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Submitted by Venomousfatman 1028d ago | opinion piece

PS4: What Sony Must Avoid

The next iteration of the PlayStation is set to be revealed very soon, and along with the excitement for Sony’s next console, also comes a wave of expectations. For gamers, there are still many unanswered questions about what the landscape of gaming will be like when the next generation consoles are released. Some of the most interesting topics center around what Sony must do in order to avoid repeating the outcome of the PS3’s release, and the fallout from it. Sony must pay close attention to their past mistakes, and avoid making some known new ones, if they are to succeed over the competition in the next console cycle. (Next-Gen, Playstation Move, PS Vita, PS3, Sony, Tag Invalid)

Root  +   1028d ago
No long updates to keep installing

Cut back on the installs on games or get rid of them

No slow PS store...Faster, smoother PS Store

No slow XMB...Faster XMB when in games

Trophies keep having to sync...should sync automatically without PS Plus

SCEE being crap and giving us the short end of the stick

Oh hell just get rid of SCEE, SCEA, SCEJ and form one SCE place for Global Updates, prices, DLC etc
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showtimefolks  +   1028d ago downloads in the back ground

2. cross game chat, i don't use it on xblive but it seems like a popular feature

3.much faster psn store, this current one takes for ever

4.keep things simple, don't make things that are easy on other systems complicated on ps4

5.give us the option to install games like xbox if that means shorter load times and overall better experiences
----------------------------- ------

keep the price low
must make profit from day one

if i have to guess i say ps4's price will be under $500. and to be more in range i say there will be 2 sku's one will $449 and other $399
----------------------------- ----------


easy development tools.
----------------------------- ----

besides prices
besides early on psn sucking
besides not have cross game chat

one thing that i remember about ps3 is having not a lot of games, after spending $600 we didn't get a lot of software support.

getaway reboot
eight days
syphone filter
uncharted 4
sony santa monica's new IP(they actually have 2 new Ip's in development)
Killzone 4
Ratchet and clank
Resistance 4
infamous 3
QD's other game besides beyond 2 souls
ready at dawn's new game
and bunch of new IP's

get to work get a lot of games, you give me GT6 and Killzone 4 day one and i will buy ps4 at launch even if its $600.


and last

you have the stage to yourself, show us why PS4 is must have system, when people walk out after the event they should be talking about it for months before you showing more at E3
morganfell  +   1028d ago

1. Listening to no name blogs and kids in their basement with internet access.
cyhm3112  +   1028d ago
+1 those stupids need to stfu, they think they are smarter than people doing the job, pretty funny.
TheRealHeisenberg  +   1028d ago
Arrogance. That goes for the majority of their supporters here on N4G too. It is the truth; sorry if it hurts.
Hicken  +   1028d ago
Truth is not subjective, which your statement certainly is.
rbailey  +   1028d ago
Cool article.
Tapioca Cold  +   1028d ago
Multiplayer fees. Online fees.
pandaboy  +   1028d ago
Sexism and racism were all too prevalent in the ps3. Here's to hoping that will be mitigated in the ps4.
wenaldy  +   1028d ago
IMightBeRetarded  +   1027d ago
I completely agree. One thing that really upset me with the ps3 was the xmb. It's in the shape of a +. And do you know what? If you turn that plus sideways it's an x. Which is simply plain sexist because females have two x chromosomes, but males have an x and a y. They Should make the next media bar have the option to switch between the shape of an x and a y to avoid sexism.
AznGaara  +   1028d ago
Avoid bad marketing . Actually push these games that deserve to have people know they exist. No more BS live action commercials either show gameplay! Looking at PSABR ad and God of War "super bowl" ad.
Karpetburnz  +   1028d ago
I loved the God of War super bowl ad, It brings tears to your eyes If youre a God of War fan.
AznGaara  +   1028d ago
Yes but not everyone in the world is a God of War fan. Your average joe would look at that and say "What was that? A movie? A TV show?" They're not going to know its a videogame ... Or what you even do in the videogame. It's a good trailer for people who know Kratos but not everyone knows Kratos.

You want these games to sell more because they deserve it. Look at Twisted Metal, Star Hawk and PSABR. I did not see a single commercial for any of them, except for PSABR but even that was live action BS. Sony's main problem is that they make these good, maybe not amazing, games and no one buys them because no one knows they exist.
Karpetburnz  +   1028d ago

Sony can get away with that with God of War beause its a very well known title. People will see Kratos and instantly recognise him from God of War.

But I do agree that they couldve added in some gameplay for the people who havnt yet heard of God of War.
theWB27  +   1028d ago
It would have to be a disaster for Sony to mess this up which I highly doubt they will do. People want an all powerful system but keep it under 500 bucks...I want the most power they can give. It didnt hurt them last gen that bad...go for broke with this beast. That is all
konnerbllb  +   1028d ago
Sony must avoid disappointment and I think that's impossible. There will always be people upset.

They should just keep doing what they did with ps3 and they should be ok.
soultecc  +   1028d ago
try not to be so big headed this time and focus on it being more of a gaming console NOT a multimadia machine make it all about games games games. microsoft is focusing more on kinect 2 this time, so this is your chance to get back on top
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PS_Family  +   1028d ago
Sony should add a Brazzers app channel.
Karpetburnz  +   1028d ago
LOL, thats not a bad idea.
delboy  +   1028d ago
Sony must avoid every art of innovation, or they will scare Sonyboys of.
Everyone knows Sonyboys are hardcore. Lol
Just pump up the graphics and they will be happy with same games for years to come.

To bad not everyone is a hardcore gamer.
black911  +   1028d ago
inferior online.

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