Black Ops 2: Treyarch Warning To Prestige Glitchers

NowGamer: "Solutions and demotions" are coming to those using the Prestige glitch, says Treyarch, as they take certain elements of the game offline.

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DontShoot-Me-Bro1998d ago

how about trying to fix connection issues Treyarch.

execution171998d ago

._. I always lag out bad at the beginning of each game thinking I froze...

Skate-AK1997d ago

That doesn't happen to me. Is your NAT type 2?


Why cheat or better yet what do they get by cheating?

MRMagoo1231997d ago

Meh i dont care if ppl do it , it has no effect on me at all i dont even know why they bother banning them or taking the ranks from them. Im happy just sitting at lvl55 and thats it.

creized11997d ago

leave the warnings and fix the game! All you good at is at giving warnings and sooner or later anyhow your game gets hacked from inside out.

medman1997d ago

Just one of the many reasons I enjoy a great single player experience over multiplayer any day. I don't want my enjoyment of a game to be ruined by numbskulls who somehow believe that success online means they are somehow successful in life.