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Ubisoft Explains 'Rayman Legends' Wii U Delay

Scott Nichols: ''Ubisoft has issued a statement as to why the Wii U release of Rayman Legends has been delayed along with the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions.

An Ubisoft representative told Digital Spy that the Wii U version is not having any issues with development that would cause the game to be delayed.'' (Rayman Legends, Ubisoft, Wii U)

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azshorty2003  +   967d ago
Sounds like a lame bs excuse to me. Especially if the WiiU version is practically done.
Kevlar009  +   967d ago
"We usually release all of our platforms simultaneously (aside from PC). We've made special exception sometimes in the past but it's definitely just on a case by case basis and not our standard practice."

I guess the WiiU wasn't special enough. Sad when just 8 months ago they were praising the WiiU for it's innovation and promised a firm commitment. Just a big lie now
solboogie  +   967d ago
Dont freaken support them then. If its all about the dollar then we will speak loudly! And dont get it twisted I own all systems!
Erimgard  +   967d ago
Microsoft wont take on a multiplatform game if they don't get it first. That's pretty much all there is to it.
BrianC6234  +   967d ago
I bet the 360 version won't even sell much. I don't care about this game but it seems like the Wii U game should be released now and the others later. Dumb to hold a game up most of a year just to make other versions. This is more of a game for people who would prefer the Wii U anyway.
dennett316  +   967d ago
Origins on both 360 and PS3 sold less than a million copies each.
The Wii U version of Legends would most likely sell more than both combined due to the lack of games released on the Wii U right now, and the time of the year it was to be released.

In short, Ubisoft are absolute idiots of the highest calibre.
ShaunCameron  +   967d ago
If that was the case, then why didn't Ubisoft make the game multiplatform 6 months ago? It would have saved everyone the hassle. What? It's only now that they figured out that Microsoft doesn't accept ports?
Erimgard  +   967d ago
Presumably Wii U sales are below what Ubisoft is hoping for, and the outrage from PS3/Xbox fans combined with that to change their minds.
jmc8888  +   967d ago

What outrage at PS3/360 fans? I've yet to see anyone go...oh why is on the Wii U first?

Wii U sales are pretty close. Whether it's 3 or 3.5 million by now isn't that big of a difference.

ALL CONSOLE have crappy sales the first couple of years.

It's the reason why games continued to be released on PS2/xbox and NOT 360/PS3 when those systems launched.

Same thing will happen with 360/PS3 getting games and PS4/720 won't.

Happens with every console.

But this isn't about that. It's about a game being made and then holding off for another 7 months or so. After of course delaying it from launch title in November.
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ahronith  +   967d ago
Ubi trolled...They could not delay Assassins creed 3 for 3 weeks when Wii U version dropped, but they can delay a finished Wii U Rayman for 7 months...
KrisButtar  +   967d ago
You know that's what came to my mind to, but I would guess that the install base has to do with it as well
solboogie  +   967d ago
So true do you feel shafted? Did they do use dirty? It time to return the favor and hit them where it hurts their bottom line the all mighty dollar. Dont buy this game.
Slysi  +   967d ago
Stick ya game now where the sun don't shine, to many good games around that time to bother with this
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Slysi  +   967d ago
I just hope lego city don't try something like this
Bathyj  +   967d ago
they seriously should just tell ms to go f themselves. this is just extortion.

the 20 or so sales they would have got on xbox would have easily been made up on wii by releasing now when they have no games and everyone was dying to play it. now public backlash is going to make it bomb hard on all platforms.

instead of a good wii launch and then a decent ps360 launch 6 months later there are going to be just crickets chirping in September

in fact im going out to get origins today secondhand. suck it ubi
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Brasi1989  +   967d ago
My thoughts exactly. They really screwed up with this one. Rayman isn't (at least IMO) a large enough title to compete with fall AAA games.
solboogie  +   967d ago
Im deleting the demo in the morning and straight not purchasing this game on any system. Shove it as deep as the eiffel tower ubi.
Brasi1989  +   967d ago
I'll buy it pre-owned or new later on. No longer a day 1 purchase for me as by the time Rayman Legends launches there will be other games I'd rather have. They really screwed up the opportunity to counter the WiiU market with the games drought that's going on for WiiU right now.
jmc8888  +   967d ago
Exactly, the spotlight would of been theirs.

No need to even market a game when it's obvious you're the only gas station in town. You want to fuel your ride (game), then it's the only thing you got really.

Except for Aliens:Colonial Marines.

Gearbox is probably jumping for joy now that a good portion of Rayman's sales will now turn to Aliens: Colonial Marines.
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Brasi1989  +   967d ago
Yea, I plan on getting Aliens:Colonial Marines for WiiU once it releases. I'm not even a big FPS fan. Just wish I knew when it was coming out...
sypher  +   967d ago
Most likely to do with the marketing budget. If they release now and again later on they will have to spend twice on marketing. As well as lose out because no one would buy a full price Rayman Legends for PS3/360 when the Wii u version would prob be costing $15-$20 by that time.

Releasing them all at the same time means they can sell them all at the same price point, as well as save on marketing.
jmc8888  +   967d ago
But they don't need to. Or you can market it twice, but added together it's the same thing.

But they lose money by not getting any until fall, and launching when there's 30 other games to buy. It's not like Rayman fans only like platformers.

Most people don't have all three consoles like myself. If they have a Wii U, then they'd already bought it. If they were waiting for 360/PS3 version, then they buy it then.

Meanwhile pissing alot of people off, that might get them to lose dozens of future game sales. (maybe not just from this, maybe Ubi pissed in their cheerios with something else)

They are losing money by doing this, not gaining anything.

I know you are just saying what THEY probably think, but they're flat out wrong.
sypher  +   966d ago
Yep just trying to analyze what their thinking might be on the issue. It's obviously a money issue as anything like this always comes down to money.

All I can foresee is that their sales forecast for Legends didn't meet the criteria they needed to make a profit (pre-orders, zombiu etc). So they see it as hitting two birds with one stone. By September the install base will be bigger and they can also target the other platforms where it will obviously sell more on.

But lets not forget Ubisoft is the same company that sent out Origins to die in the same period in 2011 due to tax purposes.
Adolph Fitler  +   967d ago
Every former Wii-U exclusive has now gone multiplatform, & more & more of Wii-U's announced titles are being pushed back.

I think it is blatently obvious why, & that is simply because Wii-U is not selling well enough to warrant developers & publishers to support it....especially with exclusives. 3rd party studios are waiting for the install base to rise, but gamers are waiting for some truly games. And lets face it, Wii-U launched with a bunch of games that were months & months old, like Batman:AC, Darksiders, Mass Effect 3, etc, etc...then they have some that launched pretty much alongside there PS3/360 counterparts, & they showed absolutely no advantages over these 7 & 8 yr old machines, so nobody was going out to purchase a brand spanking new machine that seems only capable of replicating what the machines we already paid for years ago, can do, with the only addition being that the Wii-U versions ALL have this overused, overhyped, pretty useless map & item select feature on the controller.
The supposed "UNLIMITED" scope that Nintendo's latest gimmick with a box was supposed to bring to games, has been found out to be as fraudulent & fictionalized as hardcore gamers knew it would be.

Seriously, Nintendo saw opportunity (as they are the biggest, greediest, opportunists in the business) that was afforded to them by the phone & tablet gaming business model, so they built a machine around that whole casual tablet/phone money spinner.
The problem is, that the furthest portable gaming you can do, away from your main console, is the crapper, & so the whole tablet controller thing proves pretty useless......& factor on top of that, that many developers are wasting the screen with maps & crap, meaning that many Wii-U games force you to use your television screen to play & you are unable to play using the controllers inbuilt screen.

I mean, then we move onto Mario, the supposed "BEST" of in Nintendo's stable & on Wii-U.....the problem is, that instead of giving us the successor to Mario64, we get a rehash, 2friggin'D version of the game, that has been bettered by Rayman on 360 & PS3 (whom are also just about to receive the once Wii-U exclusive next Rayman installment).
Adolph Fitler  +   967d ago
I mean, Zombi-U would be my pick of the bunch & while a very good game & multiplayer being the best & riskiest attempt at something innovative & great with the controller, it still is not a truly outstanding, or great game (in fact, it is probably not quite as good as Dead Island or the upcoming Riptide).

So really, what Nintendo probably thought would be an easy sell, just like Wii-U, the whole wiggle & jiggle generation has been & gone & while Nintendo were highly successful off a gimmick, this attempted cash in on the smartphone/tablet business, may prove to be a bigger risk of being a failure, than Nintendo could ever have anticipated. I hope it sells well enough for Nintendo to survive (as I don't wanna see that many worldwide jobs destroyed), but I also hope it sells bad enough compared to PS3/PS4/360 & 720, so it doesn't give Sony, MS & any others that enter the game, the idea that we are morons, & so they can sell us 7yr old technology, with a twist, & therefore console gaming goes backwards, like Nintendo did to the casuals with Wii, & are trying again with Wii-U.
Because, we all know that if Wii & Wii-U, then Wii-U-Me-2 sell like hotcakes, in record time & make Nintendo lots of money, while Sony & MS duke it out for a distant 2nd & 3rd place, while they are selling powerful hardware, as opposed to Nintendo's.........well, then both MS & Sony are going to be forced (financially) to follow suit & sell us less, for more.
So, while Nintendo fanboys (like any fanboys), are gonna deny until blue in face, the truth is, Nintendo's continued success in selling us outdated hardware & tech. for quite a substantial price, will set a dangerous precedence & may make the console hardware technology take a massive hit & give pc player something to truly laugh at....plus, many will defect to pc, as the visual, AI & other power hungry features will provide to much of a gap between console to pc, for console gamers to ignore anymore.
I mean, just think how Wii-U games are going to compare to pc games in 3yrs, let alone now, I mean the gap is going to be night & day....And that is coming from a Wii-U owner.
jmc8888  +   967d ago
Well the price actually is pretty competitive. Being 1st and at $299-349. When the others drop it'll be cheaper.

All console tech is outdated. Nintendo's is actually less outdated then last time given that if the rumors are true the 720 will only be twice as powerful, and PS4 will be three times.

That's really not much. Wii was like 1/10th as powerful and the architecture simply couldn't make the same types of games really.

The Wii U is quite a bit better than a 360/PS3, it just hasn't shown up yet.

Will it be anywhere close to my GTX 670? Nope. But neither will the PS4 or 720. They're 50 and 75 percent of a GTX 670, which will be an outdated GPU with the 700 series out and in midrange PC's before the 720/PS4 launch.

The question is in 3 years, what will the gap be between the PC and ALL the consoles. Because as of now the midrange 2013 PC GPU from ATI and Nvidia will be 3x as powerful than a PS4. (that's midrange, single GPU, not SLI, not the dual gpu, nor the dual gpu in sli). IF you use a dual gpu in sli as a guide the 720 might be 1/10th as powerful.

So in three years?

Meanwhile Nintendo will be selling their basic unit around $199-229 by the end of the year, and the PS4/720 will probably be $399 for the basic.

Which is gouging players? None really. But if you had to pick, it ain't Nintendo.

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