PlayMemories Studio 2.0 for PS3 Adds 4K Image Support and More

SonyRumors reports that Sony has updated PlayMemories Studio to version 2.0 for the PlayStation 3 which adds 4K image support and 720p photo and video archiving. Its believed that the PS4 will include native 4K playback and this is merely a preparation for the next generation console.

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Fishermenofwar1254d ago

Veryyyyyy interestinggggg (twiddling thumbs) (-_-)

Hatsune-Miku1254d ago TrollingShow
ABizzel11254d ago (Edited 1254d ago )


You really hate Nintendo don't you.

On topic. It's nice, but not revolutionary. Basically it allows your PS3 to playback the photos of your 10+ megapixel camera.

One thing that intriges me is why it's easier to capture 4k photos, than it is to view them. I'll have to research that.

But 4K games aren't coming to console anytime soon. If anything we'll probably get a Super Stardust 4k, and that's it. As others said there 1 no need, because 4k isn't really helpful unless you have a 80"+ HDTV, and with a TV that size it's going to be in the $5,000+ range for a while.

Sony set a goal of 1080p @ 60fps in 3D for a reason. Even a high-end (well High-low) GPU like the 7950 struggles with PC gaming in 2k @ 30fps with the most graphically intensive games, so 4k is out of the question.

4k is only possible if Sony and MS do 4k remakes of their current-gen games (as far as retail games go), and even then that's unlikely without a powerhouse GPU to run them.

ABizzel11254d ago (Edited 1254d ago )

I meant the 7950 struggles with 4k @ 30fps.

Not 2k @ 30fps.

Everything else applies

LAWSON721254d ago

This is is so awesome!!! Now all i need is $25000

JBSleek1254d ago

Or a 4k monitor for $5000

morganfell1254d ago

Or far less than $25000. The TVs are already in the teens.LG has already dropped to 19K. It's just a matter of time and as was said - Sony makes it future proof.

DivineAssault 1254d ago

lol wow.. 4K is surfacing in apps & services.. Too bad i cant enjoy it any time soon.. One day tho.. One day

Muffins12231254d ago

4k will be massively sold in 2-4 years...

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1254d ago (Edited 1254d ago )

Orbis-K actually.

OK for short..

kingPoS1254d ago

Didn't people scoff at 1080p when CRT sets were king.

4K will one day become common just like 1080p. The only question is how long will that take.

cannon88001254d ago

Or maybe 4k will replace 720p and 8k will replace 1080p?

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