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IGN writes:

"Discard the whirlwind of swords and bullets. Ignore the howling demons. Hang up the trendy red coat. At the heart of the Devil May Cry series the conflict between Dante and Vergil has always been the coolest part of the show."

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Kur01921d ago

Joke reviews all around. The only reason this game is getting high reviews is because these so called "journalists" are trying to get back at legitimate haters and to boost a western developer's cred over the original japanese developers of Devil May Cry. This game is not a Devil May Cry game.

WeAreLegion1921d ago

It's more "Devil May Cry" than Devil May Cry 2 and 4 were, so chill out.

1921d ago
Heavenly King1921d ago

DMC4 destroys this reboot all over the place. the gameplay in DMC4 with Dante was stellar.

360ICE1921d ago

And tomato is not a fruit! I don't care what anyone says, or how delicious it is with pasta. Now, I may have never tried tomato, I've only tried the similar paprika, but I know enough about fruit to know what is and what isn't!

Whitefox7891921d ago

Interesting I believe Tomatoes botanically are fruits since they have seeds inside of them. Though then again that must mean Green Beans are fruits as well.

Hmm quite the contrary my friend hopefully with your cooperation we can put an end to this phenomena.

Kingthrash3601921d ago (Edited 1921d ago )

I think he was talking about kuro's comment and how he's jugdeing a game he hasn't played and only stating what he believes. 360 knows well about tomatoes he's just sending subliminal messages.... I think.
Also wtf is the deal with green peas... I had the same thought fruit or no?

Hozi1921d ago

A tomato is food. Nothing else.

This is gonna be awesome. IGN said they cut the campaign short though....what do they mean by that?

360ICE1921d ago

I think we all know that tomato really is a fruit, and that this is a damn good DMC.

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kevnb1921d ago

Have you played it? I don't pay attention to reviews, but I usually give things a chance.

VileAndVicious1921d ago

Trying to get back at? Why? What purpose would that serve?

PockyKing1921d ago (Edited 1921d ago )

Holy crap stop your bitching already. Play the game then pass your judgment, or if you're THAT big of a fan and can't deal with change don't play it. These "so" called journalists played the game and gave their opinion on it, and the people that are bitching and whining about a series that's being rebooted, like you, need to chillax. It's a video game, not your life long love interest. Tired of reading comments like yours, yes I don't have to read them N4G I know, but between this site and Youtube, all I see is bullshit being spewed everywhere and it's gotten to the point where I feel like I need to say something about it ha.

listenkids1921d ago

When I spoke like this pre reviews, I was called out. Silly cretins this place is full of.

PockyKing1921d ago (Edited 1921d ago )

That's the typical "hardcore" fan for you though. They'll be a complete hater on a good game just because it changed some things around, which is actually really sad because they just might miss out on a great game. But hey, it's their call, can't change their opinion on it. Just tired of all the bitching, I'd like to actually discuss the changes and understand why people are bashing instead of just the, "oh his hair isn't white anymore, fuck this shit" or "how much money was this reviewer paid to give this piece of shit a good score" nonsense. It's sad to see that a game that developers put a lot of hard work and heart into is just blatantly bashed by those hardcore fans.

Hell, I wasn't even that interested in the game until today, and after I finally really checked out the trailers, gameplay and heard that the story was good, I went on Amazon and bought it day one off impulse. It's the games that I don't get too excited for that usually surprise me the most, so here's hoping I just ordered a great game.

grayfoxx8811921d ago

Stop embarrassing yourself. I can understand disliking a game you have played and given a chance, but I highly doubt you have played more than the demo of DmC. You have zero credibility.

MattS1921d ago

You heard it here, folks. Anything that Kur0 doesn't agree with is a joke review.

Never mind that there's been a good 20 reviews I've read today alone that loved this game. Oh no. All those reviews are wrong because Kur0 says so.

Ever thought that perhaps you're the one that's wrong? Nah. Of course not.

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I_am_Batman1921d ago

I'm glad to see that there are some people around here that are giving this game a chance. I never played any DMC game but i know that Ninja Theory never disappointed me yet so I'm sure I will like this game too. I can fully understand that some people want the hardcore gamplay mechanics the older DMC games seem to have and the new one lacks but you have to understand that this is a reboot so it's obviously going to be different from the original.

wishingW3L1921d ago

and here we go with the retarded scoring again. =/

floetry1011921d ago

Haven't seen any one come along with their arbitrary complaints since this game has been receiving good scores? Goes to show what a mob mentality can lend to game that they haven't played and haven't given a chance to.

I think Jim Sterling's review said it best:

"There is an argument to be made that, when judged alongside the rest of the series, DmC is a bad Devil May Cry game. The suggestion may be debatable, but there's a potential case to be made. It's more streamlined, it's not as challenging, and ultimately it has stripped away what a significant portion of the fanbase love most of the series. However, even if one sides with the argument that this is a bad Devil May Cry game, that does not preclude it from being deemed a terrific videogame on its own merits, and in my estimation, that's exactly what DmC: Devil May Cry is."

wishingW3L1921d ago (Edited 1921d ago )

that's what demos and gameplay videos are for brah. When I see the DMC name then I want to play a DMC game and not a game that is just trying to be DMC. Like Jim Sterling say: "the game's good in its own merit" but the point still stands, we want DMC not a game trying to be DMC.

Streamlined gameplay, a butchered combat system for the casual, angsty hipster as protagonist, lots of cursing, tacky sex scenes, more serious tone... This ain't DMC.

ThanatosDMC1921d ago (Edited 1921d ago )

RIP DMC franchise that we cared about. Damn, my avatar name will be laughable now instead of just my avatar pic.

-Gespenst-1921d ago (Edited 1921d ago )

I'm perfectly fine with it playing well, and playing like a DmC game, and being praised for that, just so long as Ninja Theory take on board that the twilight vibes from the game and the super-seriousness need to go. I mean that shit's just completely lame. Cringingly lame.

A thought just occured to me, I wonder if Capcom will have Ninja Theory develop an Onimusha reboot? That could be cool... Then again I think I'd rather have a Japanese developer make what is essentially a Japanese game.

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