Tecmo Talks Adventure Games on DS & Wii

Recently, Cubed³'s Adam Riley was asked to go hands-on with Tecmo's first ever Nintendo DS adventure game, 'Kyotaro Nishimura Suspense Series: Deadly Intent', to see just how accessible it would be for the Western market. The response from readers was definitely positive and sales in Japan have been extremely strong so far. In an attempt to show just how interested Western gamers are in Masahiro Shidara-san's creation, an interview about the game was conducted recently (prior to the recent Tecmo show, in which its sequel was unveiled). Read on for an closer look at Shidara-san's title, views on gaming in Japan in general, the chances of expanding onto Wii and much more…

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PS360WII3804d ago

Sounds like it's a good game and sales are what they want them to be at already ^^ To bad it sounds like this will stay in Japan only though :(

I liked the last comment ;)

wiizy3803d ago

wow those screenshots are from the ds game?..they look good.. this guys should be able to work wonders on the wii.