DmC preview - writes: The game’s story appears to be its weakest aspect. Devil May Cry is and always has been about gothic fantastical narrative, not social commentary. I’m not sure what Ninja Theory is trying to achieve with the game’s plot, but it confuses me into thinking that Dante is more a freedom fighter battling the evils of capitalism than he is a demon warrior saving the human race from ultimate destruction.

Within the first 10 minutes I’m hearing characters talking about taking down “bankers” and media personalities. That’s not directly the issue I have with the story, but there’s a pretty clear tone in shaping the elites as the ones that have brought evil to the world. It’s a great story in theory, but it’s not Devil May Cry, and it ticks me off. I’m just unsure about replacing the fantastical worlds we know from the other games, with an alternate reality that is quite clearly a mockery of contemporary society.

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