Capcom announced the DmC Premium Edition

Capcom released news about the DmC Premium Edition for Xbox 360 and playstation 3

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LOGICWINS1951d ago

"For the lovely price of £69.99 you will get:

- The DmC game (either on Xbox 360 or Playstation 3)

- Dante Hoodie (available in sizes medium and large)

- Vergil's Downfall DLC code

- EXTRA BONUS: DmC Soundtrack CD, featuring Noisia and Combichrist (this is a special capcom store bonus)

The hoodie was created by Insert Coin exclusively for the Capcom store, and includes the DMC logo on the chest, 'Ebony and Ivory' on the back, a Union Jack patch and is a zip style hoodie."

All that for only ten bucks extra? If true, thats a great deal.

I'll wait to see if the issues with the demo are fixed before buying though. The game could be a tad harder and I noticed that if your doing a combo with a heavy weapon(the Arbiter), you can't dodge mid combo. This is game breaking IMO. The games fun, but flawed.

caseh1951d ago

It isn't an extra ten bucks as you say though. Games in the UK usually retail for £40, £45-50 if you're stupid enough to shop at game.

Online usually around £35 maybe a bit more. If you're a fan I guess its not so bad, does the DmC reboot have any fans though? All i've heard is people hating on it, more than RE6 and thats pretty bad. :)

fossilfern1951d ago

I played the demo at eurogamer and played it again when it was on the PSN and I actually enjoyed it. Looking forward to getting it on PC.

Yi-Long1951d ago

... but I also thought the demo was quite nice.

I've never played Devil May Cry before though, so I understand that fans are angry about the series going in such a different direction, but for someone who can see this game detached from what has come before, and judge it on it's own merit, it will probably be a good game.

Not a game I would buy for full-price though, but the kind of game you pick up when it hits the bargain-bin.

LOGICWINS1951d ago

"Not a game I would buy for full-price though, but the kind of game you pick up when it hits the bargain-bin."


Root1951d ago

"The game could be a tad harder"

HA...this game....HARDER

I highly doubt that, it's p*** easy, even on the hardest difficulty.

DragonKnight1951d ago

They won't be fixing anything. For one, the demo was released 2 months prior to the game's release. That means the game was pretty much done. Secondly, Tameem flat out said they aren't changing or fixing anything. I said right from the start that everything in the demo is going to be in the game, bugs and crap difficulty and sh*tty framerate and all, and I was 100% right. You'll see how terrible this game is for sure and all the apologisers will have themselves to blame when Crapcom destroys every other series they own with a terrible, Western made, unnecessary reboot.

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ritsuka6661951d ago

Dante Hoodie (available in sizes medium and large)""

Wow Capcom, all fans want this!!

*slow clap*

zerocrossing1951d ago

Capcom and NT are so deep in denial they're drowning.

Knight_Crawler1951d ago

Well being that 75% of gamers are burger king loving, Dorito munching, Mountain Dew pigs that are size XXXL I dont see this selling.

1942d ago
Skate-AK1951d ago

Everyone hates the new Dante. Why would Capcom think people would want a sweater?

PS4isKing_821951d ago

Dmc = feces on a disk.
Time to flush it.

RmanX10001951d ago

im a huge hoodie lover... but that demo was so bad... im not paying $75 for just the hoodie...

e-p-ayeaH1951d ago

That hoodie looks cheap

Root1951d ago (Edited 1951d ago )

Does look a little cheap like dosen't it

I wonder if it's the same make as the one in the UK Collectors Edition of RE6.

Speaking of that CE, it's went from £129.99 to £60 in game. I don't actually like RE6 but I wouldn't mind buying the CE for the extra swag and the Steelbook

Who knows how much this edition will be going for in the end after it flops

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