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jacksheen00001439d ago

Come on Nintendo wake up.

when are you going to show us some real hardcore games.

Dang,I m tired of seeing the same limited 2-3 tone color palette Nintendo use for every games.

You better than that Nintendo, I would much rather you use textures and colors like the Zelda tech demo.

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BullyMangler1439d ago

ha ha haaa . everyone reLax . this aint even E3 . ha ha haaa . it feels great to see how many people attack Nintendo Direct feeds like it was . hoh hohh !!

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deafdani1438d ago

I have Shadowgun, I paid $1 for it. It was on offer that day. The Android version optimized for Tegra 3 chips, that is, which is graphically even better than the iPad version.

And while Shadowgun looks superb... as a game it's nowhere in the same level of quality as Mario 3D Land, New Mario Bros 2, Resident Evil Revelations, Zelda Ocarina 3D, etc.

If graphics alone are your standard by which you judge the quality of a game, I feel truly sorry for you. Yes, graphics matter a lot, but gameplay is still more important. And in that area, Shadowgun is merely decent.

3-4-51438d ago

Bunch of drama queens.

Grow up.

The games they announced are solid and this isn't even E3 yet.

There is more to announce and reveal to us.

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LOL_WUT1439d ago

Next year it's going to be Waluigi's year... ;\

shackdaddy1439d ago

I'd rather Wario be put in the spotlight again. I miss his old games I played on the gameboy...

Venox20081438d ago

theres a good one on Wii ..wario land:shake it\shake dimension

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