New PAIN content coming today, 2/21.

From leading man Travis Williams, comes this post on the official PAIN site:

"I am actually writing this update in LAX because my flight was just delayed for an hour AGAIN (I am headed to the Game Developers Conference). This past month has been quite the journey. I must admit that it has been a learning experience that wasn't as PAINless as I initially expected. The good news is that if you are still with us then that update is right around the corner. Right around the corner like Thursday the 21st of Feb. This update includes the leader board reset (and the fix to the score exploit) It also includes the Free Single Player Fun With Explosives Mode and Hung Lo.

Single Player Fun with Explosives comes complete with it's own Leaderboard too. Lets see how long it takes for you guys to beat my personal score. I will also answer a few questions (demands) that I have been promising everyone for a while. I hope this will shed some light on what is going on with our PAIN."

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DTClown3743d ago

first one has been played into boredom! Need new MAPS!

Anego Montoya FTMFW3743d ago

i need some new maps/citys.


a co-op add-on would be cool as well.

NitrogenB3743d ago

which is March least that's what I read on their website.

Assassin4hire3743d ago

is this game fun? worth the purchase? i bought flow a year ago almost not and ive only ever played it once so i dont wanna do that again

Proxy3743d ago

Pain isn't that great IMO. It's fun for a bit, and it's fun to goof off in for 5 to 10 mins every now and then, but it's nothing special. The physics are fun to play with though.

They nickle and dime you, starting with new characters showing up but not being playable without paying extra for them, right from the beginning. Tisk tisk.

Scenarist3743d ago

Definitly need new maps ...and i appreciate the high score reset... I saw that score of 2billion something and was like okayyyyyy no need to try to beat that whe i could barely pull 2 million consistently...ok i admit i suck but geez 2billion wtf