Amazon: Red Dead Redemption: GoTY for $20 (360)

GE: "If you missed out on Red Dead Redemption’s original release, you can now purchase the Game of the Year Edition at a discount. Amazon is selling the game for $19.99."

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-GametimeUK-1687d ago

I bought this game at release and only got round to playing it around July / August last year because I didn't like it. How wrong was I? After giving the game a chance it blew me away and it is hands down a highlight of the generation. I advise anyone who has not tried this game to give it a go. This price point is too good to pass up. A lot of content here.

SP3333D-O1687d ago

One of my top 3 favorite games. If this were released for PC, I'd buy it again!

BoNeSaW231687d ago

I missed the (360) at the end of the article.

$28 for PS3. I'll wait.