Doooooooomed! Why So Many People Want Nintendo To Fail

How has the mild-mannered Nintendo made so many enemies?

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miyamoto2144d ago (Edited 2144d ago )

This "Nintendo is doomed" crap is nothing compared to the massive misinformation campaign against the PS3 before, during, and after its launch. As in "nothing", I reckon even until this very day.

But like the PS3, Nintendo is going to be fine. Japanese video games will prevail.

Root2144d ago (Edited 2144d ago )

"This "Nintendo is doomed" crap is nothing compared to the massive misinformation campaign against the PS3 before, during, and after its launch."

I know right, at least with Nintendo it's coming from somewhere...people are scared of the console going up against the PS4 and Nextbox and question third party support for example. Nothing wrong with being a little scared...

I just hate the ones who think Nintendo get it worse then Sony, the Sony hate has been no stop this gen. If we get 5 years into the Wii U and it's still happening then it's as bad.

Phil322144d ago (Edited 2144d ago )

And that is the reason I called you a fanboy in another article, Root. You have a huge persecution complex regarding Sony and only Sony. You really don't believe Nintendo hasn't been getting hate non-stop this gen? Does the Wii not ring any bells, or do you think that system wasn't prone to unfair criticism?

Root2144d ago (Edited 2144d ago )

Phil32 the real fanboys are the ones who seek out and call other people fanboys

Theres a huge difference from criticism and being a fanboy

A fanboy would say


Stay on topic man, whats the point of commenting if your not even going to talk about the bloody article. Honestly no wonder theres so many arguments on here with people like you around.

If were going by your logic then I could call you a Nintendo fanboy because your sticking up for them /s

miyamoto2144d ago (Edited 2144d ago )

If Microsoft camp learned their lesson well, they should know by now that calling all the powers of hell to beat a platform like PS3, and now the Wii U, will only incite rebel yells from highly opinionated people, ie. PS3 supporters, to sympathize with the bashed platform at hand.

And look at what happened? M$ PR backfired on them. PS3 fans became more vigilant & supported the platform.
The same thing can happen with Wii u fans. Don't piss them off.

I know M$ will continue its casual investment with Kinect which puts it pretty much against Nintendo demographic.

So the Nintendo bashing will continue.

maniacmayhem2144d ago

That is untrue, the doom articles for Nintendo WiiU and the 3DS are right up there with the fabled ps3.

There was even a mass amount of negative articles for the Wii that a lot of n4g posters glossed over only because of their own bias for the system.

MEsoJD2144d ago

Someone wasn't here for the old days of n4g... I think there's more criticism than blind hate for Nintendos new console because people already expect certain things of hd consoles thanks to ps3/360.

user39158002144d ago

I dont think most people want N to fail, I believe people are more awre of what they buy. Does not matter what N makes, I will buy it cause I know first party rocks, but that does not prevent me from saying WII-U failed to visualised the future and brought to market 7 year old hardware currently used on PS3 and 360. a lemon taste bitter cause its a lemon, wii-u its last gen cause it was built like one, end of story. With that said, Nintendo will almost certain be my most wanted 1st party games from any console, sony will be my favorite mixed of games due to its capacity to produce multy IPs and MS will most ikely be my online gig cause like it or not its the best so far of the 3. I want big N to suceed, always did, but trth its what it it, multiple developers said it, it is last gen console. I said it, cause I know whats in it, my thoughts for Big N never changes, I love N 1st party and always dissapointed with the hardware, but as a gamer Im delighted they are here.

jimbobwahey2144d ago

I would like to see the Wii U fail, but not Nintendo as a company. Why? Because I love Nintendo software but at the same time think that they put out the most awful hardware.

Nintendo make great games but terrible consoles, and because of this I would like to see them exit the console business and produce software for other consoles instead, like Sega did after leaving the hardware business.

I think that at the end of the day, that would benefit consumers most, because having to fork out so much cash for crappy hardware just to play one or two worthwhile Nintendo games per year really sucks. If Nintendo left the console business and started making games for PlayStation/Xbox consoles, consumers would be better off.

Phil322144d ago

"at the same time think that they put out the most awful hardware."

This gen both my 360 and PS3 died. My Wii from 2006 is still alive. Your idea of hardware only comes from a graphics standpoint.

I'd rather have hardware that lasts like Nintendo's is historically known to do than something that will die in less than four years.

jimbobwahey2144d ago


Oh don't get me wrong, I respect that Nintendo hardware is reliable, but that's about the only good that I can say of it.

Dismissing any criticism of their hardware are purely graphics related is shortsighted though, I feel. I mean I do consider their weak hardware to be one issue, but there are also other issues too that are just as important.

I mean their handling of online services is a prime example and something that I feel is terrible in pretty much every single way. Another reason I dislike their hardware is all the different controllers required. I mean for the Wii for example there was the Wii remotes and then the nunchucks, then the classic controller if you wanted something more traditional...

Now the Wii U has the big touchscreen controller, but other games also use the Wii remotes and then there's the pro controller... I'd much rather see Nintendo making games for other consoles that rely solely on one controller you know? Rather than having to pull all sorts of stuff out depending on what you want to play.

Are Nintendo consoles reliable? Yeah, but I really do think that the hardware is horrible in every other way from power, to accessories/controllers, to online play, to the operating system and everything else.

BullyMangler2144d ago

Fanboys and girls want what?

morkendo232144d ago (Edited 2144d ago )

OH' now its Nintendo turn give it a rest will ya.
if they was making CRACKERS you'll see "ITS CRUMBLING DOOM" Articles.

thezeldadoth2144d ago

stopped by to see gaming news, got fanboy dribble...going back to play sonic racing transformed...

2144d ago
Mounce2143d ago

What Miyamoto said....the amount of propaganda, a lot of which was fueled by Microsoft too and their fanbase online and media giants, PS3 was hit hard at the first TWO YEARS of its launch cycle, Vita is going through the same thing and Honestly?

I want Nintendo to Fail with strong solidity. 3DS practically FAILED at launch, it got barely any sales until they slashed the 3DS pricetag nearly in Half, the president of Nintendo then took it to himself to slash his pay salary as well for compensation and many other of the higher staff members. 3DS is selling well now and at a profit loss because of that slashcut, it was a double-edged sword. Promising sales #, but at a cost of no profit gain and surely the stockholders weren't pleased in a degree.

I honestly, want Wii U to fail, not because of some fanboy-like desire, and not because of an emotional hatred and desire to see them go 'bankrupt' or just 'lose'. I want Nintendo to seriously get into a series of problems that will reinforce them to rethink their strategies, rethink what they've been doing the last 3 generations and to get back to their older selves. I feel Nintendo lost themselves to greed after the Wii, Nintendo was always about their consumers from NES, SNES, N64, Gamecube was also a direction towards the consumer but it was the wrong direction....but it was still an attempt FOR the consumer and their fanbase of stronger hardware for better visuals for the gamers. Wii wasn't about the gamer, it was for innovation which then to me? It got to their heads to milk the casuals, to gain as much profit as possible as they lost their sight on what is important that of which Sony continues to support, Sony loses profits a fuckload but still pumps out awesome games, new IP's, new everything. Nintendo plays it too safe and sticks to their Mario games and Zelda games over and over with barely any risk, yet those risks are apparent even with trivial things used on Wii U and 3DS in their gimmicks and/or 'features' like the Wii U controller which can have both promise and silliness.

Sony became arrogant and launched PS3 thinking fans would just bumrush it and buy it at backfired....Sony literally fucking fixed their ways and went BACK in my honest opinion. Nintendo? Not yet.....they've yet to see the errors in which the fanboys of Nintendo are blind and are incapable of seeing this at majority since they are content with the Mario/Zelda pumpings.

So, yes! Nintendo, I hope they fail so they can change back to being the company that was awesome in the good ol' days.

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Gamer392144d ago (Edited 2144d ago )

I think, only childish another brand fanboy's want/happy Nintendo to fail.
This people say: the graphics its a God! Only the graphics.

RTheRebel2144d ago

nintendo is too kiddy
we want blood we want guns
sad gaming generation :(

Gamer392144d ago

We want 6-7 hours movie. Sorry, "Interactive" games. Sad.

Ezz20132144d ago (Edited 2144d ago )

you call people in your above comment
"only childish another brand fanboy's"

now what we should call you for this comment ?!

Gamer392144d ago (Edited 2144d ago )

Nintendo never to fail. Why? Simple. Many unique and innovative games all time.

MultiConsoleGamer2144d ago

Nintendo haters are the worst types of people.

Seriously, Nintendo fans are mostly kids, people with families, mellow people, manchildren, etc.

Nintendo haters are the kind of people who bully children, pick fights, are angry all the time, hate everything, have no joy in their lives, etc

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