5 worse BioShock Infinite covers

Hey, it could be worse. Take a look at the five fake covers GamesBeat created for BioShock Infinite. That generic hero pose is looking pretty good now, isn’t it?

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wita1975d ago

The one shown here is my favorite. :)

ziggurcat1975d ago


people really need to get over the infinite cover art.

Sadie21001975d ago

Totally. I get what people are complaining about, but...I don't get taking it to the Internet air waves to bitch about it. I just looked at it, didn't care for it, and moved on with my day. Still gonna get the game!

DigitalRaptor1975d ago (Edited 1975d ago )

Who is b*itchin that they're not gonna get the game cause of the art?

I think people just wanted a game they care about to get a better representation both across the Internet and in store shelves. BioShock is a fundamentally deep and intelligent shooter by comparison to its peers, so people are a bit annoyed that it's being represented as something less than such.

And art is art - people care about it.

Sandmano1975d ago

LMAO! Especially at the last one.