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Submitted by -Mezzo- 1094d ago | opinion piece

If It's Not "Mass Effect 4," Maybe a Whole New Name Would Work Better

1UP - How do you move on from Shepard and, more importantly, the Reapers? (Mass Effect, PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

showtimefolks  +   1094d ago
maybe its just me but i would be fine with a prequel and some more shepard story.

but let's see
Raf1k1  +   1094d ago
Prequal playing as Thane would be cool but that would make it a stealth game pretty much.
Sovereign59  +   1094d ago
I don't envy Bioware at all right now. I have no idea what they could do to lure in all the people like myself that are still bitter about the deplorable ending to Mass Effect 3. After the trivialization of the Reapers in ME3 and the contemptible story spun to us in the Leviathan DLC that further eviscerated the wondrous veil of mystery that previously cloaked the Reapers, I really don't think anything Bioware does can restore my interest in the lore. They have already killed almost everything storywise that made me fall in love with the first game.
The next Mass Effect game... I really doubt anything Bioware announces regarding the story will be able to pull me in. If it takes place after the events of Mass Effect 3 I won't be optimistic about it while the current endings are considered canon, and if it takes place before or somehow during the events of ME3 I won't be too excited because I know ultimately the story ends not with a bang but with a whimper. If the gameplay is impressive I'm sure I'll try it out eventually, borrow it from a friend or wait for a discount. Really though, story will probably not be able to draw me in and it's very disappointing to be able to say this because story was the strongest element of the game and the factor that pulled me into the first game.
Riderz1337  +   1094d ago
"Mass-IVE Effect"

Dark11  +   1094d ago
Just watch them make it a FPS game and call it a spin-off to mass effect.
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NateCole  +   1094d ago
Such a shame with the ending and all. The first 500hrs i spend across the 3 games were ruined in just the last 15 min of the final game.
undercovrr  +   1094d ago
You didn't spend 500 hours , but yes its disappointing
Sovereign59  +   1094d ago
500 hours is possible. I played through the first two games at least 8 times each, the hours definitely add up.
cleft5  +   1094d ago
I have 259 hours in me3, the mp adds on lot of hours.
NateCole  +   1094d ago
You do know you can replay the games in different ways multiple times right?.
My_Name_BTW_Is_Dante  +   1094d ago
They should've done what Dragon Age did from the beginning with how you make your choices. With Dragon Age your choices effect the world itself rather than just what revolves around you as a character. This way they can make a new protagonist every game if they wanted and your choices will still matter because it's how you went about shaping the world to how it is now.
FarCryLover182  +   1094d ago
Mass Effect Zero
Mass Effect Code Veronica
Mass Effect Outbreak
ovhaum  +   1094d ago
Can't wait for Lego: Mass Effect 6
00  +   1094d ago
nobody will buy it either way
Bioware has a ruined reputation because of DA2,SWTOR, and ME3.
shadowraiden  +   1094d ago
i wouldnt say that, while they have ruined there reputation with their more hardcore fans the casual fans which make up 90% of their sales(this is just a guess) were very happy with those 3 games.

SWTOR while a failure as an MMO has still 1 major factor if you play it like KOTOR3 then the game is brilliant its not untill the MMO parts come into play where you see all the flaws.

DA2 while wasnt what fans wanted as a sequel still proved to be succesful for the more casual fans who didnt like the original game and lets face it while hardcore fans would love to think otherwise its the casual fans that hold power over sales due to sheer amount of casual gamers.

ME3 outside of the ending was a masterpiece and one of the best games of this console generation.
cleft5  +   1094d ago
I am so glad that community manager felt the need to talk about how ME4 wont be a direct sequel to ME3. Just look at all the positive stuff that has come from it, oh wait nothing positive has come from it. In fact, people are just using this to shit all over the ME franchise again. So glad that community manager decided to inform us all of facts that aren't set in stone yet. I called this dude an idiot before and I am standing by that statement.

Bioware representatives, please do all us Bioware fans a favor and stop talking before you have anything real to reveal. Clearly you have lost a lot of credibility, so talk after you show off impressive gameplay footage.
UnHoly_One  +   1094d ago
Hopefully it's just going to be a multiplayer game set in the ME world.

ME3 multiplayer turned out to be the best part of the entire series after they completely ruined the story...
SJPFTW  +   1094d ago
How bout Bioware make Knights of the Old Republic 3 ......
Tei777  +   1094d ago
OMG, yess!! I want them tow work on both!!!
Stay-Toasty  +   1094d ago
People still complain about the ending?...sorry but you have got to get over that. And dont tell me how many hours youve put into it because ive put in just as many. Who cares that the end sucked, the journey was amazing.
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00  +   1094d ago
If you actually think about what is happening in ME3 and the whole plot it makes everything go full retard regarding ME1 and ME2 and completely invalidates them,

example: if the leader of the reapers is in side the citadel why did he need Sovereign at all in me1, and ME2 became absolutely completely irrelevant because of ME3
Psychonaut  +   1094d ago
It can still be Mass Effect without Shepeard, infact its funny people are getting their feathers in a bunch since shepeard himself isnt a defined character since he is a create a character with optional text.

Shepeard from the get go should of just been the default character as he appears on all three title covers, but I and perhaps a large amount of fans used the default shepeard. Now with the next title in the "MASS EFFECT UNIVERSE." takes the story of shepeard im fine with it infact if Bioware wants to involve Shepeard (in his default apperence then the game could revolver around a new custom character who is looking for Shepeard for whatever reason.
Tei777  +   1094d ago
OMG, some people are such trolls lol. Even if you were dissapointed lets not act like the game was a steaming pile of crap with no redeeming features. The critics still loved it.

MAss effect is basis of the universe so no, the name should remain. MAss Effect Zero would be a nice name though. I'm sure they'll come up with something more creative
Sleipnir_II   1094d ago | Spam
TheOneEyedHound  +   1094d ago
Mass Defect?
Tzuno  +   1094d ago
Ass effect 4?
MasterD919  +   1093d ago
Mass Effect: (Subtitle)

That's how it should be...

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