BioShock Infinite delayed until March

BioShock Infinite has been delayed until March 26, 2013, Irrational Games has announced.

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Crazyglues1959d ago (Edited 1959d ago )


This sucks, I mean wow I hate hearing the game keeps getting pushed back but I guess if it's going to have better polish - you would think ok fine..

-but you already said that last time... so I think at this point I'm starting to get a little worried..

when games like this start delaying and delaying that's never a good sign... (means things were not thought out right from the beginning)

we had a year wait for GT5 for them to add crash damage that no one even cares about 3 months after the game came out because it was overkill- we just want to see some damage on the cars when they crash, -like need for speed- or burnout paradise, not real time effect damage that would take over a year to get done. (that's just silly)

Don't Overkill here.. Please - I just hope it's polish and not Over doing it. March 26 is already a bad move for B3 because you are now after Crysis 3 and right before GTA 5 that's a tough spot to launch in..


SAE1959d ago (Edited 1959d ago )

It amaze me why people care about sales , don't worry about them , just worry about the time you are waiting for the game , we all know it's going to be great , the longer it takes to release the better for us , gt5 proved that , imagine if they released gt5 in 2006 , you think it will have all these content ?. or that realistic gameplay ?..

Gt5 crash damage can be improved , it's like having a baby , it will improve in the coming sequels , so i don't think that's a waste of time ^^ , what really matters for gt5 is the gameplay , not the graphics , because it's a sim , it doesn't need these stuff but they are trying to evolve , reviews and people were harsh on it , it deserve more for what it became , it's underrated game , complaining about smoke or sound engine or damage is just stupid unless you mean to improve the game , but not underrate it for these stupid reasons , do you know how hard to make a game challenging ?.. gt5 needs real skills , not any game offer that .

think of gt5 as a prologue to gt6 , they will take advantage of every feature ....

Crazyglues1959d ago

@ IDeath489

- I'm sorry but I have to Disagree..

You know it probably seems crazy that a consumer would be worried about sales, but I do - and the reason is because I want the company to do well.

If I buy the game I would like to know that the company makes enough money that they can afford to fix problems and be around to support the game.

Especially if I end up loving the game, I would like to know they are working on DLC because it did well and that they might make another because this one was a huge success.

So while it seems crazy, I think it's not outrageous to see why gamers are also concerned about weather or not a game they choose to buy does well or not. -you can say we gamers have an invested interest.


XXXL1959d ago

Man this is pissing me off.

ApolloTheBoss1959d ago

Better to have them polish it up then have a buggy mess when it comes out.

majiebeast1959d ago (Edited 1959d ago )

Props to Ken Levine for not shipping his game till he thinks its worth our money something a lot of developers can learn from. The delay hurts but we will get by.

XXXL1959d ago

At least give us a kick-ass trailer tonight at the VGA's. That'll help tide me over a bit

Certz1959d ago

Why must you tease us! Oh well its just a month. :(

Certz1959d ago

Oh gawd, then they will never hear the end of it.

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The story is too old to be commented.