IGN Sold

IGN Entertainment, one of the most popular game review and info sites out there on the Internet was sold to Ziff Davis' parent company J2Global who confirmed that it had acquired IGN from News Corp.

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Baka-akaB1938d ago

Oh god , and i thought IGN couldnt get worse .

Qrphe1938d ago

Why? If anything, they're better off away from News Corp.

Red_Orange_Juice1938d ago

podcast Beyond is the best thing on IGN

grailly1938d ago

I think I used to be better. and three red light was hilarious when it was still running. all my favorite ign editors left a while ago.

krisq1938d ago

I agree. You used to be better :-P

zeeshan1938d ago (Edited 1938d ago )

"News Corp. had purchased IGN at $650 million in 2005 but had reportedly put IGN up for auction to the bidders at a price of only $100 million for the past six months."

That is one huge loss! A loss of $550 and you still want to get rid of something, it sort of tells you a whole story.

I understand that the parent company must be going through tough financial times but again, that is one big loss to bear! It makes you wonder how much money was IGN bleeding.

born2live1938d ago

"That is one huge loss! A loss of $550 and you still want to get rid of something, it sort of tells you a whole story. "

Bah! They more than doubled it up over the years with the bribes they take for their reviews.

inveni01938d ago

They could have easily recouped their investment over the last 7 years. They may be selling cheap in order to get a little liquid cash. I would seriously doubt that 100m is a "loss". Buying companies isn't quite the same as day trading.

1938d ago
RememberThe3571937d ago

If they recouped their investment IGN would have been worth around what was originally paid for. It's looking now like New Corp, in their infinite wisdom, drastically over valued IGN. It's clear that they don't provide the revenue stream they either once did or once could have done.

Too bad but I hope it's a healthy transition.

inveni01936d ago (Edited 1936d ago )

It very well could be worth $500,000,000. But that doesn't mean the market is set to sell something at what it's worth. Take the housing market as an analogy. There is a subdivision down the street from mine where lots should run about $25,000 each. That's for an acre in a suburb with a subdivision-dwellers-only swimming pool, playground, etc. At $25,000, it's a good buy. Especially if you like nice quiet neighborhoods and such. But the land was lost to the bank. Now, the bank just needs to unload the land and get some cash. So the lots are being sold at $11,000. CRAZY CHEAP. Are they worth more? Yes. But the bank needs the cash, and the market isn't supporting lots at $25k right now. In fact, the bank hasn't sold a single one of those awesome lots for the entire year we've been here. Even at $11,000.

That's how selling things works. Supply and demand. If there's no demand, then it's hard to sell.

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Baka-akaB1938d ago

Really ? with what 1up have become or what they did with Filefront? i'm doubting it , and with a cherry of stealth user tracking and infos sales on top .

Blaze9291938d ago (Edited 1938d ago )

"IGN Sold to Ziff Davis"

"IGN Entertainment was sold to Ziff Davis’ parent company J2Global."

*sigh* journalism. Times must be hard to take a 500 million loss though.

DragonKnight1938d ago

News Corp. is Fox. Any detachment from Fox is a good thing.

mynameisEvil1938d ago

Out of the 16 trillion mcbillion things that News Corp. owns, the one and only thing you connect it to is FOX? Really? Please, enlighten me as to how much FOX has influenced IGN.

Oh, right... none. So, good job, you brought FOX up for no reason whatsofriggingever. *rolls eyes* It's not like I even like FOX, I'm just tired of hearing about it CONSTANTLY when it has no real bearing at all on most of the discussions that bring it up.

If anything, I'd rather people ask and answer the question of who the hell Ziff Davis is (the only thing I know from them is PC Magazine and formerly PC Gaming World) or the question of who the hell J2 Global is (they have nothing notable except maybe Ziff Davis, apparently). And why was IGN making so little money to the point where News Corp. was willing to sell it for a 550 million buck loss? From what I could tell, IGN is bigger now than it was then, so what happened? And why are you happier that it went to pretty much the same company that made G4 blow so much?

There's so many questions to ask here, yet no one is asking them. Instead, I see people talking about FOX and, of course, Rupert Murdoch. Completely and utterly pointless. Really.

DragonKnight1938d ago

You must work for News Corp. That's the only explanation there could possibly be, unless you have tight binding underwear, for your unnecessary raging post. Your life has not been made better by your rage, my life has not been rendered worse, therefore I see no point in the emotion you put into that post.

Good day.

MEsoJD1938d ago



darthv721938d ago

Ziff Davis's parent company. The same company that once had ZDTV which later became TechTV which later merged with G4 to become G4TechTV which later killed off all the good shows (like icons and arena) to become G4 which now has crap reruns of cops and other filler.

I dont know quite how I feel at the moment.

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kwyjibo1938d ago

I rate this sale 8+/10!

Blastoise1938d ago

9+ if reviewed by Audrey Drake

Grap1938d ago

Gimme money and i will rate it 10/10

BanBrother1938d ago

I work at GameInformer, 11/10 /s

yazter1938d ago

Man, I'd love to work as a host for IGN. Unfortunately I'm not a pretty skinny white girl with big knockers.

UnholyLight1938d ago

Naomi Kyle is only two of those though....Just skinny and white. Not really all that attractive or having big knockers lol. I guess you could be referring to someone else though!

Convas1938d ago

Yeah, but that "other" person you're referring to only has big knockers now because she's pregnant.

kupomogli1938d ago (Edited 1938d ago )

*would bang Jessica Chobot.*

Godmars2901938d ago

So they're Rupert Murdock's bit*h more than ever?

DragonKnight1938d ago

How would that be possible if they were sold by News Corp. (Rupert Murdoch) to J2Global?

Der_Kommandant1938d ago

IGN will become the next MTV

BanBrother1938d ago

Noooooooo!!! Limp Bizkit. *vomits

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