If It's Not "Mass Effect 4," Maybe a Whole New Name Would Work Better

1UP - How do you move on from Shepard and, more importantly, the Reapers?

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showtimefolks1926d ago

maybe its just me but i would be fine with a prequel and some more shepard story.

but let's see

Raf1k11925d ago

Prequal playing as Thane would be cool but that would make it a stealth game pretty much.

Sovereign591926d ago

I don't envy Bioware at all right now. I have no idea what they could do to lure in all the people like myself that are still bitter about the deplorable ending to Mass Effect 3. After the trivialization of the Reapers in ME3 and the contemptible story spun to us in the Leviathan DLC that further eviscerated the wondrous veil of mystery that previously cloaked the Reapers, I really don't think anything Bioware does can restore my interest in the lore. They have already killed almost everything storywise that made me fall in love with the first game.
The next Mass Effect game... I really doubt anything Bioware announces regarding the story will be able to pull me in. If it takes place after the events of Mass Effect 3 I won't be optimistic about it while the current endings are considered canon, and if it takes place before or somehow during the events of ME3 I won't be too excited because I know ultimately the story ends not with a bang but with a whimper. If the gameplay is impressive I'm sure I'll try it out eventually, borrow it from a friend or wait for a discount. Really though, story will probably not be able to draw me in and it's very disappointing to be able to say this because story was the strongest element of the game and the factor that pulled me into the first game.

Dark111926d ago (Edited 1926d ago )

Just watch them make it a FPS game and call it a spin-off to mass effect.

NateCole1926d ago

Such a shame with the ending and all. The first 500hrs i spend across the 3 games were ruined in just the last 15 min of the final game.

undercovrr1926d ago

You didn't spend 500 hours , but yes its disappointing

Sovereign591926d ago

500 hours is possible. I played through the first two games at least 8 times each, the hours definitely add up.

cleft51926d ago

I have 259 hours in me3, the mp adds on lot of hours.

NateCole1925d ago

You do know you can replay the games in different ways multiple times right?.

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The story is too old to be commented.