How a Phony Pikachu Trolled Japanese Twitter Users

Shortly after Nintendo revealed the newest Pokémon, Pocket Monsters X/Y, the above image started circulating on Twitter. "This seems to be an image of the evolved Pikachu from the new Pokémon," the tweet read.

Another image of this evolved Pikachu, which was apparently named "Kaenchu" (カエンチュ), also started making its way around the internet in Japan around the same time. The name "Kaenchu" contains "kaen" (火炎), the Japanese word for "flame" or "blaze".

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Y_51501472d ago

Well that's interesting if that's true. Pickachu would be like Evee and evolve from stones. Nah it's fake!

Relientk771472d ago

It looks like a fire Pokemon

torchic1472d ago

it looks like a Magmar/Pikachu mix

Noami1471d ago

Magmar/Pikachu/Raichu/Mew mix

torchic1471d ago

oh yeah! now I see bits of Mew in there

Rauland1472d ago

man any ground pokemon would demolish it.

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