Nintendo hosting Wii U developer presentations at GDC

By John Kinsley

Nintendo will be present at the upcoming Game Developers Conference and will host two presentations for Wii U developers on how the get the most out of the new console. The two talks will focus on Wii U app development and on Miiverse.

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RememberThe3572013d ago

It's sounding like they need to. Word around is that devs aren't too enthusiastic about the system at this point.

RTheRebel2013d ago

Retro Studios New Game Engine?

PopRocks3592013d ago

Huh. Does Nintendo go to GDC often? I look cautiously forward to this.

Realplaya2013d ago

I find it funny that developers talked about cancled projects and new ones but everyone hung onto cancled and neglected that there are new projects.

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