Q&A: Crytek owns Homefront - so now what?

GS:We spoke with Crytek general manager Nick Button-Brown and CEO Cevat Yerli about what's next for the company, and for Homefront.

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OneAboveAll1279d ago

So now it's still going to suck. It will look fancy but have generic gameplay and run on a poorly un-optimized engine.

32 players on console using Cryengine? I don't see that working at all.

TheSauce1278d ago

Who says it will be on this gen's consoles?

DeadlyFire1278d ago

Well considering THQ's money situation I definitely didn't expect it to land on next gen platforms in 2013. Now in Crytek's hands likely EA will publish and throw money at them like crazy so its likely it could come to them now.

annus1278d ago

"have generic gameplay and run on a poorly un-optimized engine"

So it will be a true sequel to Homefront then?

AngelicIceDiamond1278d ago

"Crytek owns Homefront so now what?"

Make it badass lol.

Drainage1278d ago

shame they own such a generic title. i guess anything that resembles COD/Battlefield for big sales. Ill stick with unique games

Fil1011278d ago

Never played homefront was it any gd online ???

DeadlyFire1278d ago

It was something I would rate a 6/7 on the Multiplayer. Not bad, bad, but not perfect. Its idea was pretty solid, but they didn't execute it perfectly. I expect the 2nd game was to scale it up a bit and make it work in a decent fashion. I could easily see Crytek make Homefront 2 work out pretty well actually.

Fil1011278d ago (Edited 1278d ago )

Thanx for the comment I might go pick it up.

Rob Hornecker1278d ago

Its like a poor mans Battlefield game. As said in another reply its good ,just not GREAT. I don't even know if there are still severs up for the online play anymore.

Even thought you may be able to pick up a new copy of it for under $20.00,I would say spend a little more get BF3 premium instead. You won't be disappointed !

Dogswithguns1278d ago

I have always wanted Homefront, just to try out how bad it is.. or to find out they all wrong, it can good.

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