Aliens: Colonial Marines Review [Plus XP]

Andy from Plus XP writes: "In space… one can hear you scream. Well sadly in this case, anyone who plays this will probably be screaming in agony at how torturous Aliens: Colonial Marines is to play. I’ve been eagerly waiting for Aliens: Colonial Marines for several years now and the anticipation had culminated in me being giddy for its arrival. I clawed open the package, sampled the game for several hours and ultimately I wasn’t impressed
Despite the big gap between the film Aliens and Aliens: Colonial Marines (1987-2013) . Colonial Marines is the story sequel to Aliens, taking place several months after the film. You return to the Sulaco as Corporal Christopher Winter, your mission is to investigate the disappearance of Ellen Ripley and Corporal Dwayne Hicks amongst other soldiers. You’re rather promptly introduced to the hell that is the Sulaco and you have to endure more disgusting, slobbering aliens. Your ship the Sephora is destroyed by Weyland Yutani’s armed forces in an attempt to cover this whole scenario up. You’re forced to explore LV-426 with your allies such as O’Neal and Bella and hope you can escape the planet whilst uncovering some grizzly answers. This is about it for the story, I struggled to be gripped by it as it’s incredibly difficult to get caught up in a story that is strangled with mediocre dialogue and unforgivable errors in modern-day gaming. It’s hard to know where to start…….but here goes."

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