FarCry 3 Claims Highest Rated Shooter Of The Year

Today, Ubisoft® announced that Far Cry®3, the open world first person shooter from Ubisoft Montreal and Massive, will be available tomorrow on the Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft, Sony PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system and Windows® PC.

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CaptainSheep1940d ago (Edited 1940d ago )

Persona 4 Golden? :P
EDIT: Okay, never mind. The title says highest rated game. The full article says highest rated shooter.
It's definitely the best shooter, I can't argue with that. :D

PersonaCat1940d ago

I came here to say the exact same thing lol :p

But grats to Ubi for another great release; 2012 seems to have been a good year for them.

Ashunderfire861940d ago

I gave you both a bubble!!! And yes I am glad this is the highest rated shooter instead of Black Ops 2 and Halo 4, which is not that much different from their other games.

MAJ0R1940d ago

I remember thinking it was going to be terrible going by the very first gameplay shown, and now it turned out to be the Skyrim of shooters in 2012.


1940d ago
aCasualGamer1939d ago

I have to agree with Personacat.

This year was great for Ubisoft.

Two of the greatest titles this year came from them... AC3 and FC3.

StanLee1939d ago

There are only 18 reviews. How about we wait until the majority of reviews are in before making such claims. SMH!

RuperttheBear1939d ago (Edited 1939d ago )

It's so annoying to see so many people use SMH as a way of communicating their feelings. So many sheep. It's nearly as annoying as people who end there sentence with ', no?'.

FanboyPunisher1939d ago (Edited 1939d ago )

Farcry 3. played it.
Graphically is a huge overhype (not trying to troll).

Atleast when it comes to PC, its huge hype.
Poor textures, poor water, poor asset density.

What I mean, is I ran both crysis/warhead and farcry 3 guess which was more impressive graphically?

2007 game.

Its a hard fact i've been trying to look past, but cant. Farcry 3 does have amazing character models (with SSAO disabled); gun models and its animations are top notch.

Still, reviews are overhyping this game like they do COD; 9/10s are bullshit these days. This game is a pure console port, all the PC effects were an afterthought and the overblown SSAO proves it.

Hype train, N4G marketing FTL.
Overall being as honest as I can this game is a solid 7/10 and no more should be given. (I view COD as a 6.5/10).

Better than COD.

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brian1985FM1940d ago

Missed that, thanks. Fixed.

Mutant-Spud1940d ago

Vaas is one of the most repulsive villains I've seen in a video game in a while and the voicing and facial animation are top notch all round. As I said in another post FC3 singleplayer is really like the serious parts of FC2 with a whole lot of other games surrounding it, the path of the warrior challenges, racing, assassinations etc are all very "videogamey" where the story missions are more cinematic and have a distinctive pace and a different feel to the rest.

BizDaWolf1940d ago

yeah man vaas has to one the most craziest villains I ever seen in a game the vocie actor did an wonderful job vass just has that craziest vibe reminds of the joker in the dark knight film.

LackTrue4K1940d ago

lol....i just stopped buy at GameStop to pick it my comes out Tuesday!
this game was on my "maybe radar" but after hearing all the 9's and 10's its its a must!!!

FunkMacNasty1939d ago

it releases today, Nov 30th, in Europe in Austrailia..Tuesday in North America..

I wish games released on Friday here in the U.S. :-/ That way most working gamers like myself would have a whole weekend of free time to sink into a new release. Plus, Midnight releases on a Friday would be EPIC. Tuesday releases kinda blow because even with

jony_dols1939d ago

Just after spending a few hours playing it & trust me, it deserves the hype. Awesome game & my personal GOTY.

dontbhatin1939d ago

I just used a vpn on my computer and connected to the uk region and now i just started playing Far Cry 3 last night. Servers aren't up yet but man. what a amazing game!

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1939d ago (Edited 1939d ago )

will black ops 2 still win soty at vga? I will laugh if it does.

vallencer1939d ago

It wasn't even nominated and shooters typically don't win ever.

Batzi1939d ago

@vallencer: COD4 disagrees with you

vallencer1939d ago


Not to sure if you read correctly but I said TYPICALLY which means usually they don't win. I'm well aware that cod4 won but how many shooters have won since then?? Or how many won before that??

MidnytRain1939d ago


Maybe it's that "ever" you threw in at the end. It kind of implies that there are no exceptions, which could make your statement confusing.

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Ducky1940d ago

Well, it's got some competition with Dishonored and Borderlands2 being very close in the ratings.

brian1985FM1940d ago

Actually, yes, you do have a gun and crossbow in firstperson after all. But I know what you mean ;)

Tikicobra1939d ago

Being first-person doesn't automatically make it a shooter. And if you're going by the logic of "you have a gun" then you could also argue that Devil May Cry is a shooter.

Ducky1939d ago (Edited 1939d ago )

I suppose you're right about Dishonored. I figured it'd be in the same class as Bioshock since the main character is a pair of hands, but the stealth elements move it to Action/Adventure rather than plain shooter.

Borderlands2 is still a contender though.

WeskerChildReborned1940d ago

This game has surprised me, definitely gonna pick it up.

omi25p1939d ago

Ive just finished it out of all the games Ive played this year. (Near on all of them) Far cry 3 is easily my GOTY with Halo 4 in second.

DJ1940d ago

-sigh- Too many good games! I'll buy this for Christmas.

Convas1939d ago

Exactly my dilemma. But since Christmas is no longer about getting gifts for me, I'll get myself gifts XD

omi25p1939d ago

If you arent getting this game straight away careful with spoilers. The story is easily on par with games like Bioshock 1.

Dark_Legend1940d ago

Neither Borderlands 2 nor Dishonored can be compared to Far Cry 3. Congratulations to Ubisoft, this game is awesome.

Norrison1940d ago

Borderlands 2 is better in my opinion but you can't really compare them since BL2 is part RPG too.

JoGam1940d ago

Have u played Farcry 3 yet?

Norrison1940d ago (Edited 1940d ago )

Yeah, I got it early, it's on console though so I can't really compare it to borderlands 2 because I got BL2 on PC.

Oh_Yeah1939d ago (Edited 1939d ago )

I've had far cry for a few days now. Borderlands is more addicting/ fun, while far cry 3 is more exciting with a mature tone to it, Both are top 5 games of the a year for sure. Which ones better all depends on what you look for in a game. Me personally, if a game takes 50 plus hours to complete everything and is fun to play again, with endless amounts of weapons, kick ass abilities, funny characters and wild battles..well I'd say borderlands 2 is a tad better. That's a tough game to compare too. Farcry 3 is definitely a close second in my books.