5 Steps to Help Overcome Video Game Addiction

I was as bad as they come, neglecting schoolwork, my social life, personal hygiene, and pretty much every other obligation imaginable. For me, the game was World of Warcraft and I knew I had a problem, but I was just too dependent on it. Here are the steps I took four years ago to become a different, less obsessed gamer.

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TheRealHeisenberg2150d ago

Get a girlfriend...or a boyfriend if you prefer that.

Hassassin2150d ago

Didn't work (boobs, booze didn't either)...
Work and Study do work though, but not fully.
It may have something to do with me NOT wanting to stop playing games.

PD: Now my GF is getting into gaming :P

TheRealHeisenberg2149d ago

Lol, get married and have kids then. That killed my gaming time.

zerocrossing2150d ago

Step 1) Stop playing.
Step 2) Stop playing.
Step 3) Stop playing.
Step 4) Stop playing.
Step 5) Stop playing.

League_of_Draven2150d ago

The first step is to overcome your breathing addiction.

Maybe the article misspelled "hobby" as "addiction".

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