The Witcher: Special Edition Details

Following last week's announcement that The Witcher sales have surpassed 600,000 copies, developer CD Projekt today revealed the 'big surprise' we've been waiting for.

Due for release on May 16th, The Witcher: Special Edition will feature new content in the form of new missions, which roughly translates into two or three hours of new gameplay.

Hit the jump for the juicy details.

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TheIneffableBob3832d ago

2007's best RPG just got better.

silenius3832d ago (Edited 3832d ago )

I CANT wait any longer to play this game... When is this gonna be released to the XBOX... when??? does anyone know??? If i can recall right it was supposed to be ported to the Xbox right?
Oh God this game is SOooo amazing...

Skerj3832d ago

This game was daunting at first and even though I abhor the living hell out of medieval RPGs, I fell in love with it. Probably due to the complex combat and alchemy system that required thought and reflexes.

Silellak3832d ago

Nice! I just finished this game on Friday, and it was quite the ride.

Some things the article didn't mention:

- 50 new random NPCs to differentiate appearance more
- English script entirely re-done to improve the quality
- ALL of these new updates will be available as a download for people who already have the game

Very, very nice. CD Projekt just earned my loyalty for any future products.