PS4 could launch in mid 2014 due to production delay for key components

So far plenty of rumors have been suggesting that the PS4 will be delayed, but we could finally have a confirmation for that.

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Smurf11940d ago

Sony just can't afford to miss holiday 2013, that is all.

zebramocha1940d ago (Edited 1940d ago )

That would only be true if Ms does launch its console first.

BitbyDeath1940d ago

Well according to the article -

'Since Microsoft has been rumored to go with a similar architecture, this production delay could also end up affecting them as well.'

MS would also be delayed if true. But then again we don't even know if Sony or MS are going with AMD, for all we know Sony has the cell in it again or something else. Or maybe AMD has more suppliers than just Amkor.

Article is only picking on Sony for hits.

MostJadedGamer1940d ago (Edited 1940d ago )

I didn't expect the PS4 to come out in 2013 anyway. Also how can it be delayed when Sony has never even hinted at a 2013 release date. Unlike the 720 there has never been any real evidence that the PS4 would be able to make it out in 2013.

I expect the PS4 to be released sometime between Sept 2014, and Nov 2014.

Hoje03081940d ago

Sony has yet to announce any big exclusives to be released on PS3 next fall. This points to their intent to release a new console in that same period of time.

Tei7771940d ago

We still don't have release dates for 2 souls and puppeteer.

Sony hadn't announced this years fall titles till Q2 2012. So why would we know the entirety of their 2013 line up when its not even 2013 yet.

Nintendo hasn't announced their fall line up for Wii U, do you also assume them to be bringing out a new console next year :p

Hoje03081940d ago

What big exclusives from their most trusted studios came out in the fall of this year? Naughty Dog, Guerilla, Santa Monica and other studios of that caliber always announce games a year in advance, particularly at or shortly before E3. They wouldn't announce them the year of. As much as I like David Cage, Beyond is not a system seller and not at all something to hinge your fall lineup on. The fact that both Sony and MS seem to be winding down says something and I find it hard to believe that so many people have such a hard time understanding this.
P.S. Puppeteer? I rest my case.

MostJadedGamer1940d ago

"Sony has yet to announce any big exclusives to be released on PS3 next fall."

Its way to early be announcing exclusives for next fall. Way to early.

jukins1940d ago

i can see it coming out in 2013, in japan, with a heavily western influenced launch lineup because thats how sony rolls

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mandf1940d ago (Edited 1940d ago )

@ smurf1

Like Gamechup has had any interaction with Sony. Sony hasn't released one iota of info PS4. Every blog, no name website that speculates is just fishing for hits.

Most of the articles on n4g lately are new wannabee sites that fish for hits. Sony, Ms and Nintendo would not leak insider info to just anyone. This article is completely fabricated.

Even if Sony misses the 2013 holiday it means nothing. I'll say what I said at the beginning of this gen "games sell, franchises sell, original games sell, critically acclaimed games sell, no matter what system it's on. A console with out those types of games is just a console nothing more.

Sony has no problems releasing games and lots of them. Not making a new system doesn't mean they aren't making games. We don't play consoles we play games.

VINNIEPAZ1940d ago (Edited 1940d ago )

So by your logic the Wii must have had the best games this gen............

EDIT - So just to be clear, you are saying Wii has a better game library then Xbox and PS3?

mandf1940d ago (Edited 1940d ago )


Mario, zelda,and pokemon sold the wii. It's called franchise titles. Doctors actually prescribed the wii to older people for active movement. The wii is a rare feat. Where do you think xbox would be without Halo or Gears? I bought the wii twice for both zelda titles as a lot of nintendo fans do. The only problem with wii is more than half of the games were crap but the ones that were great elevated it to new heights.

I have a problem with crap journalism. Video games are the one industry that fails with its crap media coverage. They are the reason mainstream media and people in general don't take video games seriously.

Edit no not at all but mario and zelda sell the console more than GOW and Gran Turismo. I personally think sony has better games I don't disagree but you have to factor in age groups into console sales. Nintendo is primarly for younger people. Parents buy it cause it's safe.

jammy_701940d ago

There won't be any nxt gen consoles till 2014 anyway....

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Karooo1940d ago

It's not like the Wii U will be able to take advantage of the delay or anything.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1940d ago (Edited 1940d ago )

Cuz xbox gamer paused the dashboard and wiiU gamer was waiting for app to load so they came up with this and told them so.

GribbleGrunger1940d ago

Most pundits agree that the PS3 won't be released until 2014 anyway, so no doubt this site will have the 'I told you so' headline at some point without once considering that there was never a delay.

NiceGuy3601940d ago

People who are secure with their likes don't very often have the need to constantly mock those with different likes as often as you seem to do.
What amazes me is that more people agreed with you than those that disagreed. Must be alot of insecure people on this this site.

akaakaaka1940d ago

Corporation have the ideas and technology way before anything is even show.
Example we know 8k tvs are coming by 2020 which will coincide with the PS5 launch meaning we know what teach minimum specs the ps5 will need by know what kind of hdmi capabilities are needed and blu ray teach etc etc.

Plus tge delay was already done and is why we are getting them by 2013.

Dno1940d ago

when ever it comes out it will sell. if sony can come out a year AFTER xbox 360 for double the price and have the same install base of around 70 million with a year less on the market then ps4 can be delayed a couple months and be fine. Also we have no clue if M$ is even coming out this year either.

Now if sony can price it at 400 not 600 it wont matter when it drops it will sell.

XXXL1940d ago (Edited 1940d ago )

Fine by me. Tons of great games coming in 2013 for ps3 To bide my time with

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