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Submitted by meevil 1175d ago | opinion piece

Devil May Why? (DMC Demo opinions)

Dean Humphreys writes:

"Devil May Cry, the Ninja Theory developed reboot of the much loved CAPCOM series, has been one of the most talked about games this year, but not necessarily for the right reasons.

Since the game was first revealed in 2010, fans have been up in arms over a number of things, most notably, the redesign of series protagonist Dante.

Instead of being the cool, suave, white haired hero we’ve all come to know and love, he is now a childish, immature, black haired “rebel.” A lot of the naysayers (myself included) were simply dismissed by the devs as being nothing more than petty fanboys, their reason being that since the studio that originally made DmC had passed the project on, it was okay if Dante was different. As long as everything else was the same, why should we even worry?" (DmC: Devil May Cry, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

Hanso  +   1174d ago
The combat system in general feels like it has no depth to it and feels slow and clunky. Combos are too easy to pull off and it feels like they don’t chain into even crazier ones."

True also very easy enemys there is no fun in that..
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OmegaSlayer  +   1174d ago
AND the combat is not as respondant as it should.
Not a bad demo, a game that is above average, but just better than Devil May Cry 2, that means that it's not Devil May Cry quality.
jimbobwahey  +   1174d ago
This is what I find the most frustrating, is that skepticism towards DMC is treated as people just disliking Dante's new look when in reality, everybody is much more worried about the quality of the gameplay and combat engine looking very sub par.

I couldn't care less what Dante looks like, I just want a deep and rewarding combat system that runs at a smooth framerate and is complimented by good AI. So far, everything that we've seen and played of this game indicates that Ninja Theory has completely failed to accomplish this task.

Of course, it will get brushed aside as people just disliking his haircut or something equally ridiculous and it's a shame. Oh well, hopefully if the game bombs commercially like Ninja Theory's previous releases, they'll get the message.
fermcr  +   1174d ago
This is the problem with gamers. They claim they want something different, innovative, but what they really want are games that are exactly the same with a different coat of paint. Ninja Theory tries to do something different, they get bashed by fanboys.

There are countless examples out there of innovative games that didn't sell, Mirrors Edge comes to mind. Gamers claim they want innovation, but no, deep down they want the same game they are accustomed.

Just take a look sales wise. Biggest sellers are always the same type of games. Call of Duty, Battlefield, PES, FIFA, Assassin Creed, generic FPS (insert name...), generic RPG (insert name...), generic racing game (insert name...), etc.
That's what gamers really want. They want exactly the same game with better graphics... so...
Gamers get what Gamers deserve.
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Hanso  +   1174d ago
so we are the problem because we dont want to buy a game that has an inferior combat system compared to dmc 3 and 4?
prototypeknuckles  +   1174d ago
news flash we want innovation but we dont want downgrades or an established series to become something its not, i always buy new or very interesting games i bought mirrors edge, prince of persia 08, bayonetta, madworld,vanquish, red dead redemptoion, beyond good and evil, psychonauts, psi-ops,ico, Batman Arkham Asylum, American Mcgees Alice, little big planet, etc.... before i buy the next god of war or assassins creed, EX: i skipped out on AC3 because im tired of the series, and im a huge AC fan, and i despise call of duty i havnt bought one since modern warfare 2.

ninja theory downgraded Devil May Cry, like seriously the game is easy as heck, and the combat isnt fluid at all, and then they completly changed the way the iconic character acts, turned him from a CRAZY wild party guy to an immature douche that curses and flips people off everyday, the game is more linear than the old DMC games, and its so easy to get a SSS rank, then they take away the lock on ability.

and as for the way dante looks, its not a big deal to me, seeing as how i like dark hair more than lighter hair, but regardless you do not completly change the way an iconic character thats been around for years appearance, im pretty sure if mario, link, masterchief or kratos were completly changed in appearance people would CRY about it, heck sonic fans are the worst offenders, sonic looks very similar to his old appearance, all they did was make him slimmer and gave him green eyes yet they CRY yet no one gets on them.

I never make these giant responses but im tired of misinformed people thinking that gamers are always whing especially when its a general complaint, the only whining i ever saw gamers commit was the whole ME3 ending fiasco, i mean come on its just an ending and its not like videogames havnt had crap ending befor, look at AC3, and the reason COD sells so much every year is mainly due to casuals who dont really game like the rest of us.
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Baka-akaB  +   1174d ago
"This is the problem with gamers. They claim they want something different, innovative, but what they really want are games that are exactly the same with a different coat of paint. Ninja Theory tries to do something different, they get bashed by fanboys. "

I dont even get how that argument always get made .

Providing the same thing easier and too simplified is different indeed , but not the kind you guys imply when stating "people want changes" .

Taking devil may cry's core fighting and translating it into a open world game ( a bit like dogma somewhat do with a tiny few of the dmc moves )would have been different .

Or taking the usual formula but adding coop between (original) Dante and Vergil (or gasp nero) would have been different

Taking the approach of adding a massive amount of rpg element would have been different

And we could go on and on and on ...

Here what do we have ? The same concept with its core gameplay bastardised , slower with only the setting and redesign as a new element on the most generic engine that was available.

That's not different that's cheap , ill-intended and lazy . Had anyone taken cod and made it into some 30 fps uglier game in a sci fi halo rip off universe , everyone would be screaming bloody murder , instead of praising some "difference"
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GenoZStriker  +   1174d ago
Downgrading a game does not equate to innovation. DmC is not an innovation. There is nothing innovative about it. Everything in the game has been done before. The combat, the pull, the grapple, the hold a button to switch mode. Even the Devil Trigger has been done before in different ways.
Information Minister  +   1174d ago
Mirror's Edge is one of my favorite games this gen. I bought Journey on the day it was released and I think Vanquish and Valkyria Chronicles are awesome experiences. I'd say I'm fairly supportive of different and innovative productions... But I sure as hell didn't ask for "Donte may Cry".

Oh, and if Capcom was so concerned about difference and innovation, they wouldn't have called the game DmC.
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Mocat  +   1174d ago
This game is good but not Devil May Cry good, it would have been an avarage game if they just had givin it another name
prototypeknuckles  +   1174d ago
great article thatts actually from a DMC fan unlike those paid off articles from ign.
blackstrr411  +   1174d ago
What people that like this crap don't understand is that, the original DmC makes people wanna pull off awesome combos while trying not to get hit by anyone.... To achieve perfection. If anyone thinks this game has awesome combos shud go watch some youtube clips. I don't care if he looks like rihanna, the game run at 60fs atleast and should have complex n coool combos. Imo DMC(original) is the best sword game everrrrrr in terms of skill and finesse. Ninja gaiden 2(xbox) comes second.
CrimsonDragon90  +   1174d ago
I don't know what the big deal is. it's just a video game after all. Some people enjoy videos games and characters that other people consider, crap or lame. I rather play a game I really like. Then to play a game everyone considers its great, just because its popular. So yea at the end of the day, people who just want to play video games, won't mind if a series gets a sequel or a reboot, or a character and series, is RE-Imagine, like Dante and the dmc series.
prototypeknuckles  +   1174d ago
you dont get it do you, this is a downgrade, yet people want to call DMC fans out saying that your only whining about the hair, and calling them stupid beacaues they changed the way dante looks, the reason people hate this is because they completly changed the way dante acts, and they downgraded the gameplay.

DMC was a game where you actually bought the game for the character alone, or on the other hand for the gameplay alone, yet this so called DmC game is better than the originals, i just played the 1st game and this demo, first game is still better than this and its over 10 years old, come on man gaming is supposed to get better not downgrade. did you even read the entire article.
ritsuka666  +   1174d ago
Instead of being the cool, suave, white haired hero we’ve all come to know and love, he is now a childish, immature, black haired “rebel"""

I agree... this Dante is not as charismatic as the original =( The original Dante is very comical, and has powerfull demon powers not like BS angel powers (wtf)
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OmegaSlayer  +   1174d ago
I remember NT said that if Dante would enter in a pub people would laugh at him, but they didn't get that Dante would facepalm, have a great smile then put up some number with bottles and chairs that would silence everyone...they missed this big big point
Mocat  +   1174d ago
If i saw a guy walk in a club with a huge sword and two guns the last thing i would do is laugh at him, damm think i even might run.
timeon11111111111  +   1174d ago
Exactly. But DmC and Ninja theory fans are like "Oh yeah he's not cool hahahahaha".

They are fucken retards.
totallysane  +   1174d ago
i played them all 1-4 and love them, now you have anghellic powers as well. not sure if I'm digging that. I didn't find the combat that hard but the combos didn't seem to want to chain togethor sometimes. idk how to explain it. but i can definitely feel the sense of the old DMC experience is still someone there. as a person using diff blades to juggle demons, thats the only DMC part of it left. i want the old dante back
VsAssassin  +   1174d ago
I thought the game (in the demo) was ok, only not a DmC game. UE3's graphics engine is also showing its age. The colors are varied but the presentation isn't very easy to the eyes. Some surfaces also blur when you move the camera.

About the combat, not having a lock on system is not good in a DmC game. Well, at least now I know I'm not getting this game. Ni No Kuni is still my game of January 2013!!!
Hanso  +   1174d ago
im not buying it too they shouldnt have release the demo now all good DMC players know its bad xD
they made a lot of stupid descisions R1 could have been lock on easily..

Im looking forward to Tales of Xillia in 2013^_^
and MGRising will be my new "DMC"
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Knushwood Butt  +   1174d ago
I also wish NT would get someone else in to do the voice acting.

Andy Serkis is seriously overrated.

OK, he was in Lord of the Rings. So what?

That is him in the demo, right? The boss thing.

F*** you!
No, f*** you!!
Baka-akaB  +   1174d ago
I remember them saying Serkis wasnt involved in the game
Knushwood Butt  +   1173d ago
Fair enough.

Could have sworn it was his voice through a filter..
dontejones   1174d ago | Spam
Blacklash93  +   1174d ago
I though the combat system was decent and I enojy Dante being more agile, although I do have some big issues with it. The new DT is short and keeps enemies from fighting back which is ridiculous and the dodge rolls cover a little too much distance, to name some.

Not a fan of the change in look at all. Most enemy designs are especially stupid-looking and despite giving the IP to a western developer the dialogue is even more ham-fisted.

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