Sony’s Second Screen Future and the PlayStation 4 Controller

TheSixthAxis: Every couple of years there seems to be a new gimmick pushed by manufacturers of videogames hardware. Ever since the 8-bit days we’ve seen robot buddies, light guns, balance boards, motion controllers and attempts to popularise 3D. Most recently, as the cost of the technology has plummeted, we’re seeing a big push for what has become known as “second screen” devices

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Gr812027d ago

Interesting to see what direction the other console makers take.

Knight_Crawler2027d ago

Interesting indeed but I can bet you a million dollars that MS and Sony will both come out with a controller that has a screen on it.

MS and Sony has made it it a habit that Nintendo has to be the one to try something new and different and if it catches on they will copy and release something similar.

Smart business move I guess but people will soon catch on to this and start calling them out.

Thirty3Three2027d ago

"MS and Sony has made it it a habit that Nintendo has to be the one to try something new and different and if it catches on they will copy and release something similar."

Um. Pretty sure the "move" was patented before the wiiremote. Second, Wii's trying to 'revolutionize' gaming with something Sony had already done, BETTER:

You can remote play anywhere in the world, if you have wifi enabled on your ps3 and Vita. I can be in Japan, and turn on my ps3 from there.

You can't even take the wiimote outside of the house without the connection messing up.

Also, Kinect was a pure copy of the PlayStation eye - which was initially the 'eye toy', which released prior to the original xbox's release. True Story.

However, despite your lack of knowledge in this matter, I must say, I love your icon! I'm from Boston :)

iamnsuperman2027d ago (Edited 2027d ago )

I see them not doing it at all. You just have to look at the Wii U. A lot went into R&D to develop and manufacturer a working controller with a screen that was actual worth using that the rest of the system is not something we usually see in a new generation. I can see Sony (and maybe Microsoft) not willing to have to compromise for the expensive of the controller with a screen. I actually feel Nintendo released the controller with a screen concept too early because it isn't portable enough and to make it portable you are talking a lot of money. The Wii U is great but the screen in controller gaming should offer the portability and functionality that is standard in tablets

ALLWRONG2027d ago

We all know Sony made everything first in 1885 and Atari and Super Nintendo just copied the idea from Sony. Next you guys are going to say Sony was working on handelds before the Gameboy. Fact is Nintendo did this first and Sony and MS are playing follow the leader.

MmaFan-Qc2027d ago


butthurted much?

Azmatik2027d ago

We all know theres no compromise here, sony already has vita and uses second screen with the ps3.... Whats there to lose? Ppl talk as if it doesn exist. Sill wether ppl like it or not sony revolutionizes tech, remember ur cd-walkmen, dvds, bluray yaaaa..... Fact is prety much the world would be lost if we didnt have sony in a common sense of tech.

Soldierone2027d ago (Edited 2027d ago )

A lot of companies look at other Patents and start attempting to beat the company to the punch, that way people like this say "they copied!!" I still find it funny people think Sony could churn out Six Axis or Move in a matter of months lol

NexGen2027d ago (Edited 2027d ago )

"You can't even take the wiimote outside of the house without the connection messing up."

Really? This is an actual argument? Most people also can't see their tv's when not in their house either, which is likely to be a larger problem.

jrbeerman112027d ago

@Thirty3Three (kudos im also from Boston)

Legit question, am I missing something about remote play? i cant play $&%* on my vita from PS3 with remote play. I thought it only worked with little big planet.

I would LOVE to play all my ps3 games on my Vita.

Bigpappy2027d ago (Edited 2027d ago )

@Thirty3Three: " Also, Kinect was a pure copy of the PlayStation eye - which was initially the 'eye toy', which released prior to the original xbox's release. True Story."

The fact that non of those 26 agrees called you out on that statement, speaks volume. You might want to explain why Kinect has sold and is still selling so well while the PS-eye has been dead before Kinect, and has returned to that state after a short boost from the Move add-on. Fact is Kinect is not a copy of PS-eye. You guys saw the Z-cam demoed on PS2 and assumed it was Eyetoy. Kinect is the evolution of Z-cam which M$ bought and own.
This is not meant to disparage you, but to inform you.

Oh, on topic: I don't believe the wii-U controller will be copied by either M$ or Sony.

Buff10442027d ago

There's no use arguing. N4G is primarily made up of Sony fans blind to the fact that the company cannot stop bleeding money with each bonehead decision. But hey, it has "the best first party exclusives". ;)

EddieNX 2027d ago

@Sony fanboys..... Sigh.....

You guys are just hilarious.

Nintendo invented the wii remote. A device which used the IR sensor bar to point at the screen and an accelorometer and what ever with the nunchuck attachment.

That's Nintendo's invention. Not sony's.....

Nintendo Invented the idea of Linking their Handheld consoles with their home consoles , in a variety of ways. ''Second screen gameplay'' has been available since GBAxGCN .....

The ps vita cmbined with ps3 is awful compared to wiiu aswell. Latencey , Can't run 2 assymetric screens. All it can do is have a little annoying screen on the vita like a map.....

Rayman Legends - Native 1080p 60FPS , 1/60th of a second latencey , 2 screens runing asymetrically .

The psvita and ps3 could not dream of doing that. Therefor don't even deserve to be compared to the Wiiu.......

Nintendo>>>>>S ony.

SnipeySnake2027d ago (Edited 2027d ago )

I know I'm gonna get tons of dislikes for this but if they do that...I really hope it'll be a regular ps3 controller with a cheap durable screen on it.

Edit: Scratch that, I just want a regular dualshock :<

hduce2027d ago

Knight_Crawler you have 30+ disagrees. You obviously pissed of the fanboys.

Dgander2027d ago

Cant see why so much disagreed with you. The move was out before the Wii remote Thirty3Three says? Where was it? Ohh i get it Sony was hiding their Move because they knew Nintendo was going to copy something that no one knew they had.

Just_The_Truth2027d ago

Just my opinion but their all companies and are in it to profit not to be declared winner in the comment sections of N4G. Business is business. Apple made the iPhone and smartphones exploded. Ford made the pony car and others followed. Sony used a disk instead of a cartridge and used two analogs. H. Ford made the assembly line and its standard now. So on and so on. So What!? They share and steal ideas and they blantenly copy their competitors and all it does is keep those companies alive and consumers happy I see nothing wrong with growth.

kneon2027d ago (Edited 2027d ago )


Nintendo licensed the technology for the WiiMote from the company that actually invented it.

And the original patents for the Move date from the year 2000.

And the Vita can do more than the WiiU controller, with no latency. The latency you are referring to is for remote play via WiFi, not using the Vita as a controller via bluetooth. The vita can display whatever the developer chooses since it can download and run it's own code. So it doesn't have to have any relation to what is shown on the PS3, and since it's all rendered locally you could have as many vitas as you want connected because they have no performance impact on the PS3.

rainslacker2027d ago

My question to you is...who cares who came up with it first?

pixelsword2027d ago

@ Knight_Crawler

The Dreamcast came up with it first:

Nintendo has the habit of ripping people off and taking credit for things that other people did before them.

Like their whole "leave a comment in a game" thing was totally ripped-off from Demon's Souls.

darthv722027d ago (Edited 2027d ago )

Move could have been patented first but wiimote came out first. Also, the pseye is an updated eye toy. Ms had the live vision camera for the 360 before kinect.

Kinect is not an updated live vision and as such is nothing like pseye either. You are making the association because both are camera based tech but there is more to each than that.

And you get "well said" for incomplete information? Go figure.

@rain...yeah it really isn't about who did it first. Its about who had better success with it. AMD hit the 1ghz mark "first" but Intel has been more successful in the CPU market.

nerdkiller2027d ago

@ knight: why are ppl (sony fans) disagreeing with the truth

@ thirty3 its not who has the idea first its who has the balls to take the chance to come out with it first. i could say i came up with the mcrib idea b4 mcdonald's but guess who sold it first. im not even a fan of what nintendo is been doing lately but i do use common sense

Qrphe2027d ago

I'm pretty sure the Vita and its features were announced a day before the Wii U was.

SilentNegotiator2027d ago (Edited 2027d ago )

1) Don't pretend like Nintendo has some long history of beating Sony to the punch. Yeah, yeah; motion control. And.....? Playstation released.....first successful CD console and eventually dual-control sticks (an innovation proved to be a lot more important and helpful than waggle). Mini-DVD on Gamecube, full DVD on Ps2. Less buttons and disc space on Gamecube prove fatal flaws.

All they did with Vita was patch it so it could work with the ps3. That idea was around since PSP, even if it got little to no use. It's hard to "steal" an idea that was in the works a generation ago by yourself.

The Move controller? Well, at least Sony brought us the half-decent shooters Wii never delivered.

THAT is the history of Playstation and Nintendo existing side-by-side in generation and their innovations.

2) Stop acting like Kinect wouldn't exist if not for WaggleMote. Nintendo and Sony passed up Kinect's technology. Kinect tech was in development before the Wii. Microsoft isn't only using it for gaming, but also things like hands-free medical assistance. Microsoft would have seen the usefulness even if video games didn't exist at all.

Furthermore, Kinect and Wiimote are COMPLETELY different technologies.

ALLWRONG2027d ago

MmaFan-Qc you obviously don't understand what that means.

Irishguy952027d ago (Edited 2027d ago )

Hilarious, there is such a huge difference between patenting something and actually doing it. Sony only went for Move because the Wii turned out so Successful.

Just because they patented it does not mean they actually went and took the risk on it. So yes, they did see how Successful nintendo were and tried to replicate it. The did the same with Xbox Live and Psn. Now they are apparently going to attempt to replicate Microsofts success with Kinect.

We'll see how it turns out anyway. I'd say PS$ and Nextbox will be big on streaming games like Onlive, I wouldn't be surprised if they have a second controller because lets face it, Nintendo do take the risks before the other too companies.

And i'll say this again. Comparing Kinect to PS Eye is the same as comparing Sixaxis to Ps Move. There's such a large gap in the innovation and technology behind them it's not even comparable. They simply fall into the same catagory of Motion camera and motion controls.

Who can blame sony anyhow? They barely have enough money to keep their company afloat after the last 5 years.(There whole business took a hit, Tv's etc)

Sorry and whats with this "Vita will be a duel screen for PS4"? Are you guys serious? The Wii U and PSV/3 combo are completely different, why? The WiiU coomes with a screen controller, it's not a separate device, it's vital to the console. What type of retarded company would make a console that requires another console to actually use? That's right...None. At best Vita's extra screen will be an extra gimmick to the PS4. There will be no companies willing to risk making a game that needs both because not everyone is gonna have both.

bozebo2026d ago (Edited 2026d ago )

Vita will keep dropping in price throughout the PS4's lifetime, it could easily take the place as the screened-controller for games that make use of that. They don't really need a new controller, but who am I to say what Sony will do.

In other news... Nintendo, please make a Pokémon MMO with the Pokédex on the controller ^_^

Tapewurm2026d ago

The Dreamcast by Sega used a second screen on the controller for calling plays in NFL 2k in the 90's and it was really nice to have that, it truly has been done properly in the past....maybe Sony or MS can get it done with a lot more bells and whistles for the future.. there are so many possibilities.

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MastaMold2027d ago

I think the next Dualshock might have a back touchscreen like th Vita in my opinion.

Sent from my PS Vita

Soldierone2027d ago

I love the rear touchscreen. Every time I use my phone I start looking for it haha

hakis862027d ago

I completely agree; they should have some ability for touch on the backside of the controller, or on some areas on the contoller perhaps?

I kind of doubt that there will be an extra screen, although I wouldn't mind.
I am afraid it would make the whole package more expensive though...

DOMination-2027d ago

The next dualahock should just BE a vita. If only Sony had the vision to include l2/3 and r2/3 buttons as the touchpad isn't good enough

Abdou232027d ago

Typical N4G. everything gets turned into flame wars.

ATi_Elite2027d ago (Edited 2027d ago )

I do believe all this screen in the controller business was started by the SEGA DREAMCAST.

What a system that was!

2026d ago
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quiddd2027d ago (Edited 2027d ago )

Just a thought.............recall the patent by Sony for a controller that splits into two parts? What if the Vita were to somehow attach in the middle? Not only would there be a second screen, but two more analog sticks, four more buttons, and a second directional pad.

tachy0n2027d ago

also keep in mind there is no use for the PSVita mistery port that's on top of the PSVita right now!!

maybe what you said is true O.o

Azmatik2027d ago

...... Are u guys serious the vita is already a second screen for ps3 with dual analog and all the buttons lol

ElementX2027d ago (Edited 2027d ago )

The Vita-in-the-middle idea is horrible! Who wants to game with their hands held 8" apart?

*EDIT* I guess the Wii U is like that...

EddieNX 2027d ago

It's just as comfy , if not more comfy than a normal controller. In my opinion the Wiiu Gamepad is one of the most comftorble controller ever. It doesn't seem that way at first. But after a week or so with it , Holding a Pro controller a 360 controller a ps3 controller feels stupid and inferior...

ElementX2027d ago

I'll have to give it a go

kaozgamer2027d ago

you'll then get a big ass controller

PopRocks3592027d ago

Personally I'd prefer the controller that splits in two. It's like having a two-in-one of Dual Shock and Move. That way I could play any game with either play style. Now that would be pretty awesome.

tubers2027d ago

Similar to what the Wii offered?

Reverent2027d ago

The Wii's controllers don't connect to each other to make one controller. No idea what you're thinking.

PopRocks3592027d ago

No, similar to what I would have liked the Wii+Nunchuk combo to be. If it was more like this

Then f*ck yeah.

GribbleGrunger2027d ago (Edited 2027d ago )

I personally hope Sony don't do this. If they make it optional as they have with the MOVE and the Vita/PS3 combo I'll buy a PS4. If they don't, I won't be buying a PS4 for the same reason I sold my Wiiu.

WeAreLegion2027d ago

I haven't sold my Wii U yet, but I have run out of things to play on it. I'm trying to find some older Wii games to play through, but I've already gone through most of the good stuff. Scribblenauts Unlimited is keeping me fairly entertained though.

I plan on getting Lego City Undercover when it comes out though. I definitely wanted to wait for that one!

Blastoise2027d ago

Monster Hunter Tri. Best game on the Wii. Great looking for a Wii game & it's only about £10

hduce2027d ago

The system hasn't even been out 6 months yet and you are ready to sell it because of lack of things to play on it? What a troll.

Just_The_Truth2027d ago

It just came out, you might find something you like later

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Root2027d ago

For the PS4 I just want to see an improved Dual Shock controler...if it aint broke don't fix it.