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Which THQ Franchises will make it to the Next Generation Systems?

By Furious Francis, editor in chief

Despite having some solid franchises like WWE, Darksiders, and Saints Row. THQ still bit the bullet in 2012, filing for chapter 11 bankruptcy. THQ still has some awesome IP's that could be awesome next generation games. Which THQ franchises will we next generation systems and which THQ franchises do you guys want to see on the next generation systems? (Darksiders 2, Homefront: The Revolution, Next-Gen, PC, PS3, Saints Row: The Third, THQ, Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War 2, Wii U, Xbox 360)

showtimefolks  +   1060d ago
saints row 4 will hit ps3,xbox360,wii-u etc,

maybe even next gen systems.

metro franchise has the IT factor but the sales have to show the interest for next publisher to publish the game on next gen systems

also i wouldn't be surprised if a lot of the games coming out in Early 2013 don't end up getting 2nd release on next playstation and xbox like a lot of 2012 games did for wii-u

i just want a great publisher to buy them, not someone crappy

homefront 2 has huge potential but Crysis developers are not known for single player stories and to me a major part of HF IP is the single player story


THQ owes wwe the most money, so the license could go to another publisher? most likely ea or activision.

but think about it like this, if someone other than THQ makes next wwe game than it will not be any good, because it takes more than a year in development to get everything up and running and make everything works. so could we see WWE franchise not make it yearly release this year?

for all the love wwe13 got i still think the game was ok at best, i think critics have forgotten how great some of the older wwf/wwe games were

here comes the pain
shut your mouth
day of reckoning 1-2
wwf no mercy
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doogiebear  +   1060d ago
They need to get the saints row 2 people on it. I felt like I was losing brain cells while playing that stupid Saints Row The 3rd game.
Pumbli  +   1060d ago
It was just goofy and silly fun, nothing wrong with that. While GTA took the serious route Saints Row opted for something totally different.

Sure I'd love to see the sillyness toned down a tad bit in the next Saints Row but I wouldn't be too sad if it continued down it's current path either.

Love it or hate it, Saints Row The Third was a success for both THQ and Volition. I wouldn't be surprised if SR4 ended up being even crazier.
showtimefolks  +   1060d ago

i agree with you 100%, i don't know what was so great about Sr3 when SR2 was the better game. You can have all the craziness but when the game has no structure or a story to follow than it just becomes dull/boring


you can keep the craziness in mini missions but the main plot should actually have a well PLOT. Its not just about what GTA is doing its what SR isn't doing. I don't want SR to turn into GTA but i also SR franchise to go more in route of Sr2 which has the goofiness yet still was a great game

i have heard a lot of people say about Sr3 what i am saying. i just hope the developers don't go even more over board if its even possible with SR4. Give the player the freedom to act crazy yet still have a plot which should be at very least passable.

GTA:SA wasn't goofy or crazy yet you could do all the crazy stuff you want. but when you were done there was a plot to follow which made you go forward in your progress. SR3 was trying too hard to become the macho/porn-stary kind of game
Pumbli  +   1060d ago
Hard to compare any free-roaming game to San Andreas, you don't get much better than that.

SR2 was better than 3, not denying that. All I'm saying is that some people actually liked the goofyness of it all. The plot was lacking, true and I doubt they'll fail to improve on that in the next game.

That said why couldn't we have a decent plot AND a game that's possibly more over the top than SR3? It's not like they are polar opposites as long as the goofyness is done right.
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DeadlyFire  +   1060d ago
WWE license is with THQ until 2018!

So yes WWE games will continue as long as the company is around. They have a funder/buyer at the moment to keep them going until at least 2014 I believe. Their key strategy relies on their upcoming titles landing well with fans. THQ's money situation makes me think they will not be on next generation consoles, but never say never. They might be working with next generation consoles for all we know thanks to their new buyer or whatever. I don't know if WWE would break contract with them due to the bankruptcy going on with them, but at the moment their deal lasts until WWE 19.

Homefront 2
Turtle Rock FPS
Saints Row 4
and one or two other titles have to hit hard and sell well for THQ to bounce back from all of this. Their focus should be entirely on improving quality of their games right now.
SheenuTheLegend  +   1060d ago
i really hate what they have done to wwe. but its not yet confirmed i think that they will not be making next wwe.
e3 will tell this.
TheCookieMonster  +   1060d ago
The real question is will THQ make it to next gen? After what happened with Darksiders 2 and how their projected sells were ridiculous, I somehow doubt it.
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animegamingnerd  +   1060d ago
they need to get back on their feet they even stated that the reason why metro last night is not coming to wii u is cause they can't afford to at this moment and that the slow CPU was from a early devkit dating back like E3 2011 so i imagine if the big leap everyone is expecting for the other consoles it would be best for THQ to still stick with current for at least another year
brish  +   1059d ago
I bought Darksiders II and I am currently playing it. It's an amazing game.

Too bad it didn't sell well because a sequel is unlikely now.
BlackIceJoe  +   1060d ago
I hope a revival of Red Faction, Homeworld & De Blob. I have enjoyed all of those. So seeing more of them would be cool. I could see the next De Blob working well as a download only game.
Theyellowflash30  +   1057d ago
Red Faction would be nice. I loved Red Faction Guerrilla.
Hazmat13  +   1060d ago
i would love to see SR4 on PS4 and 720
modesign  +   1060d ago
none, THQ is broke.
CaptainN  +   1059d ago
THQ put themeselves in this situation, and honestly I don't feel bad for them.....they made too many liscensed kiddy garbage in the past, and games like WWE are made way to often, didn't they make 2 in in year last year? They really should have focused on all original content in my opinion and built up their portfolio. And they really should start making more games on Nintendo platforms......since they need to save money, the 3DS would be a great place for them to focus their remaining efforts. Metro is going to flop, and they are going to be screwed!
urwifeminder  +   1059d ago
Give THQ back motogp rights they made the best moto gp games ever.
kirbyu  +   1058d ago
THQ has franchises? HAHAHAHAHA!

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