Is DMC: Devil May Cry Too Violent?

Devil May Cry has always been a great series from Capcom that put players in the face of demons and monsters as they played as a son of evil known as Dante. Dante is a young gentleman with an attitude unlike any other and knows how to take on any challenge that comes at him with crazy acrobatic combat. In Devil May Cry set to release in early 2013, Dante is a but a kid and in this remake that is more retro than the old ones, we see just how violent Capcom is not afraid to get to put a point across but the question is, how violent does it have to be to be considered too violent?

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haymoza1831d ago

Yes! I've never seen a game make so many 'fans' cry like whiny children... that hair was very violent.

Elda1831d ago

It's Beautifully Violent!!

GrathiusXR1831d ago

What's this filth? Dec 31st but submitted to N$G now? If you think that DmC is violent, I'm afraid you should quit video games right this instant.


RazMaTaz01211831d ago

Buhahaha, violent? Go play Manhunt you child.

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