. I liked the feel of it. Reminded me greatly of things like Demon's Souls. Deep Down COULD be a great dungeon crawler where you can give your gear to friends if you struggle with a boss or something. Looks interesting.

Karlnag31891d ago (Edited 1891d ago )

And you can also buy gear in DLC :D

What? It's capcom.

LackTrue4K1891d ago

"Demon's Soul"
that is all that came to mind in the trailer.....
that and

"stealing DLC off there own fans, and other developers ideas"

j-blaze1891d ago

i'm imagining DMC and Resident evil and with that stunning engine

RyuX191891d ago

Don't imagine DMC I have a feeling that series is done after this gen.

drizzom1891d ago

Capcom has announced the "PR" Engine.

I dunno, it stood out to me for some reason. Game looks great though.

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The story is too old to be commented.