Did Gears 3 drop the ball?

There are a lot of mixed emotions in the Gears of War community at the moment, with the impending release of the fourth instalment in the Gears franchise the fans appear to be split. Some are craving the change of direction that Gears of War Judgement threatens to bring to the multi-player aspect of the game and the other half are not so much so. This is understandable due to the amount of changes they‘re having forced upon them. Did Gears of War 3 drop the ball when it was supposed to be the touch down we were all hoping it would be?

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Excalibur2146d ago (Edited 2146d ago )

I would say great article but in reality it just points out what every Epic forum goer has been saying pretty much since Gears 3's release.

If you got too vocal with it you got yourself banned as Epic didn't want to hear it, they were sticking with their misnomer that Gears 3 was the most polished Gears game EVER.

Sadly GOW:J is going in even more of the WRONG direction.

MGregory6662146d ago

I was trying to put across in the most diplomatic way the way the community felt without crossing the line of slandering the product considering I have put in nearly 400 hours of time into the game. As I said there is a way to put our point across. I myself have been on the backend of the forum admin's ban hammer before so I know most people's frustrations when it comes to this but if were adult and responsible about maybe they might listen.

ziggurcat2146d ago

unfortunately, gamers this generation are neither adult nor responsible as they often resort to petty name-calling, death threats, and childish temper tantrums when they don't get their way.

EVILDEAD3602145d ago

Disagree..Gears 3 had an amazing campaign..3D is even sicker.and the multiplayer had the kitchen sink. Great way to end the trilogy.

Love the whole idea of Judgement which will completely change how we play Gears. No Active reload is going to even the playing field for one.

Day one for Judgement..looks forward to another fun campaign.


Diver2143d ago

Gears 3 3D was horrible and everybody knows it. Clawed my eyes out.

da_2pacalypse2146d ago

Epic hasn't been listening to their forum community for years now. Which is a shame, because the ideas on their forums are usually miles ahead of their own.

Gears Judgement is just headed for the complete wrong direction. Gears 3 had its problems, but at this point... I'll be playing Gears 3 when Judgement launches.

otherZinc2146d ago (Edited 2146d ago )

I completely disagree with this article. I hope Epic doesnt change a damn thing. I played Gears 3 for 3 straight months this past summer; thats after playing for 2 straight months after I bought 2 copies DAY 1!, a little multiplayer, Insane Mode single player, AND a BUNCH of HORDE MODE!

Gears has 3 fantastic games. I think the people complaining dont even own the damn game.

WTF is better than the package of gears? Halo, COD, maybe Battle Field? BUT Battlefields campaign SUCKS SO DAMN HARD, the game is S**T to me! However, those are the only 3 games that can compete with Gears. Watch some nut say Uncharted is better...NO. no it isnt. Also, Battlefield and BOps 2 dont have CO-OP CAMPAIGN PLAY!!!

So people need to stfu.

Also, I cant friggin wait to get 2 copies for Gears Of War Judgment! (2 copies for co-op play with my kids)

cpayne932146d ago

You shouldn't be this upset when someone else has a different opinion then you.

Gambit072146d ago

Why do you get 2 copies?

DigitalRaptor2145d ago (Edited 2145d ago )

Gears 3 for me was a great game overall, still marred by the fact that it's dudebro, but can't escape that as it's the intended market. Judgement looks mediocre for a Gears game, and judging by pre-orders I don't think it's on as many people's wish lists as Gears 3 was.

Anyway, this opinion of people like this, that think "the complete package" is the be all and end all, is what is killing the more creative games out there.

Not to mention otherZinc sounds insecure that someone might prefer Uncharted to Gears in ways that aren't based on "the complete package".

StrongMan2146d ago (Edited 2146d ago )

I think so. Gears 1 was descent but it got worse and worse. Gears 2 released in complete shambles with a multi player that just didn't work. Gears 3 was a huge disappointment for me. Gears of War Judgement is going in the completely wrong direction and the fans agree and you can tell by the complete lack of anticipation and hype for Gears Judgement. Not to mention that Cliffy B. is gone and won't be working on it is not a good sign either. They are killing the Gears franchise. The Epic forums were flooded with angry and disappointed fans who bought Gears 3 and wanted their money back and will not buy Judgement, including me.

MGregory6662146d ago

Personally I think Cliff leaving Epic and the game could only be a good thing for the game. Fresh idea's, fresh approach. Lets see how it plays then judge.

legendof1172146d ago

You don't have an Xbox so I doubt you would be buying any Gears games.

MGregory6662146d ago

Add me on XBL if you wish dude MGregory666

Lvl_up_gamer2146d ago

You need an Xbox to play Gears 3.

Gears 3 is an amazing game but it's more intended for guys. Girls seem to think it wasn't good but they don't play it.

So once again to clear it up,

Guys like it
Girls don't

FrostyZipper2145d ago

I dunno, I played a couple of games of the first Gears with a few girls who seemed pretty into it.

Finch2145d ago

Well its the only game my wife plays. Plus she plays with all her girl friends.

GusBricker2146d ago

Got tired of: roll, shoot shotgun, repeat.

Love how intense the single player is, tho.

tigertron2146d ago

I'm not aware of any huge Gears 3 backlash, maybe because I didn't pay much attention to the Epic forums, but I for one feel that Gears 3 is the best in the series. It's a shining example of how you should make a sequel.

Roll on Judgment!

BanBrother2146d ago

Gears 1 was gaming nirvana. Dark, gritty shotgun battles. Gears 2, I will not defend. Released as a broken, laggy mess that took a few title updates to fix (6 last time I checked).
But Gears 3? Sure, the lancers are over-powered, but it is no doubt the most 'polished' one. Besides, most people only hated the game because they thought they were some 'leet' veterans who couldn't kill a newb with a sawed off. I mean come on, that gun has been nerfed to high hell and people still complain about it.

I use the gnasher, and believe it to be more over-powered than the sawed off, as I can wall bounce and kill a few people. Sawed off has 1 shot and 3-4 second reload. I am at 'level 400' btw, and have played this game for hundreds of hours. Judgment looks pretty weird, will borrow it before I buy it. Gears 3 was fine, and I didn't mind that more casuals jumped on board, as there were just new people to kill.

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