Wii U Virtual Console Listing Found in Source Code on Nintendo UK's Website

NWR: ''Nintendo UK's website shows off a "Virtual Console (Wii U)" system value in the site's source code.''

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JonahNL1786d ago

Downloadable GameCube games up-scaled to 1080p with support for the Wii U Pro controller. Nintendo, please make The Wind Waker in full-HD happen.

EddieNX 1785d ago (Edited 1785d ago )

Windwaker Reborn is not an upscale.
It's not even a native retexturing (like monster hunter ultimate)
It's 100% overhauled. The character models look more impressive than a pixar film.

This game is to wiiu what Ocarina 3D is to 3DS. Not so much a port but a remake.

@pop rocks , Have you seen the new character models ? They look absoloutly insane. Nothing like the original windwaker. They look pretty much like cartoon/animated movie quality.

PopRocks3591785d ago

Dude come on, I love Nintendo too but you're being really over ecstatic. It IS remake and it looks beautiful, yes, but Pixar quality imagery? Let's be real here.

stragomccloud1785d ago

Gotta' agree with poprocks here.
That said. It still looks awesome.

XXXL1785d ago

More impressive than a pixar film? Lol.