‘Halo 4′ Crimson Map Pack erroneously available for free

The Crimson Map Pack for 343 Industries’ Halo 4 is available for purchase now, but a slew of users on the Halo Waypoint forums are finding that they can download the content for free.

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AngelicIceDiamond1989d ago

MS's offering free DLC. And free DLC that's coming from the biggest MS exclusive ever?

No waaay.

TheFinalEpisode1989d ago

Well someone's getting fired

1989d ago
jony_dols1989d ago

Well I earn $74 (a month); so suck it SPAMBOT

Knight_Crawler1989d ago (Edited 1989d ago )

@Jony - Lol...I feel you bro.

pixelsword1989d ago

Hopefully, the people who downloaded the map for free won't get their 360's "accidentally" banned.

BinaryMind1989d ago

Anyone who bought the Map Pass now officially paid more money for all the maps than those who wait till they are available.

crxss1988d ago (Edited 1988d ago )

i just got it for free! NICE! went to the xbox marketplace through the halo 4 menu. didn't have to add funds just confirm the purchase for 0 MS Points.

someone mentioned below that you have to have the SPECIALIZATION PRIORITY code unlocked (for playing before 11/20) in order for it to show up for free.

2:50am pst

STICKzophrenic1988d ago

I got it for free as well within the past thirty minutes. I honestly had no intentions of getting any of the map packs, but how can I pass up FREE???

Septic1988d ago

Hehe yeah I think so.

I feel like the Collector's Edition was a waste of money actually...there just isn't extra content to warrant its purchase. Ah well, its too late now :(

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Oh GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11 the end is coming soon, MS giving free sht?! the mayans were right. we all going die!!1

otherZinc1988d ago

I live in the Midwest & I just completed my sons download of this dlc 30mins ago. I completed my download last night about 11pm cst.

We both have the specialization codes as well.

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Matt06111989d ago

Wrong. Getting free as we speak.

Doctolul1989d ago (Edited 1989d ago )

Just to put this info where its more visible, I've confirmed you have to have specialization priority unlocked for this glitch to work. If you played before the 20th but haven't redeemed the code to unlock specializations yet, do so and the glitch will work for you. Microsoft should have sent you an email pertaining to a free "gift" without actually explaining what it is for some reason, so its somewhat easy to miss. Find it, redeem it, THEN start up the game.

Still worked as of 9:30pm PST.

marioPSUC1989d ago (Edited 1989d ago )

Wow this is for real, you have to start up Halo 4 and click on the tab that says "xbox live marketplace" and you should be able to get it for free. Don't know how much it will be like that but they will probably fix it soon.

It's supposed to be 800 points but something went wrong. It will NOT work on you have to turn on halo 4.

MattyG1989d ago (Edited 1989d ago )

So just clicking on the map pack ad won't let you get it free?
EDIT: Just did what you said and it appears it IS fixed.

marioPSUC1989d ago

No, you have to start up halo 4 and in the main menu there is a tab that says Xbox Marketplace and clicking that will give you it to download for free. Anywhere else ie Dashboard ad, will not allow you to get it for free.

Also Xbox doesn't ban you or anything, this type of thing has happened in the past and they've basically said it was their fault so nothing will happen to the one's who took advantage.

MattyG1989d ago

Yeah I put Halo 4 in and went to the Marketplace tab about half an hour ago and it said 800 MS points. Clicked and it said I needed to add funds. Bummer, but good for those who got it for free!


I just got it for free, =P

OneAboveAll1989d ago

Aaaand i'm never around when good shit like this happens. Seriously... wtf.

maxnelson9151989d ago

dude start up halo 4 and go to xbox live marketplace from within the menu and it will give it to you for 0 microsoft points

Tres211989d ago

yea he's right i did it 10 min ago & i got a family acct so i went thru every1 of the accts & got them the map packs also

jkwong441989d ago

i just popped in my h4 disc at 6:10 pm EST and i just got it for free. it probably doesn't mean anything but i went into the war games menu before i went into the xbox marketplace option in the main menu. thanks microsoft :)

Muffins12231989d ago

no wounder so many people are playing this dlc on match making list it has around 35,000 playing it at one time...should of came with the game anyway.